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Project Sales Corp

Newsletter December 2004

At the outset Project Sales Corp wishes all its customers a
MOLYKOTE® Longterm 2 + Grease
Happy Deepavali. May this festival of lights fill up your days
works in very dusty environments !
with a lot of happiness.
Bearings working in dusty environment go
We also take this opportunity to thank you for your through a phase of abrasive wear before
continued business for our product range. complete failure.
Use of good quality seals to isolate the bearing and lubricant from
This issue of our newsletter focuses on the issue of key contamination can extend bearing life. Molykote has one of the industry’s most
components lubrication in dusty environments. The key proven product, Longterm 2+ Grease which can work in such difficult
components covered are: chains, bearings and open gears. conditions as shock loads, vibrations, and dusty environments normally found
in material handling equipments. In many cases, it has extended relubrication
Conditions such as dust contamination calls for the need of by as much as 10-12 times versus conventional lubricants which either needed
special lubricants which work despite the extreme demands to be pumped in more often to remove the contamination, or resulted in severe
bearing failures.
placed on them. Most of these special lubricants incorporate a
key ingredient which provides lubrication despite contamination Molykote Longterm 2+ has a high oil viscosity which forms a better film
– solid lubricant in the form of molybdenum disulphide. thickness which is adhesive in nature due to its use of adhesion improvers. The
mos2 in the product provides emergency lubrication as well as forms a film
If we look at chains, the abrasive particles quickly elongates the during the running-in which prevents direct abrasion on the metallic elements.
chain by wearing out the link pins. A proper lubricant must not
only be able to tackle this, but also provide lubricity to avoid
stick slip and further dust accumulation on its surface. This can
only be provided by a completely DRY LUBRICANT.

Project Sales Corp, represents Dow Corning, who has given the
industry the best known maintenance brand – Molykote.
Molykote 321R Spray available in 400 ml cans contain a unique
blend of molybdenum disulphide and graphite in a resin and
solvent. Once applied, the solvent evaporates in 5 minutes to
leave behind a completely dry film which provides long-term The key issue with gears operating in dusty environments is the
lubrications, prevents accumulation of dirt and has a very high accumulation of dirt causing abrasive wear. However, no lubrication at all
load handling capacity. could result in severe wear and failure of the gear component. Hence, a
suitable lubricant for gears operating in dusty environment would ideally
have the following characteristics: ability to form a separating film
between the gear tooth hence high viscosity, handle high loads, be
adhesive in nature and not get “fling off” under speeds or loads, and
preferably have better lubricity than provided by mineral oils. Important
consideration here is that dust accumulation will happen, but the abrasive
wear has to be minimized. Hence, solid lubricants in the product is

A two-pronged strategy to combat wear in dusty environments would be

recommended: cleaning and pre-treatment of the gear teeth, followed by
application of a service lubricant.

For cleaning an industrial solvent can be used and the teeth can then be
primed with a dry lubricant like Molykote 321R or a MOS2 based paste
like GN+ (G Rapid in spray version). This provides the primary layer of
protection against abrasive particles. Also provides improved load
Molykote 321R Spray is also successfully used on valve stems for handling.
easy twisting; running-in of newly machined gears; small gear
drives; lubricating lead screws, and any component which must The service lubricant, depending on gear speeds, could be Molykote 1122
continuously operate under conditions of high dust contamination. in spray form, a synthetic lubricant with 1500 cst oil viscosity containing
Being completely dry, it does not attract contamination. The solid lubricants. The product is very tacky and can handle extreme load
conditions. If speeds are less than 2.5 m/s, use of Molykote 165 LT
product can easily be sprayed onto the components after very
solventless grease is recommended.
little surface preparation of cleaning the component with a
solvent. Use of Dow Corning OS2 Cleaner is recommended. Use of special lubricants can not only reduce the need for frequent
lubrication, it can also extend the equipment life. Project Sales Corp,
Larger packs of 4 liters are also available which is used for pre- has over last 4 years been providing such solutions to over 45 industries
treatment of gears in dusty environment prior to application of a – large and small in the steel, power, sugar, chemical and fertilizer and
service lubricant. defence industries.
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