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(LIMITED TIME FRAME OFFER : w.e.f. 15/09/2018)

1 GST Benefit (includes in Basic Cost)

Air Conditioner 1.5 Tonne ( 1 per bed room)
2 *(Brand : IFB OR LG OR Equivalent)
One (1) LED TV 32"
3 *(Brand : LG OR Panasonic OR Equivalent)
Wood Work in bed room
4 *(One wooden almirah - only in each bedroom)
Wood Work in the Kitchen
5 *(wood work above & below the slab without internal accessories)
Standard Sized Ceiling Fan in all bedrooms and drawing room.
6 *(Brand : Usha OR Crompton OR Equivalent)
One individual RO unit in kitchen
7 *(Brand : LIVPURE OR Equivalent)
8 Stainless Steel security gate only on main gate
9 One Telephone instrument for intercom (Standard Or Equivalent)
No Extra Charges for One Open Or Covered Or Stilt Car parking space
10 *(subject to availability with in the project / avenue only)
11 No Extra Charges for External Electrification Charges
12 No Extra Charges for Fire Fitting Charges
13 No Extra Charges for Lease Rent
14 No extra charges for Floor PLC
15 No extra charges for View PLC
Electric Meter Installation charge is free up to 5 kva (On & above Chargeable) and the running charges shall be payable
16 by the allottee
Power back up Installation charge is free up to 1 kva (On & above Chargeable) and the running charges shall be payable
17 by the allottee
No admission charges OR No membership charges OR Entitled for free admission to become member along with
family, to avail the facility available within the avenue/project like club/swimming pool/gym.
*Subject to payment of Monthly / Yearly Maintenance charges as per terms and condition as applicable with in the
18 project / avenue.
One Year Free Access in Gaur City Stadium with family members (only for Jogging & Yoga).
20 Maintenance charges for common area is / are free for SIX (6) months starting from offer of possession.
Any alteration / modification / amendment done with respect to Name and Address of original allottee in the
allotment letter shall be free for the first time. Thereafter it shall be chargeable as per the norms of the company. (at
the time of offer of possession)


I / we have fully understood the above mentioned terms and condition of the Gifts / Benefits and hereby express my / our
interest to avail such gifts / benefits.

___________________ ___________________
Applicant Co- Applicant

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