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| | | | | | Wanita REGISTERED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Pre-Board Examination Wednesday, Apri! 9, 2008 1:00 pm. ~ 5:00 p.m. ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND ALLIED SUBJECTS INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each iter by shading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. Use pencil No. 2 only. MULTIPLE CHOICE: 4. A2 Ibm at 200 degree F iron ( ¢) = 0.1 BTUNbm.deg F ) are dropped into a gallon of 40 deg F water. What is. the final temperature of the mixture? MSD deg Bas t2degr —C.9892degF GAR 74 deg F 2: Find the change in intrral energy of 10 lam of oxygen gas when the temperature changes rom 100 deg F to 1s dog c= 0-187 BTUtEdeg R Rosse GyZaSSBTU cissseTu =. t8708TU 3, To what height wil pure 60 degree F water rise in a 0.1-inch diameter glass tube open to the atmosphere to the other end? 8 inch B.orsinen ——-@)oadinen b.028ineh 4. A Camot machine operates between the hot reservoir et 200 deg C and @ cold reservoir at 20 deg C. When Spurred au an engine feces 1000 lag, fe the wok utp? Rao Wg 200 ka 440 kg Over kas 5. Ajet of water is discharged through a ‘inch diameter orice under a cbristant head of 2.4 feet, The total “discharge is 225 lnm in 90 ses, The jt is observed to pass through a point 2 feet downward and 4 feet eway from vena contracts, Compute the coefficient of veloc 0888 8. 0.765 0.976 9.0654 6. Tho mass ofa neutron approximately how many times greater than the mass of an electron? 1 1890 Beit 6.1858 Ores 7 body of mass 60 grams test the xg, x= 0 ona horizontal cides surface. Al ume t= 0, a force SP synes& appled fo the body paral fo the xan, and 6 ec later the force Is removed, Whats the poston of he boy att= 8 sex? Risen @psen © 2.0m b.52em 8. A stone's dropped trom the top ofall buldng and 4 see later a second stone is thrown vericaly down wih a ‘Slot of 60 Uses. How far bolo the top ofthe ue wl the second stone overtake the fst? 345 8.4268 @weae D287 8. A hockey rubber bal leaves players stick with @ velocity of 20 fvsec and sides 120 ft before coming to rest Find the cosficient of fition between the rubber ball and ice AozIT 80.127 €.0.317 Oo 40, A Scuba diver at the depth of 200 ft notices the bubbles he exhales have diameter of | % inch. Assume the tension and water temperature remains relatively constant. What is the pressure on the bubble at a depth of 50 ft? ‘A 37,50 bfsq inch (pi) 630.70 tsa ch (psi 8 3660 lblsqinch (esa) (G26.40 tfsainch (p69) 11. Whi of he fatowing is NO a vector quanti? croft rong s NOTA Iscewraion @ speed . momentum ta. The mass ofacetan objects 109m. lathe expression = W.avaizon mars? A Yes 8.100 tines ©. 1000tmes —- @No IE ESTABLISHED LEADER IN Manila REGISTERED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Pre-Board Examination Wednesday, April 9, 2008 400 p.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND ALLIED SUBJECTS 48. A box is pushed along the floor by 2 force of 40 Ib making an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. Find the horizontal and vertical components of the force. “20. 346 Ibs O©F.= 346 tbs, f= 3460's 7M 36.0 Ibs D. F,= 346 Ibs, Fy = 36 Ibs 414, A reection turbine with a motor efficiency of 90% operates on the total héad of 40 feet. If it operates in 25% salt water (SG = 1.190), what is the expected electrical output for a flow rate of 100 gal/min? 0.2344 kw B.1.7132 kw C.2.2128 kw 0.7248 kw 16. RA 7220, Rule 2(n) defining? 7A Commission B. CHED neces 2. EE 17. RA 7920, Rule 2(d) defining? ‘A CHED Commission ©)Boardof EE ==. TESDA 18. RA 7020, Rules ’p Assignment of Duties ©, Ofciat Business withthe Commission B Enforcement Execution (©)Promulgation of Decisions, Rules, ete 19, Article I, Section 9 states that ‘A. An Eleetrical Engineer shail not accent compensation from more thah one interested party for the came professional service pertaining to the same work, without the consent of all affected parties. \An Electrical Engineer shall prometly disclose to his client or employer an interest which he may have in @ business that may conflict with or affect his decision regarding engineering work for which he is employed or which he may called upon to perform, ©. An Electrical Engineer shall not divuige confidential matters or inférmation which has to come to his knowiedge concerning affairs of his cients or employers, without thelr consent. . An Electrical Engineer who has been engaged to prepare the specifications of machineries, equipments fr things needed in a project, shall not make the specications to fit the machineries, equipment or things of a prospective bidder for which he has been or expects to be employed as an engineer, unless he has the consent of his client or employer 20. Ato Seaton 7 states hat i I Seston 7a aot accept compensation om mote thah one interest arty forthe same ee nae ae ptorha emote wut te congenial alec pie ane re eet uydsoows teh clon cr empeyer an ierest nich he may have in 2 fn Secitcal Engine a hovaect Ns deoson egarcng engineering work fr whch hes employed erick honay cated upon o perform Oe EET ee ah cg conse mater & fematin wich has o came he Pst antag ators of sents or empoyers, wou et consort. Ore co hos Deon engaged to copa the spenestons of rachinre, equipments Ieee ee array mane he opoteaton fo ine mecnees,equpment ong rng nee each hs has boon of expe fo be employed as an engined, ies he has te cSnoea ots cleo employe 21. Article I, Section 1 states that ‘A. An Electrical Engineer shall endeavor to extond knowledge of electrical engineering to the public and shall discourage spreading the untrue, unfair and exaggerated statements regarding electrical engineering ‘An Electrical Engineer shall discharge his duties with absolute fidelity to his clients and employers, and shall, at all times, act with optimum margin of safely and with fairness and impartiality to all, having due regard to public interest and welfare. ©. An Electrical Engineer shall uphold the honor and dignity of his profession and, iherefore shall avoid association or business dealings with any person or enterprises of questionable character. b. An Electrical Engineer shall only advertise his work or ment in a simple manner and avoid practice that ‘il discredit or injury fo the dignity and honor af his profession. REGISTERED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Pre-Board Examination Wednesday, April 9, 2008 4-00 pim. ~ 5:00 p.m. ENGINEERING SCIENCES AND ALLIED SUBJECTS 22. Refers to the loss of electrons by an atom, which is the case when the metalic elements reacts with oxygen. ‘A movement of molecules clearing of molecules ©execaton D. reduction 28, Octal cing involves grouping te bts in __? Ags Bos cts ©» 24. The term of offee of every Board members including the Chama is_~ years AG 54 ‘©2 0s 25, Whats the standard mathod for coding data on 8-solymn, 12-r0w car? ASCII eacbe code @)rolertrcode Bato code 25, Hooke’s Law for an isotropic homogeneous medium expressing one-simonsiona stress '9? Internal energy = ( train energy ) GP siran = E ( stess) ©pstress = E (strain) D. Strain oneray = E { internal energy ) 27. Abeam of length L has a deflection formula that is 48 Ely = © ( 2x! — SLX’ + 3U7x") Where does the maximum Geflestion occur? 0.850 - 8.06851 ©vs7e1 0.0489 28, A pressure gage measure 50 kPa vacuum in a system. What is the absolute pressure, ifthe atmosphere prescure is 101 KPa? 782,000 8. 65,000 51.000 0, $3,000 29. The purpose of iron sulfide in stee! alloying is to increase. ‘atmospheric corrosion resistance @. cowosion resistance B hardness and strenath Opritieness 30, £0 elements are known fo occur in nature, and _ fore have been artficial KB 8.27 Oz D.30 A is group ofits, that may be maniulate or stored at one tie by the CPU A programs BL address ‘Quors ©, software 432. What large molecule Is inte form of atong chain of repeating units? ' ‘in Capoymers. @)Polymers, Cimerpolymers |B: Monomer 33. Air is compressed in a diesel engine from an initial pressure ‘of 13 psiajand temperature of 120°F to one Ai car ett et me, Assuranginecompresion tbe adabate, What wil he fal trmperature? 122077 Beer Gurr D.ao6'F 44. Species a dette portion of ownership ofthe capital ofthe corporation, all eagh bein aig in value ‘A Stock 3. FaicValue Same Value (@)Common Stock 36s the preseg! worth of al future pofts that are to be receive through ownership of the propery @vatu B. First Cost C. Fixed Cost D, Resale Value 46. Aver tows due nath wth a voloay of 3 mph Aman owe a boat across the var, his vloty eave tthe Fe oe oe ae ne aris te wdo, now ong a ime required to oss the wer? auomin ‘@remn 20 min 28min sy. Atel wth» eos echnal ara of 180 mms ened between Wo fd pos. Te ens oad Ain ro win 9 roe sete pert wi ie sess bo Zoro? Aasue = 1.7 ume G and a eeadss Bie @asatsvene — e.40de0 0 1865606 8. the sum of P46,000 is deposited in aocount earring interest at tho rate of 12% compounded quarter, what wil be the principal at the enchof 10 years? AP 37830 (GP 48.990 ©. P 52,840 0. P 55,520