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First Presbyterian Church

The Good News

110 West 4th Avenue
Yuma, CO 80759
Vol. 4, Issue 12
December 2018

Advent Artist and the Blue Period

Perhaps you saw it in the month of August, when the Glanz grandchildren were all artists of the month. It
is an oil painting on a medium sized canvas with swirls and splashes of blue and green and teal and purple.
The artist has not named it, though I do encourage her to find words for it. Made in a mother-daughter
painting class, this painting was incredibly inspiring for me when thinking about our first Advent season

I knew I wanted to highlight a piece of art, and by August had settled on two or three more famous works.
But every time I passed by Layla‘s painting, I stopped and stared; always finding some new pattern or
color. It evoked in me a sense of the light overcoming the darkness, or perhaps dark over coming light. I
thought of the waters of chaos that covered the earth before creation. I thought of the chaos of the town of
Bethlehem the night before Christ’s birth; the miraculous star piercing the darkness and showed the way to
our Savior’s birth place.

Layla’s painting is our pulpit parament for the season of Advent. And it’s blue. Traditionally, purple is the
liturgical color of this season but there is a growing trend in church ministry to use blue for Advent. Some
wonder if it is a ploy by the marketing companies to sell more paraments and candles, but the real reason is
actually very theological. Purple is the color of repentance; we use it exclusively in Lent—the season to
mourn and remember the cost of one man’s life given for all. But the Advent season is not about mourning,
it is about preparing. Advent is not about solemnity, it is about anticipating. Advent is not about
repentance, it is a season of hope: hope that floats, hope that grows, hope that burns eternal.

This painting is also an object lesson. It is a chance for us to think theologically and spiritually about what
Advent means to each of us. (Especially if it catches your eye in conjunction with what I say from the pulpit
this month regarding the prophets and how THEY described the Messiah!)
As you look at the painting, what do you see:
Is the light overcoming the dark, or the dark overcoming the light?
Look at the lines both vertical and horizontal (and that one diagonal streak), which is your eye
drawn to?
Does this painting remind you of any attribute or story of God?
Does it evoke any feelings in you?
How can this be an interpretation of Advent?

These are all questions to help you think about Advent in a new way. We will be doing lots of things this
month to think about Advent, some in a new way, but also some old familiar favorites. I invite you to take
advantage of the season; find God in the grandness of this season, but also the small.
Inside the pages of this newsletter, you will find our master calendar of Advent events, as well as a few ads
for specific events in more detail. And we do have a church-wide Advent devotional. Just like these ques-
tions I’ve asked about Layla’s painting, I’m asking you to see Advent through a different word every day of
the season. The list is available in the church, or we can mail one to you. (It’s also available on Facebook
and Instagram.)

May this Advent be merry and bright, as we prepare, anticipate, and hope together! Blessings,
Page 2 December 2018 The Good News

A superb chef, Finn owns an haute cuisine restau-
rant – until the economy falls flat, forcing him to
What is more fun than reading a book set in the
close down and change careers. Now he drives a
season? The Church Library has added some new
cab, trying to make ends meet in Catching
Christmas books to our large collection of Christmas
Christmas. One of his passengers is an elderly
themed books. Stop by and check one of them out.
woman named Callie, who needs a ride to her
doctor's appointment. Finn quickly realizes that she
It's A White Christmas in Hart County and Grace is
can't be left alone, and – missing several needed
pet-sitting in a lovely home with only a dachshund for
fares – reluctantly decides to stay with her. The next
company in an Amish Christmas story, His Promise.
morning Callie calls again, requesting his services to
It should be paradise for an introverted animal lover
drive her on a series of errands. Finn can't refuse,
like her – but this hound is the most unsocial dog
but he wonders why her relatives aren't more helpful.
she's ever cared for! Despite all Grace's attempts to
He discovers the answer when he meets Callie's
bond with Snooze, he's making it more than obvious
granddaughter, Sydney, who is struggling to keep
that he's displeased to be spending Christmas with
her job as a first-year associate at a demanding law
her. He's pouting and nothing will change his mind.
firm. Gradually, the two come to respect and admire
It turns out that John – her sister's former beau and
one another. Meanwhile, Callie is in search of the
Grace's former crush – lives right next door to
perfect Christmas present for Sydney. She has a
Snooze and his owners. That comes in handy as he
brilliant idea for the most wonderful gift ever. With a
helps her track down Snooze when he runs off into
little help from Finn, will she be able to make her
the woods. But Grace's past with John is more than
plans come true? Finn is willing to do whatever he
a little awkward and just when their friendship begins
can to help fulfill Callie's Christmas wish. He just
to thaw, will a string of suspicious holiday fires spoil
never expected to be a vital part of it.
their romance?
An Endless Christmas has characters that walk
Old West Christmas Brides has six historical
right off the pages into your heart and bring along joy
romances celebrating Christmas on the frontier.
and peace. Both in their eighties, Dodie and Wilson
It was hard for a woman to make a decent living in
Binder celebrate every Christmas as if it were their
the Wild West of the late 1800s. From the Dakota
last. This year, their only grandson, Micah, asks his
Badlands across the desolate Nebraska prairie and
girlfriend, Katie, to marry him – in front of the whole
up to the rugged Colorado Mountains, six women
Binder family. But things go terribly wrong when she
are praying for a Christmas miracle. Each story will
says no. Now Katie is stuck, too many people, too
only take an evening to read – Stories like: A Pony
much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for
Express Christmas; A Wife in Name in Only; Lucy
disaster. Sometimes too much is just enough –
Ames, Sharpshooter; A Badlands Christmas;
especially when it's Christmas. Will Katie let herself
Unexpected Blessings; and A Grand County
love and be loved before it is too late? Don't miss
Christmas. As the Christmas season approaches,
this Christmas novella.
prospects for a happy celebration seem dim. Can
these women find hope for the future and a love for
a lifetime?

How about checking out a game to enjoy during Christmas break? There are also lots
of other Christmas books for adults and children to read and enjoy!

Use the link on that will allow you to do search of the church library.
Don’t forget to check out all the other great resources in the church library!!
Page 3 December 2018 The Good News

Greetings Everyone!

This past month in November brought along some great fun. We

held a regular youth meeting, decorated a table for the
Thanksgiving Dinner, and we went bowling!

It's sometimes nice to get away from the daily grind, and getting
out of town, being able to come to an environment where everyone
can be themselves, and not have to worry about school, sports,
or life for a couple hours every couple weeks.

Here in December we will be meeting the 9th and the 23rd. Our
Lessons will be on John 15:1-8, Lord of the Vines and
Deuteronomy 7:6-9, Treasures. The youth will also be taking part
in the Advent Candle Lighting during a service this month.

Keep on the lookout for our future fundraiser as well. Also, we will
be hosting the meal during the annual meeting in January!

As always,
Stay Blessed and Be a Blessing!
James & Caley Glisan

Presbyterian Women
Holiday Luncheon
December 13—Memorial Hall—12-1 pm
Program: TBA
Hostesses: Those whose last names begin A-M
Chairwomen: Lynn Malchoff and Shirley Serl

December 27—No PW Gathering

Next Session meeting will be held Tuesday, December 11th at 7:00 pm. Only items for action need to be
reported to the church office Thursday, December 6th. Devotions for December, Andrea Anzlovar.
Page 4 December 2018 The Good News
Page 5 December 2018 The Good News

Reverend Jamie Fiorino’s Installation 10-28-18 Sacred Dance performs for

Jamie’s Installation 10-28-18

Communion is served during Trombones play for Jamie’s

Rev. Jamie’s Installation Installation 10-28-18

The Men’s Quartet sings 11-4-18

Members enjoy the Chili Cook-off 10-28-18

The lovely ladies of Congregational Life

served our Thanksgiving Dinner on 11-18-18 On Oct 28, the youth group enjoyed the
pumpkin maze at Weathers Farm!
BBH-Baby Bear Hugs

2018 CE - Christian Education

CL—Congregational Life
MH- Memorial Hall
M/O- Mission and Outreach
PC—Parrish Care
P/G - Property & Grounds
PW—Presbyterian Women
SD—Sacred Dance
SS-Sunday School
WCS—Wheel Chair Strolls
W/M—Worship & Music
WS-Worship Service
YLC—Yuma Life Care
YG-Youth Group
YLC—Yuma Life Care
YMA—Yuma Ministerial Assoc.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

All Sundays:
9:15 Sunday
School Yuma Winter
10:30 Worship

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
10:30 Personnel 10:00 Staff Mtg 9:00 Youth
5:00 Trombones Program
5:15 W&M
5:30 Men’s Practice
6:00 SD 6:00 CL Quartet
7:00 M&O

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
12:00 Finance 9:00 YMA @
2:00 PW Circle
Main Event 5:00 Trombones
10:30 Children’s
5:30 P&G
6:00 SD 7:00 Deacons & 5:30 Men’s
Session Quartet
5:00 YG Session Reports
6:00 YMA Due

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
10:00 Staff Mtg 2:00 Blue
Christmas Service
6:00 SD 5:00 Trombones
7:00 Blue
5:30 Men’s
Christmas Service

23 24 OFFICE
26 27 28 29
10:30 Christmas
Joy Offering
5:00 YG 7:00 Christmas
Eve Program

30 31 Office
@ 12:00
***5th Sunday
canned food
for RCRC***
Page 7 December 2018 The Good News

In December

Sunday, December 2, 2018 10:30 am 1 Jerrod & Hollie Massey

Greeters: Rob & Jenna Zahller 6 Steve & Joni Winger
In December
Worship Leader: Deb Higgins 14 Bryan & Julie Frihauf
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch 1 Cassidee Gleghorn
Nursery: Marie Wenger 2 Brett Rutledge
Worship Attendance
Communion Servers: Vickie Flemister, Jody November 2017 November 2018
Rogers, Shirley Serl, Teri Mekelburg 3 Stevie Seward
3 Kristi Mekelburg
Sunday, December 9, 2018 10:30 am 5 Roc Rutledge 5 81 4 84
Greeters: Randy & Bev Wenger
Worship Leader: Ema Richardson
5 Hollie Massey 12 48 11 67
6 Dawn Blach
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch
7 Robert Gates 19 76 18 73
Nursery: Susan Bute
7 Lea Richardson 26 73 25 33
Sunday, December 16, 2018 10:30 am 7 Nash Richardson
Greeters: Susan Bute
7 Madilyn Rahm
Worship Leader: Jaret Glanz
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch 10 Donavan Ghering
Nursery: Jenna Zahller 11 Kelly Hisam
12 Marlene Serl
Sunday, December 23, 2018 10:30 am
Greeters: Earl & Vicky Bachtel 13 Dave Frank
Worship Leader: Becky McCracken 13 Karen Schneider
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch 15 Edgar Trejo
Nursery: SareLynn Vetter 16 Tina Richardson
Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018 7:00 pm 17 Tim Clark
Greeters: Gaylen & Vickie Campbell 18 Howard Spellman Advent Candlelighters
Worship Leader: 18 Jayson Serl
23 Mike Neill December 2—Presbyterian Women
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch
December 9—Richardson Family
Communion Servers: Linda Clark, Teri Mekelburg, 24 Nora Prescott December 16—Youth Group Kids
Marie Wenger, Dan & Sarah Seedorf, 24 Vicki Bushner December 23—Tom Mekelburg Family
Ray Heltenberg
Christmas Eve– Glanz Grandkids
Sunday, December 30, 2018 10:30 am
Greeters: Rik & Margie Chance
Worship Leader: Dave Hoch
Organist/Pianist: Leslie Woody & LuAnne Hoch
Nursery: Mariya Mekelburg

Christmas 2018 Poinsettia Order Form

Each Christmas Season we decorate our sanctuary with poinsettias which have been purchased in memory or honor of a
loved one. The poinsettias this year are $6.00 each (6 1/2 inch pots). After the Christmas Eve Service, you are welcome to
take the poinsettias home that you purchased.
Your name:_____________________________________________________________
___ I would like to order _____ (number of plants) at $6.00 each.
___ In honor of or ___ in memory of: _______________________________________________________________
Please make your check payable to the First Presbyterian Church and return it to the church office by Dec. 9th.

Annual Reports Due December 21st. Please email to the church office.
Page 8 December 2018 The Good News

First Presbyterian Church

110 West 4th Avenue
Yuma, CO 80759

e-mail: SESSION: Clerk of Session…………………………….…...Julie Rahm
Treasurer………………………………...……...Jody Rogers

Pastor…………………………...Jamie Fiorino Finance & Endowment:..…………..…...........Jody Rogers
Church Secretary & Property & Grounds:………………………......Deb Higgins
The Good News Editor……..….Dorthy Oster Mission & Outreach…………..………..…...Bill McCracken
Custodian ……………….…Carol Heltenberg Christian Education: ……………………....Ray Heltenberg
Nursery Attendants..…....Andrea & Michaela Personnel:..……………………………….....Bill McCracken
Kuntz Nominating:.……………….…………............Roger Woody
Congregational Life:…………………..…...Vickie Flemister
DEACONS: Worship & Music:…………………….….…...Bill Glanz and
Barbara Olsen Andrea Anzlovar
Linda Clark
Teri Mekelburg
Alice Seedorf, Moderator Our Mission Statement
Shirley Serl
Marie Wenger
Earl Bachtel As God’s children we will:
Vicky Bachtel Worship God with open hearts;
Share Christ’s love with open arms and open doors;
Serve God’s world guided by the Holy Spirit.