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ISSUE #15 NOVEMBER 30,, 2018


Bible: Jesus Is Born
Memory Verse: Luke 2:7
Daily 5 student independent work
Story - “A Big Fish for Max”
Skill - Sequencing
Phonics: Compound words;
Suffixes -ly; -less, -ness;
Digraph ai; Digraph ay
English: Past Tense Verbs
Math: Focus on Problem
Science: Magnets
Art - Monday
Spanish - Tuesday
Music - Wednesday
Music - Thursday
Science Lab - Friday
Chapel -Wednesday and Friday

Field Trip

Please remember that our field trip to Playhouse on the Square to see “Peter Pan” is next
Tuesday, December 4. We will be leaving school around 9:00, so it is important that your child
arrives at school on time that day. If you plan to follow the bus, you will need to be here by
8:45. If you are planning to meet us at Playhouse on the Square, you need to be there by 9:30.

Mystery Reader New Supplies Spelling

I would like to thank Pamela Ware, Please ask your child if he or she Our next spelling test will be on
Jacob’s mom, for being our “Mystery needs new pencils, a new eraser, Friday, December 7, over the
Reader” today. I want to thank her
for sharing her time and her love of
or new glue sticks so that you can spelling list that is being sent
reading with us. Her visit was a fun be looking for these over home today. Our next memory
way to end our week! Christmas Break. You have verse test will also be that same
already sent an extra box of day over Luke 2.7.
Memory Verse crayons, so you child will receive Spelling List #11: she, too, keep,
“. . . and she gave birth to her first- that new box of crayons when we same, more, we’ll, shack, went,
born, a son. She wrapped him in tablet, brushing, their, goes
return to school.
cloths and placed him in a manger,
because there was no room for them The deck is next to their pool.
in the inn.” Luke 2:7 The fish had a hook stuck in its gill.