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Fall 201810 EPC 3903

Professional Development Plan for Teachers

Name: Shaikha Salim MST: Shaimaa Alsayed MCT: Antoinette Wiseman;

School: Al resalah international school of science Semester: level 6 Date: Fall 201810
Rationale/Reflection of previous practice: Last semester, my MCT and MST doesn’t comment a lot in my teaching but they ask me
to develop my time management to be careful to not finish the classroom before the time and let the students busy.
I have to develop my teaching and try to be the best teacher to not face any problems when I’m teaching a lone with my students.

Professional Learning Goal and Activities

Area Professional Learning Goal Strategies Evidence of Target Date Date Achieved
No. Progress
Towards Goal
1. Managing the time during 1.Using timer or keep my eyes
the lesson activities. at the clock.
2. Plan my time well.
3. checking the time though out
the class time.
2. Able to control voice tone. Using deferent level of voices
“teacher voice”
3. Developing the transition Using familiar songs for
plan transition between each
activity for example “clean-up”
song for cleaning up their
4. manage the classroom and 1.Moving around and observe
stop the student being the student to make sure they
behave during the activates are engaging

Antoinette Wiseman
Fall 201810 EPC 3903

2.Repeat the classroom rules

everyday as a routine
3.let the students to stand in
line before they enter the

Student Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________________

MCT Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________________

Antoinette Wiseman