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A. Read the questions carefully and choose A, B, C, D, or E that you consider as the best answer!

1. The following is not a requirement to make A. I am not will finish it by Friday , I
a good caption … promise
A. Subject of the picture B. I will not finish it by Friday, I won’t
B. Where the picture is happening promise
C. The time of the happening C. I won’t finish it by Friday, I promise
D. The reason why the activity occurs D. I will not be finishing it by Friday, I
E. The situation of the picture promise
E. I won’t have been finishing it by Friday,
I promise

5. Marry : “I’ve got a headache”

John : “I…….. you an aspirin”
A. Will be take D. Will have
B. Will take E. Will taking
C. Will have taken

For no 6-7
Just relax Prabu. As soon as your sprained ankle
….. (heal), you can play soccer again. At this
time next week, you 7) ………… (play) soccer

A. Will healing D. Will have
2. Where does the activity of the caption
been heal
B. Will heal E. Heals
A. To plan something in the future
C. Will be healing
B. To make prediction
C. To express willingness
D. To make promise
A. Will have been play D. Will be playing
E. To make on the spot decision
B. Will be play E. Play
C. playing
3. What will you say if you see a man in the
picture below
8. It …. (be) cloudy
A. Be D. Will be
B. Will E. Will being
C. Will have be

9. Adara : It’s hot in here

A. I will help you for crossing the way sir
Marly : I’ll open the window
B. I will have helped you to cross the way
The underlined sentence means….
C. I am going to cross the river with you
A. To plan something in the future
D. I will be helping you to cross the way
E. I will have been helping you for B. To say spontaneous action
crossing C. To express willingness
D. To predict something
4. Andes : when will you finish your E. To make promise
Rico : I’ll finish it by Friday, I 10. The pattern of simple future tense is …
promise A. S + will + V1 + O
The negative form of the underlined B. S + will + be + ing + O
sentence is... C. S + will + be + V ing + O
D. S + will + have + V3 + O

E. S + will + have + not + V B. Will be D. will have
11. Regina goes to her university every C. Will have been
morning. She studies business. You can’t
meet her at house at 10.00 tomorrow. She 17. I will . . . . my homework by the time I go to
…. the lectures. cinema tonight
A. Has been attending D. attended A. Finish D. Have
B. Will attend E. Wil have finishing
been B. Being finish E. not be finish
C. Will be attending C. Have finished

18. I will not have been playing football for 2

12. At the same time tomorrow, I will be sitting hours.
in class. Which one of the following sentences that
Based on the underlined sentence, where is state is affirmative form?
the suitable negative form? A. I will be play football for 2 hours
A. I will not have been sit in class B. I will be playing football for 2 hours
B. I will not sit in class C. I am going to playing football for 2
C. I not will be sitting in class hours
D. I will not be sitting in class D. I will have been playing football for 2
E. Will not I be sitting in class? hours.
E. Will I have been playing football?
13. I think Manchester United will win in the
champion league this season. This short dialogue for no 19 and 20!
The sentence above implies?
A. To make promise A : will you being here next week?
B. To express willingness B : I 19…… (be, not) here next week. I …..

C. To say on the spot decision (attend) a seminar in Yogyakarta.

D. To make suggestion
E. To make a prediction 19. A. will not be D. Will be not
B. Will not have been E. Will not
14. Which one of the sentences bellows that being
imply express willingness? C. Will being not
A. She’ll do it if you ask her
B. I think Dino will come late tomorrow 20. A. will attending D. Will be
C. I will not do that again attending
D. I’ll open the window because this room B. will attend E. Won’t attend
is hot C. Will not attend
E. I am going to university two years later.
21. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis has won …
15. He will have spoken jazz and classical music.
The pattern of the sentence above is … A. Either C. Neither
A. S + will + V1 B. Also D. Not only
B. S + will + have + V3 C. Both
C. S + will + not + have + V3
D. S + will + be + V ing 22. Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood is neither
E. S + will not + V1 journalistically accurate…….
A. A piece of fiction
16. Andes : Where will we go next holiday? B. Or written in a fictitious way
Kharin : How about Singapore? C. Nor a fictitious work
Andes : That’s OK, but I … there many D. Nor completely fictitious.
times E. And a piece of fiction.
A. Was C. will being
23. A baby’s development is influenced by both
heredity and …..

A. The influence of the environment E. A, B, C, and D are wrong
B. by environmental factors
C. environment 31. Most of Singaporean citizens have neither
D. environmentally knowledge … practical politics.
E. is environmental A. Or interesting in D. nor
interested in
24. We usually use ‘both … and …’ for… B. And in interested E nor
A. Joining two parallel ideas interested in
B. Talking about two or more C. And not interested in
C. Joining together two negative ideas 32. If we talk about two or more
choices/possibilities, we use …
D. Joining together two positive ideas
A. Not only … but also … D. Either …
E. Joining all sentences nor …
B. Neither… nor … E. Either …
25. Gravity not only causes bodies to fall … or …
increases their speed. C. Both … and …
A. And to D. But also
B. And also E. nor 33. … Oaths and rye can endure severe winter
C. And so A. Either D. neither
B. They are E. Both
26. Fainting can result from either a lack of C. Both of
oxygen … a loss of blood 34. Rina is …. Smart nor stupid
A. And from D. or A. Either D. But also
B. Or from E. neither B. Not only E. or
C. And C. Neither
27. The legal systems of most countries can be
35. Mr. Setiawan doesn’t play hockey
classified … common law or civil law. His wife doesn’t play hockey.
A. Neither to D. Either to A. Not only Mr. Setiawan but also His wife
B. Both E. To either like play hockey
C. Either as B. Neither Mr. Setiawan nor his wife plays
28. He didn’t write. He didn’t telephone C. Either Mr. Setiawan or his wife plays
Combine the sentence above by using hockey
suitable paired conjunction! D. Both Mr. Setiawan and his wife plays
A. Both write and telephone hockey
E. Either Mr. Setiawan nor his wife doesn’t
B. Not only did he not write but also he not
play hockey
C. He neither write nor telephone 36. ‘Not only … but also …’ is used to …
D. He neither write or telephone A. Join two parallel ideas
E. B and C are right answer B. Together two positive ideas
C. Opposite ‘Neither …nor…’
29. ‘Neither … nor …’ is used to … D. Talk about two or more choices
A. Talk about two or more choices E. Join together two negative ideas
B. Two positive ideas 37. Whales and dolphin are … fish… mammals
C. To join two parallel ideas A. Either, or D. And, and
D. Opposite ‘either…or…’ B. Neither, nor E. But also, and
E. To join together two negative ideas C. Not only, but also

30. Prabu was late. So was Ratu. 38. Neither the woman … her daughter has
positive attitude
Combine the sentence above with the
A. Or D. nor
suitable paired conjunction! B. And E. Both
A. Both Prabu and Ratu were late C. Either
B. Both Prabu and Ratu were not late
C. Neither Prabu nor Ratu were late 39. I would like to try both the classic
D. Either Prabu or Ratu were late tiramisu… creamy cheesecake recipes

A. Nor D. either C. Or
B. And E. and
C. Or

40. You can either wear open-toe sandals

…shoes to work at the office.
A. Neither D. Nor
B. And E. Either

B. Fill in the blank spaces with the best answer!

For no. 41 to 43
Complete the sentences with the simple future (will + V1) or the future continuous (will + be + Ving) or
future perfect tense (will + have + V3) of the verbs in the brackets!
41. I ……. (meet) you at the airport tomorrow. After you ……. (clear) customs, look for me just outside the
gate. I stand right by door.
42. We are going to clean our house tomorrow. It will take from 8 until 12 o’clock tomorrow morning. We
……….. (clean) the house
43. Mike is on holiday, he has very little money and his spending to much too quickly. Before the end of his
holiday he …………… (spend) all his money

Combine the following sentences by using paired conjunction!

44. Andriyani is fluent in Chinese. She is also fluent in English.
45. He didn’t write. He didn’t telephone

Good Luck! ^_^

Trust to your self