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Doctoral Dissertations in Military History

Author(s): Edward A. Goedeken and Dennis E. Showalter

Source: The Journal of Military History, Vol. 64, No. 3 (Jul., 2000), pp. 933-946
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Military History

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Doctoral Dissertations
in Military History

Edward A. Goedeken, Iowa State University Library

Dennis E. Showalter, The Colorado College

mHIS is the twenty-eighth supplement to Doctoral Dissertations in Military

I Affairs: A Bibliography (Manhattan: Kansas State University Library
1972). Information on dissertations published in the United Kingdom i
based on: (1) Historical Research for University Degrees in the United
Kingdom, published each May by the University of London Institute o
Historical Research; or (2) the quarterly Index to Theses, which is listed as
ITT, vol. # (issue #), year. The compilers would appreciate information
regarding omissions and dissertations completed outside the United States
Write: Edward A. Goedeken, Parks Library, Iowa State University, Ames,
Iowa 50011.
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JO = Journalism LIT = Literature
MC = Mass Communications PS = Political Science/International
PSY = Psychology Relations/Public Admin.
SP = Speech SO = Sociology/Social Work


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Doctoral Dissertations

Section I: Studies in World Military History

A. Ancient History B. Asia/Oceania

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the Periphery," HIarvard University, Kim, Juchan. "Defense Planning and Military
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the Tokugawa Era: 650-1700," St.
John's University (New York), 1998,
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Doctoral Dissertations

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National Body: A IHistory of Physical HIistoriography of the Rape of Nanking,"
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Doctoral Dissertations

AAG9838984, Jan. 1999. Kingdom: Carolingian Kingship, Court

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Decisions," Johns I-opkins University, Louis of East Francia (840-876),"
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World War," Stanford University, 1998,
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Doctoral Dissertations

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for Carleton Sewell, III. "Anglo-
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Doctoral Dissertations

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Doctoral Dissertations

in Soviet Ileavy Industry, 1946-1950," versity of Connecticut, 1998, DA

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Doctoral Dissertations

Development of the Strategic Thinking The Development of the North Amer-

at the Canadian Department of National ican Security Community, 1814- 1940,"
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Section II: Military History of the United States

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Olive Drab: Military-Social Relations
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Editor's Notes

The editors wish to apologize to Dr. Steven Woodworth for the mis-
spelling of his name in the review of the book edited by him, No Band
Brothers, in our April 2000 number.

The editors extend their apologies to Dr. Tim Moreman for the mis-
spelling of his name in the review of his book, The Army in India and t
Development of Frontier Warfare, 1849-1947, in our January 2000 numbe


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