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College of Education

Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education

Major in Electronics Technology

Semi-Detailed LESSON PLAN in TLE

I. Objectives
1. Identify the different types of sewing machine.
2. Describe the different types of sewing machine.
3. Value the importance of sewing machine.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Types of Sewing Machine
Instructional Material/s: Visual Aids(Pictures), Projector, Slides Deck
Reference: Technology and Livelihood Education 7(pg.13-14), Google

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
 Prayer
 Greetings
 Checking the attendance
 Drill/recall
 Different sewing tools and its function
B. Lesson Proper
1. Activity
The teacher will group the student into 3(by major) and they will be given a
puzzled-picture of a sewing machine. The group that will finish first will be given
an extra point in their performance.
2. Analysis
The teacher will discuss the following types of sewing machine and its
3. Abstraction
1) What is the value of sewing machine?
2) Why does knowing the different types of sewing machine important?
4. Application
The students will enumerate the 8 types of sewing machine and will give brief
function of each machine.
IV. Evaluation
Directions: Identify what is asked in every item.
1) A textile machine used to stitch fabric, cards and other material with
2) This is used in making fancy stitches and making different kinds of
embroidery stitches.
3) This is used in making buttonholes on garments.
4) It is run by foot and may also be converted to electrical power machine.
5) This is used in the construction of different kinds of clothing especially
for inseam.
V. Assignment
What are the parts of sewing machine and its functions? Write on your notebook.

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