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use of works spaces in auto cad

a. organise menu and tool bar
b. organise working area like grid size
c. oranise layout
d. all of the above

2.need to type to invoce zoom transparency

a. #Z
b. !Z
c. "Z
d. 'Z

3. special property available in match property

a. layer
b. dimension text, hatch, pline, viewdraw, table, material, shadow display,
c. thikness
d. all of the above

4. need to consider when a new drawing started

a. limits, paper space, dimension style, plot style
b. only limit
c. only paper space
d. only drawing tem. With layout

5. cycle through snap point

a. space
b. tab
c. ctrl
d. none of this

6. file ext to save multiline style

a. mln

7. object can be join by joint comm.

a. line & arc
b. eleptrical arc & arc
c. 3d polyline
d. all of the above

8. use of current type object scale in line type

a. set line type scale globalyfor all the line type
b. set line type for current line type with hidden line
c. set line type scale for newly created object
d. all of the above

9. which text fornt support vertical effect.

a. txt.shx
b. bold.shx
d. all of the above

10. value of MIRRTEXT system if value is not reverse

a. 0
b. 1 mirror the text
c. 2
d. 3

11. use of line type gen in pedit comm.

a. generate the line type in continuous pattern
b. to retrive different line type
c. to use edit polyline with different taperd system

12. line type is available as default line type in new drawing

a. hidden
b. wirefrem
c. continuous
d. all of the above

13. which property will inharit the current colour setting when you can insert the block in to a new drawing
a. by layer
b. by block
c. by colour
d. all of the above

14. convert drawing inches to milimiter scale factor

a 2.54
b. 25.4 0.03937 mm - inch
c. 0.3937
d. none of the above

15. is it possible to creat donut iner dia 50 & outer dia 25

a. no
b. yes. Filled donut eill be generated
c. yes. It will assume higher value as a outer dia
d. none of above

16. in layer property which is avoiting regenerate

a. on/off
b. freeze/ thow
c. lock/unlock
d. both 1&2

17. possible to create block defination without adding any object in block editor
a. true
b. false
18. constraints report measurement similer to dimension object
a. annotation constraints
b. dimensional constraints
c. reference paramiter

19. linetype appers in layout viewport in the same way they apper in model tab when the _ system variable set to _
a. lt scale to 0
b. lt scale to 1
c. pslt scale to 0
d. pl scale to 0

20. simplify the organigation of a complex block defination

a. dynamic block
b. nested block
c. block editor

21. plot an object with custom lineweight use

a. propety palatte
b. plot style table
c. layer manager
d. none of this

22. when we assign line type scale 2 & global scale 12 the final line type scale will be
a. 12
b. 2
c. 24
d. none of this

23. to edit grip editing mode in a group use

a. group grip edit
b. group display moe
c. group grip mode

24. to change the value of invisible attribute

a. attribute edit
b. enhanced attribute
c. block attribute manager
d. both 2&3

25. to select colour circle which having dia / radious

a. qselect
b. group
c. filter
d. both1&3

26. you can apply constraints between an object in drawing an object within a block reference
a. true
b. false
27. to modify block
a. block editor
b. edit reference
c. all the above
d. none of this

28. is it possible to change a reference paramiter back to a dimensional constraints

a. true
b. false

29. correct statement

a. when a w block has been constructed a save the data is saved as file with a name in a anme dictioanry
b. when a w block has been constructed and save the file date Is save as a separate file from the drawing in which the bloc
c. when a w block has been constructed and save the file data is save as a new file
d. both 2&3

30. 1st angle projection an end view is

a. always place to the right of the front view
b. viewed from the one side and place on the other side of the front view
c. always place to the leftside of the front view
d. place either side of the front view irecpecting of the viewing position

31. when using of the cad prior to release 2006 it may be nessesary to
a. copy
b. block editor
c. explode
d. none of this

32. layer marge tool combine object on the selected layer

a. true
b. false

33. you can access block form other drawing

a. design centre
b. wblock
c. tool palettes
d. both 1&3

34. anotative block can't be used as custom arrow head

a. true
b. false

35. it is possible to creat un boundary hatch

a. yes
b. no

36. we can specify which colour and transparency values will be automatically applied to each drawing _ new object, and
a. text
b. dimension
c. hatch
d. all the above

37. in the scale text command we can assign the model hight to the annotative text
a. true
b. false

38. dimassoc= 2 means

a. exploded dimension
b. associative dimension
c. non associative dimension
d. value not available

39. by assiging different ___ to each layout in your drawing u can control how object in the layout are ploted
a. printing style
b. colour style table
c. plot style table
d. 1&3

40. at mmc a hole has ___ dia and shaft has __ dia
a. mini max
b. max mini
c. minimini
d. maxmax

41. it is possible to hide the hatch boundary without using layer control
a. true
b. false

42. id comm. Will store the selected point as a last point

a. true

43. associative dimension will not support underlay

a. true
b. false

44. we can track annotation that loose associativity with the help of ___ monitor
a. annotation
b. associativity
c. annotation associativity
d. not possible

45. base line dimension creats

a. linear or angular
b. linear or ordinate
c. linear aligned or ordinate

46. linear dimension can be

a. horizontal
b. vertical
c. aligned

47. u can determind whether a dimension is associative or non associative with the properties palette
a. property
b. setting
c. list
d. dist

48. press the control and select text object to edit

b. false

49. using different base point to scale the text will change the text insertion point reletive to the text
a. true
b. false

50. dimension in a layout maybe associated to objects in model space

a. true
b. false

51. material condition S stands for.

a. regardsless feature

52. baseline dimension can be created

a. linear or aligned
b. angular
c. baseline
d. all of the above

53. which option in hatch will set the max size of gap that can be ignore when object are used as hatch boundry
a. gap tolarence

54. correct statesment

a. lenghten can not be used for closed object
b. lenghten can be applied to line and arc
c. angle option of lenghten comm will extend eliptrical arc
d. all of above

55. which selection mathord is not possible in to trim

a. fence
b. crossing
c. single selection
d. multiple
56. what is the syntax used to break a line in two segemnt without gap
a. @0,0
b. @
c. @1,1
d. none of this

57. in rectangle comm. Area =6000, length = 100, fillet = 10, will fillet cange the area of the rectangle
a. yes
b. no

58. is it possible to connect two line segment using fillet comm.

a. yes by using redious value of 0 and select two line segment
b. not possible to join
c. fillet comm will not join line segment

59. which of the folloing object can not be select as a path in array comm.
a. spline
b. multiline
c. polyline
d. circle

60. which of the following unit type allow user to draw using feet and inches as unit
a. architectural
b. decimal
c. architectural & engineering
d. fractional & architectural

61. which of the following objects can not be join togther using join comm.
a. construction line & rays
b. elleptrical arc & arc
c. 3D polyline
d. all of above

62. which comm is used to restore erease object in block or w block or purge
a. undo
b. redo
c. oops
d. previous

63. wrong statement

a. properties diglog box will allow user to area and perimiter of the cirle
b. limits will define paper spaces environment
c. spline will allow user to create synthetic curve

64. which of the following object can not be stretched

a. blocks
b. ellipse
c. circle
d. all of the above

65. to display dimension constraints with layer use

a. annotation constraints
b. dynamic constraints
c. both
d. none of the above

66. inport / export layer states between drawing

a. true
b. false

67. once a attribute is creted we can change the invisible mode to other mode
a. true battman
b. false

68. 3rd angle projection plan is

a. place either above or below of the front view depending upon wherther the viewing from above or below
b. always place below of the front view
c. always place above of the front view
d. placed either above or below no matter which viewing direction is choosen

69. true colour variavle from

a. 1-255 index colour
b. 0-255
c. 1-265

70. find the object within the current drawing that match the property of selected object and then add them to the secle
a. qselect
b. select
c. select similar

71. * wild wild card operation available in qselect

a. block
b. text
c. two or more type of object
d. none of avobe

72. current selection set is selected the filtering critaria is applied to the entire drawing
a. true
b. false

73. area is a
a. command
b. system variable
c. both
74. baseline creates a ___ dimension from the frist extention line of the privious or selected dimenstion
a. linear or angular
b. Linear or ordinate
c. linear aligned or ordinate
d. linear angular or ordiante

75. in the ordinate dimension the datum is esstablist by the current location of the __ origin
a. ucs
b. wcs
c. ocs

76. annotative object an styles are used to control the ____ at which annotation object are displayed in model space or l
a. display size
b. size
c. size & scale
d. all the above

77. this dimensions prevent escalating errors by maintaing accurate offsets of the features from the datum
a. offset
b. baseline
c. ordinate
d. continuous

78. __ dim allow u to effectivly communicate how frequently manufactured part shold be check to ensure that the dim v
a. tolarence
b. range
c. inspection
d. limits

79. in the following which one is not the hatch island

a. normal
b. standerd
c. ignore
d. outer

80. a line that connects anotation to a feature is known as

a. extention line
b. dimension line
c. leader
d. both 1&2

81. in table sel locking option locks or unlocks

a. cel content & formatting
b. cel content & table properties
c. cel content
d. cel orientation & deleting
ble, material, shadow display, multileader
o a new drawing
system variable set to _
e dictioanry
the drawing in which the block was construted

ach drawing _ new object, and on which layer they will be created regardsless of the current property swetting
layout are ploted
ed as hatch boundry
above or below

nd then add them to the seclection set use

d dimenstion

displayed in model space or layout

rom the datum

heck to ensure that the dim value of the part are within the specified range