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Removing and installing the battery

Observe the battery handling instructions as well as the warning instructions and safety
precautions for lead acid batteries → Chapter.
Remove - the fuse box is attached to the holder on the battery
– Disconnect the battery earth
strap -4- → Chapter.
Open positive terminal cover of
– battery -1- and remove wiring
to fuse box -2- from the
positive terminal of the battery.
Open wiring cover -6- and
– move the main fuse box -3- in
the direction of arrow up to the
– Take main fuse box -3- out of
the box holder -5- to the top.
Unclip wiring to box from the

holder -5- and lay fuse box to
the front.
– Disconnect positive terminal of
the battery.
Insert a large cross-head
screwdriver -1- consecutively
into the recesses in the holder of
– the main fuse box -arrows-,
slacken latch clips by slightly
turning the screwdriver and pull
out to the top and remove the
holder -2-.

Partition of the latch clips can
differ (according to the type of
main fuse box holder).
Remove - the fuse box is directly
attached on the battery
– Disconnect the battery earth
strap -4- → Chapter.
Fold open the cover -3- and

slacken the nut of the positive
terminal -2-.
Slacken the catches -arrow A-
successively using a

screwdriver and fold the fuse
box with the positive terminal -
1- to the side -arrow B-.
All vehicles

– Release screw -1-.

– Remove mounting bracket -2-.
– Take battery -3- out of battery
tray -4-.
The battery is installed in the
reverse order. Pay attention to the
Insert battery in such a way that
– the rear battery foot strip
catches below the pegs of the
battery tray -arrows-.

The battery is properly installed

when the middle recess of the
– front battery foot strip is
aligned at the bottom with the
bore in the battery tray -arrows-
For batteries with hose for the
central degassing, make sure

that the hose is not
disconnected. Only then can the
battery degasify.
For batteries without hose for
– the central degassing, make
sure that the opening on the
battery lid is not clogged.
– Check that the battery is sitting
firmly after installation.

There are certain dangers if the
battery is incorrectly mounted or
mounted loosely:
A shortened working life due
t to damage from shaking (risk
of explosion).
Damage of the grid plates for
the battery.
Damage to the battery housing
from the mounting bracket
(possibility of acid leaking out
leading to high subsequent
t Inadeqaute crash safety.
– Lay the positive cable between
the battery tray and the battery.
Tightening torques
Battery-earth strap to battery terminal 6 Nm
Positive cable to battery terminal 6 Nm
Additional cable to battery positive terminal 6 Nm
Nuts for attaching the fuses and the connection cables in the fuse box. 6 Nm
Mounting bracket for battery 20 Nm