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Mohamed Lotfy Hamama E-Mail: eng.mlotfi@gmail.

Age: 24 Home Phone: (+2013) 2724778
Shebeen El-kanater, Qualubia, Egypt Cell Phone: (+2)0198889684/0103700941

Electrical Engineer

My current objective is to obtain a challenging and demanding career in
electrical engineering especially in power system control that will fulfill
my desire for knowledge and endless career.

I am Interested in:
• Power and Automation Engineering.
• Academic research.
• Electrical machinery.
• Buildings manage systems (Building Automation).

September 2008 - Cairo University, Master, Generation and Utilization of electrical
Present energy

September 2002 - Benha University, Bachelor, Electrical Engineering (Power and

July 2008 Machinery) - May 2008
7th Rank ,Very Good Honor (82.52%)
Graduation Project: Manufacturing of CNC Milling machine: Excellent

February 2010 - Automation Engineer. Systech, Egyptian Automation Department
Present Systech Control system Technology (Saudi Arabia) is an engineering
company specialized in designing, installing and commissioning
electromechanical projects, SCADA and Building Management Systems
for water and waste water treatment plants and other commercial
Systech is a system integrator for the international brands like
:Schneider Electric ,Wonderware and others
This position Gave me the opportunity to work in the following fields:
• Designing and commissioning automation systems with Schneider
Modicon PLCs.
• Developing Scada Solutions with Wonderware System Platform
• Working with CSE-SEMAPHORE Belgium T-Box products.
• Designing and reviewing Automation Panels.
• Working under our team leader coordination with other departments
(mechanical, electrical and Instrumentation).

February 2009 - Specialized Soldier (Engineer). Egyptian Armed Forces, Egypt

February 2010 Working with marital pressure in Telecom Cables Construction Projects

December 2008 - Trainee. Systech , Egypt

January 2009 Training on :
• WonderWare® InTouch 10.0 HMI software.
• WonderWare® System Platform 3.0(ArchestrA©).

October 2008 - Technical and Installations Engineer. United Group, Egypt, Cairo
December 2008 Working In several fields:
1- Supplying and installing Scientific and Technical Laboratories.
2- Supplying and installing light current applications

February 2009 - Completed. , Egypt
February 2010

• Excellent Computer skills (ICDL, AutoCAD, EPLAN Electric,
MATLAP, C++, programming). - And What Ever Helps me in my
• Human Development Programs at ( : -
1- Inter Personal Skills.
2- Communication Skills.
3- Time Management.
• Language skills: -
1-Arabic: Native language
2-English: Excellent in reading and writing, very good in speaking.
• Rapid Adapting with any environment (Software, Hardware
and Job). –
• Rapid Learning and Practice.
• Sequential and logical approach in problem solving. - These
Skills Are Supported With My Strong Academic Basis
• Team work in: -
1-Robocon Egypt 2007.
2-MIE competition 2008 (with graduation project).
• Work and Knowledge Skills: -
1-Hard wired control.
2-PLC programming concepts.
3-Good Knowledge of SCADA and DCS systems.
4-Distributions system working.
5-Hand free engineering drawing: Excellent.
6-Fabrication printed circuit board(PCB).
• Work under pressure and loyalty to my work.

November 2008 Fire Alarm Basic course.
At Jelecom (Panasonic)

October 2008 AutoCAD 2D

At Cairo University

September 2008 Introduction to PLC and SCADA

At Jelecom A.D.Panasonic

June 2008 3 Months in Salesian Institute in wiring and control

April 2008 Primavera P3 project management course in Cairo University

August 2007 Month in Military Factory No.27

July 2007 ABB Arab training

I have a great potential to improve my soft and professional skills either
for field experience or academic science. This potential supported with
my Knowledge base and other abilities like rapid learning and Deduction
from scratch.