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~orn Tuesrfay, June 26, 1945- StiffLiving

The Revelations to the Nuwaupians

Paa Taraq- The Way

Thirty Spirits

1. bi Kuum, EY ~ls;jZl'?Zl G19=Ff5ii9<ti>9 Ay Mar- I

er Nuwaup-u "My Beloved Nuwaupians " fe- ,
males and males, young and aged ;
2. I have incarnated before you amongst you to
re-new our story after 24,000 years and 6,000
years of the spell of sleep of ignorance.
3. It has become your time again to return to your
true and holy nature as G1f5iit>lbf5iiZl9 Nadjar-u
4. To break ~ L1f5ii¢f5ii9 Paa Raqay "The
Spell " and be born again.
5. You the mothers and fathers , the root LJ?;")1?;")1
Salal "Race " of all others , G1f5iiOf5iiZl9 Nagar- u .
"Negroids ", the civilizers of all others and in i
fact the Gods of Earth must be raised from the
-ils;ji3=t=rs-;]\l Tamwat "D eath ", mental death, as
a mummy is raised to everlasting life.
6. You must remember what and who you are to
all others.
7. You must bind the 30 spirits that seek to control
8. The very voices of your own C:;ls;j1ls;j?fl9 Salaf-u
"Ancestors" who lived in the image of the beast
and at -irs;)::2=t=rs;)\i Tarnwat "Death ", have been
trapped in his Hell.
9. You must bind them and free them from the
realm of Hell that you will be free oftheirwhis­
pers into your Ers;)'&rs;)i- Aabab "Heart ", and
Ers;)Q?;]1 Aaqal "Mind", which affects your
very actions each rirs;)::2rs;)c' Zaman "Day" of
your life.
10. The '%~rs;)~=t=~rs;)-:\/--""9 Sawat-u "Voices" who whis­
per to your inner mind as to what is best to do,
what is right to do and what is good to do. I

11. And ~?;]=t=rs;)\/9 Sawat-u "Voices" who whis­

per to your inner emotions and desires, what is
not best for you and others.
12. What is not right to do and what is not good

for you.

13. The whispers that are agreeable and the whis­

pers that are disagreeable.
14. Your choice. Your will is influenced by the I

very voices of and in your DNA.

15. What you became after birth.
16. What you accepted as you grew.
17. What you believe you want as opposed to
what you need. I

18. Your inner voices who whisper to you only

wish to fulfill their lifelong desires with your


COi"1LJi"1A Jasad "Flesh ", t>rs;)l\rs;)1. Khatat

"B oy.
d "
19. To lust their lust, to pleasure as they wished to
be pleased by any and all.
20. They seek to use your frame for their own use
even unto your -irs;)::2=t=Gj\/ Tamwat "Death ";
21. And each of the 30 ~9 Kaa-u "Spirits"
in your DNA is linked to their own 30 ~
Kaa -u "Spirits" DNA and all the cJGjE9 Kaa
-u "Spirits" they have encountered during their
own lives.
22. How they sub-divide into legions, Mark 5:8­
"8Forhe said unto him, Come out ofthe man, thou
unclean soirit. 9 And he asked him, What is thy
name? And he answered, saying, Mv name is
Legion: for we are many. lOAnd he besought Ii
him much that he would not send them away out
of the country. "Now there was there nigh unto
the mountains a great herd of swine feeding.
12And all the devils besought him, saying, Send
us into the swine, that we may enter into them.
13And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the I

unclean spirits went out, and entered into the I

swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep

place into the sea, (they were about two thou­
sand;) and were choked in the sea. "


23. And when the unclean ~9 Kaa -u "Spir­

its" are gone out of you, you only have one
voice and good whispers of your ancestors.
24. Yet, take not up into you more spirits, more
wicked than your own.
Matthew 12:43-45
"43 When the unclean spirit is gone out ofa man,

he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and

findeth none. "Then he saith, I will return into
my house from whence I came out; and when
he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and gar­
nished. "Then goeth he, and taketh with himself
seven other spirits more wicked than himself.
and ther enter in and dwell there: and the last
state ofthat man is worse than the first. Even
so shall it be also unto this wicked genera­
tion. " (Luke 8:27, Luke 11:24).
25. All one's life these evil spirits can have their
way, mess up their lives, and hinder their learn­
ing by erasing the memory in the sub-conscious
mind, making it seem hard to learn, to remem- I

ber, destroying your life.

26. Leading you to drugs, drinking, smoking,
sex, crime, to lying, to stealing, and to killing
making you live by danger, chance, gamble,
giving you diseases and sickness; making you
think you're mad, crazy, and insane.

27. And there are also walk-ins that are eternal

links and transfers from one person to another I
by many means other than sex.
28. Just as the soup from your bowl does not taste !
the same as the soup in another person's bowl,
eating from the same pot served at the same I
time. I
29. Why? Because once it is yours you send out
your etheric rays from your solar plexus be­
comes a part of you and the same for each per­
son, to each his own.
30. So cJ?";lE?";lC19 Kaaan-u "Canaanites" can I

transfer their 6-etheric spirit forces to you by i

their A?";l=t=,(/=t= Dawew "Evil" =t=?";lfl?";lC19 Wa­
can-u "Wiccan" rituals in their churches, tem­
ples, mosques and contact.
31. Just as disease can be passed on, airborne or
liquid, so also is the spirit being passed on. I

32. Your inner ancestors will protect you once

you open up to them and speak with those
good in your DNA who have transformed from
c:'.:?";lL1?";lb Jasad "Flesh" and A?";l":2?";l":2 Damam
"Blood" to cJ?";lE Kaa "Spirit" and Gj?";lt?";lt
Aakhakh "Ether".
33. C19=t=?";l9<tP9 Nuwaup-u "Nuwaupians" you I

have made that link with our ancestors who only

seek to guide your lives in the best way and to

protect you from the whispers of the legions of :
cJ?fiE ~9cJ=t=?fiG19 Kaa Mukwan-u "Spirit Be­
ings" trapped in lower realms trying to use you
for their own pleasure;
34. Then cause you to kill your t?fi1:?fi:b Khatat
"Body " and take your ~ Baa "Soul".
35. Do these inner A?fi=t="?'=t= C:?fi=t="?'A cJ?fiE9
Dawew Jawed Kaa -u "Evil, Wicked Spirits " :
speak to your heart? Read Luke 4:32-35
"32 And they were astonished at his doctrine: for ;

his word was with power. 33 And in the syna­

gogue there was a man, which had a spirit of
an unclean devil, and cried out with a loud i

voice, J.1. Saving. Let us alone: what have we !

to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art
thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou II
art; the Holy One ofGod. 35 And Jesus rebuked II
him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of
him. And when the devil had thrown him in
the midst. he came out of him. and hurt him
not. "
36. Yes, they speak to you, you know right from ~.
wrong ; they will even speak through other peo-
ple to you. "Here have a drink; Drugs are not i
evil they arefrom nature herbs; come go to this
club with me; let s go to the beach today; here
try this on, drive faster; let sjoin the army; let s :
join a gang; let s go here; let s go there; meet
me there; try this, it won't hurt you. " And so on
and on.
37. 3?fi't?fiL19 Shakhas-u "People", ~?fiA?fiQ9 .
Sadaq-u "Friends ", C1?fiL1?fi'&9 N asab-u "Rel­
atives" and, advertisements all speaking to you I
to lead you to do what they want until you will
be doing it on your own.
38. Look on this website, at this or that and
you're hooked, addicted and lost your own willl
power. I
39. You return over and over to watch porn, in I
any and many forms.
40. You are now a slave of flesh, living by the I

t?fi1:?fi:b Khatat "Body" not the ~ Baa

"Soul ". I
41. =t9-G19=t=?fi9<iP Wu-Nuwaup can clean you
and remove these weaknesses. I
42. Return to =t=9-G19=t=?fi9<iP Wu-Nuwaup be- I
fore it's too late for you while you still have i
some will power left in you.
43. =l=9-G19=t=?fi9<iP Wu-Nuwaup breaks the spell I

and gives you freedom from fear of their ghost , I

spirit God, Allah and fear of their Hell.

44. If you don't obey their r1?fiE?fi~?fi?fi\)( Zaaam­
aat "Religious Opinions ", it returns you to
J yourself free of their spell of ignorance.
45. Free of their laws, rituals, holidays, free of


them and their evil self-driven way of living.

46. They live for, by and of their C;~1~1 Salal
"Race" and their -&~Z1'?'# L1~1~1 Bares Salal i
"Lepe r Race " only.
47. They live for, by and of their 1:~9~rtl
Tayaf "Ghost ", spirit forces, spectors of their
rl~E~rtl Zaaam "Religious Opinion " and their
E~Q~A~~\.X' Aaqad-aat "Beliefs" only.
48. They need what they lost, a soul from you .
49. So they need you to trust in them, their Gods !
and religion and way they live.
50. So as to take your ~ Baa "Soul " and pos­
ses s your trs;]1>r\b Khatat "Body ". I
51. They offer you as an offering until their Jrs;]E9 .
Baa -u "Spirits " can speak through you called
speaking in tongues, unknown speech. 1 Corin­
thians 14:1-40;
52. Now read 1 Corinthians 15:35-45; so you
can see there is more than one Adam.
53. One is theirs, Jrs;]E~G, Kaaan " Canaan ".
54. The Quraan of the ~9L11?i:S9 Muslam-u
"Muslims" makes the same claim , in Quraan
"Indeed, the examp le of Jesus to Allah, is like
that of Adam . He created him from dust; then
He said to him, "Be," and he was. "

55. Two Jesus', two Gods, they have their own,

yet not the same as ours.
56. And they only seek to bind you to them in
blind Ers;]Qrs;]b Aaqad "Faith " to take your
VI :1'"' B aa. "Sou I " ;
57. ~ ~ Baa "The Soul knows no kind
oft?;ji¥1rs;]f"Y, Khafaf "Fear" yet ~ ~ Paa
Kaa "The Spirit " t~rYl9rtl Khafuf "Fears " :
for the feelings of ~ CO?;jL1~b Paa Jasad I

"The Flesh ".

58. So C19=t=?;j9<ii>9 Nuwaup-u "Nuwaupians ",
I Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn say, live by the ~
Baa "Soul " not the J?;jE Kaa "Sp irit" and
t?;j1>?;j:b Khatat "Body" . :
59. T9-C19=t=?;j9<t1> Wu-Nuwaup is medicine, a i
cure for your ~9J=t=?;jG, Mukwan "Being ".
60. I come like a doctor with medicine to cure
61. Welcome me in your dreams and visions
62. Because no evil or CO?;j=t='?'b ~ Jawed Kaa
"Wicked Spirit " can take my form.
63. As no mortal can pretend to be me or teach
what I have returned to teach you.
64. It 's time to renew your story and restore the
full power of your nine-etheric being, nine
mind, the full power of your ~ Baa "Soul"
and link to your ancestors, ~ C1GJf>I~ Paa

65. So live by your ~ Baa "Soul and you JJ

will not gratify the desires of the sinful , wicked II

spirits linked to your co?;]LJ?;]A Jasad "Flesh "
by nature.
66. Because wickedness and sinful ways are whis­
pered into your E?;]¢?;]1 Aaqal "Mind" and are
in your nature after 6,000 years of mixing with
the cursed seed of Canaanites, the Celtic and
their many sub-races.
67. The wicked and sinful nature desires what is
contrary to the ~ Baa "Soul" and the ~ .
Baa "Soul " of 9-ether is contrary to the spirit .,
and 6-ether which is death, :::89:.b9?;]in Mutyaf .
"Ghost". .
68. He is -i?;]:§3=t=?;]\X' Tamwat "Death " and dy­
69. You are -i?;]?;]C1?;]"t Taanakh "Life " and I

r":l?;]?;]C1?;]"t Aaanakh "Living ".

70. He wants to feed off of you like a ghoul.
71. He is in flesh as :::89'&Zl?;]#9 Mubras-u
"Lepers" are the living dead, zombies.
72. So you are in conflict with each other by na­
73. They seek to control you, so you want your
own way of life.

74. If you allow yourself to be lead by the soul
of your own race of C1?;]0?i1Zl9 Nagar-u "Ne-

groids" ~ ·419?;]9 ~9 Afaf Rayay
Kaa-u "Africans" , who accept =t=9-C19=t=rs;j4P
75. Then you are not under their religious rules ,
rituals , laws or way of living.
76. You are free to be self and kind,
77. Rejecting the ways of a kind of man or man 's
78. And the acts of the sinful nature which is ob­
79. By you acting out his ways such as: loose­
ness, sexual immorality, impurity, vulgar
speech, as the vulgarian, a vulgar tongue, curs­
ing, debauchery, worship of their ghost, spirits,
spooks , their idolatry and Wiccan Christian­
ity, Judaism, Islamism, of their witchcraft,
drunkenness, abominations, harlotism, filthi­
ness, fornication, whorism, that is living with
dogs, practicing sorcerers, whoremongering,
lying, stealing, slandering, gossiping and abuse '
of other Nuwaupians.
80. Acts of hate of other C19*Gi9<i!>9 Nuwaup-u
"Nuwaup ians", discord, jealousy, envy, bit­
terness, fits of anger and rage, all about you
and yourself, vanity, greed, selfishness, selfish
abominations, dissensions, factions, orgies and
the likes .

81. I, Paa Nabab:Yaanuwn warn you all, as I did
before that those of you who live like this will
not inherit ~ ~?";j?";j T ?";j?";j\X' Paa Saah-aat or
~ ~?";j'&f:l\X'?";j?";j\X' Paa Sabat-aat,
82. You will be left behind.
83. Your LJ?";jC1rs;]C, Ranan "Name" will not be en­
tered in our records of the living.
84. You will die and be at your very end.
85. Know that the everlasting life of your ~
Baa "Soul " is of love, joy, peace, happiness,
bliss, by way of practice and patience.
86. As well as goodness and kindness to all true
G19=t=9=t=4P9 Nuwaup-u "Nuwaupians ",
87. Gentleness and self-control is power over the
whispers inside your cJ?";jE Kaa "Spirit " and
t?";j:t:?";jOk Khatat "Body".
88. Power over such things as above.
89. Those of you who have accepted Wu-Nu­
waup and myself, Paa Nabab:Yaanuwn as
" your ::89C1y?";jZJ Munzhar " Warner " the man
of the final hour, will have LJ?";jt?";j::'.8 Sakham
"Power " over the sinful wicked desires since
you live by ~ Baa "Soul".
90. Let us keep on the right way, this is ~
1:?";jZJ?";j¢ Paa Taraq "The Way". Our way. Let
~s not weaken or fall from ~ 1:?";jZJ?";j¢ Paa 1
Taraq "The Way".