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Grade 2 Math: Measuring Objects Nov.

Goals/Key questions
-How to measure objects with the use of other manipulatives
-Understand terms of dimensions like length, width, and height
-compare and contrast objects of varied measurements
Connected to Gr 2 Mathematics measurements PofS:
SLO 2:​ ​ ​Relate the size of a unit of measure to the number of units (limited to nonstandard units) used
to measure length and mass (weight).
SLO 3: ​Compare and order objects by length, height, distance around and mass (weight), using
nonstandard units, and make statements of comparison.

Pre lesson Considerations

Materials needed/preset up required/logistical considerations needed (seating arrangement):

Interlocking cubes, prepared sheet for recording measurements, objects for measurement around the


What is the teacher doing? What are the students
Call the students to sit on the carpet and bring out the box hopefully the colourful
of cubes cubes will catch the
Introduction “today we are going to use these cubes to measure things students’ attention.
around the classroom” students will be raising
Time “but first, lets review how we measure objects” their hands to help
estimation: 3 answer the questions
mins draw a rectangle on the board. being asked about
“can someone tell me which is the length and width of this length, width and
rectangle?” “rectangles are 2D shapes” height
draw a cube on the board
“how do you measure the height of this cube?” “cubes are
3D shapes”

ensure that the diagrams are being labeled, as it will serve

as a reference point for the students as they carry on with
the activities
Transition Use the wooden bench as an example of how we are going By using familiar
consideration to measure items with the cubes objects students
s “let’s measure the height of this bench, who can tell me should feel
which side we have to measure?” comfortable measuring
Time est: 2 use the cubes to match the height of the bench(if a cube is and interacting with
mins half past the measuring object, count that cube into the the objects.
Grade 2 Math: Measuring Objects Nov. 18​th
count the the number of cubes out loud slowly with the Students should be
students. engaged in helping
record the measurement on the board answer questions as
repeat the process with the length of the blue supply box. well as counting the
ask the students to return to their desks. students should follow
Activity 1 along on their
Time est: 20 hand out the pairs of worksheets (the questions will be worksheet as the
mins ordered differently for each pair to avoid congestion at teacher points out the
objects) as well as the cubes. objects to measure

explain to the students that the worksheets will begin in students may talk at a
different orders for some people, and begin pointing out moderate volume, as
the different objects that they are expected to measure. long as it is on task.

let the students know that the expectation for this activity
is 2 minutes per station.

allow the students to begin, calling every 2 minutes for a

station change
Ask the students to bring in their worksheets to the yellow Students should stack
table, along with their nicely stacked cubes the cubes at their
Conclusion tables, ensuring that
do a quick visual check of their sheets before accepting they have the correct
them. amounts before
coming to hand in the
as the students are moving about to hand things in grab worksheets and the
their attention and ask them to discuss with their partner cubes
this question: “what are some objects in your life that you
can measure? for example, I like to measure the lengths of Students should be
ropes that I have, you guys might measure the width of a discussing some of the
slice of cake to make sure you have the biggest! discuss it things that they
with your partners please” measure everyday
without fully realizing
once all cubes and sheets are in, ask each table to share that they have been
one thing that they talked about measuring.

If the lesson is too short, gather the students to measure

the length and width of the classroom, using the students
as the units of measurements