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16/11/2016 Become an ENAEE member - ENAEE

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Become an ENAEE member

ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation) is a not-for-profit organisation whose aims are to:

Build confidence in systems of accreditation of engineering degree programmes in Europe

Promote the EUR-ACE® label and its associated framework standards
Promote and co-ordinate the national accreditation agencies, provide support and facilitate their regular reviews.

The benefits of belonging to ENAEE are that is the access to international networking and an opportunity to shape further engineering education development.

The application to become a member should contain the following:

Complete information about the applying organisation, including its financial sources and, if applicable, number and type of Members the organisation represents,
Activities of the organisation during the previous year,
A confirmation that the organisation is prepared to accept the ENAEE Statutes, By-laws and General Policy, and to pay its annual fee (currently €2,100 in 2015) to ENAEE.

The number of Members per country is not limited.

The Administrative Council will examine the application and forward it to the General Assembly with a recommendation for approval or (motivated) rejection.

Acceptance of membership implies acceptance by the applicant of all ENAEE Statutes, By-laws and rules (see Statutes and by-laws section), including the annual fees decided
by the ENAEE General Assembly.


To see the list of current ENAEE member organisations please click here.

(for current authorized agencies click here) there is a different process. The procedure is described here.
Contact for additional information and the application forms.

It is possible to become an Authorized Agency without being a Member. Currently, the annual fee in this case is €2,000. We encourage however all agencies that send an
application as Authorized Agency to apply as Member at the same time to fully benefit from the organization (only one fee, for membership, applies in this case).

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16/11/2016 Become an ENAEE member - ENAEE

List of current Authorised Agencies

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Become an ENAEE member
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EUR-ACE® is the European quality label for engineering degree programmes at First Cycle (Bachelor) and Second Cycle (Master) level. The EUR-ACE® system encompasses
all engineering disciplines and profiles, is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

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