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“Love, Warmth, Nescafe”

“It all starts with a Nescafe”

Extending the brand value commanded by the latest #ItAllStarts campaign to introduce Nescafe
Instant Coffee to a wider audience - a modern urban household comprising of middle aged parents
with teenage children. This will be in addition to the conventional TG – the youth.

Positioning Nescafe as an experience to be shared with not only friends but also one’s family. “It all
starts with a Nescafe”

This is developed by taking a cue from the first ad in its #ItAllStarts campaign, featuring a stammering
standing comedian and his daily struggles as he navigates through his peers & family.

On YouTube, the brand team has put up a short paragraph that lends context to the film. It reads “We
all fall, get up and complete the race of life! And while we huddle up with friends, family and the
world to celebrate the success, it is only that one companion that silently stays by our side all through
the journey, right from the start, never letting us give up & keeping us on plan – NESCAFÉ! #ItAllStarts”.

This will also be in sync with the #ItAllStarts stories which have been shared by the followers of the
Twitter handle. The stories involve random incidents of everyday life where a ‘start’ is all that matters

Members of a modern urban household. Taking the entire family, conventionally comprising of four
members (father, mother & two teenage children) as one unit of TG.

SEC Grade: Grade A; Upper Middle Class (Higher managerial, administrative or professional)
Age Group: Children (14-20), Parents (35-50)
Customer/Consumer Profile
 The College going teenager (Child 1). Aged 14-18. Not a frequent coffee drinker. Drinks coffee
whenever he/she hangs out with his/her friends or during stressful exam periods to perk
himself/herself up.
 The University Student (Child 2). Aged 18-20. Started drinking coffee regularly as a teenager.
Consumes instant coffee either at college or at home
 The High Powered Executive/Consultant (Father): Started his coffee addiction since he’s been
working. Averages 2 cups of instant coffee every day.
 The ‘Mom-trepreneur’ (Mother): Office goer/Owner of an entrepreneurial venture. Averages 2
cups of instant or traditional coffee a day

Coffee is a social stimulant. It doesn’t just fit in with friends but binds one’s family in the hullaballoo
of today’s busy individualistic lives, across diverse situations replete with distinct themes – For
example “ Family is one support system which never fails. One just got to start looking for it – a
breakaway from the individualistic attitude teenagers bear”.
Nescafe Instant Coffee brings all the members of the family to a common standpoint.

It doesn’t just mark the beginning of the day but finds its place at multiple occasions whether during
family get-togethers or just at mundane instances of the day, lighting up the mood and everyone’s
energy levels.

Placing Nescafe Instant Coffee in the midst of various daily situations/occasions encountered by a
modern urban household – pressure at work, balancing work & life, anxiety during exams, rifts with
friends or peers, social occasions where the household works together & celebrates together.
Developing a series of short films just like the first ad of the #ItAllStarts Campaign. These short films
will be inter related and will end with a finale with all the members of the family coming together.

These adverts/short films will leverage the low cost social media/online file-sharing platforms
[YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.] considering the advent of smart phones & tablets
and every member’s social media presence in modern households. The films will be designed such
that they strike a chord because and do not talk like an ad. Every ad will bring forth a fresh premise –
a new situation. The principal aim will be to demonstrate multiples usage situations.

The new campaign will target prospective consumers at either ends of the conventional TG (youth
ranging from early 20s to early 30s). These prospective customers are not typical tea lovers. They
reside in urban environments and hence have developed a knack for coffee (in case of adults, possibly
in addition to tea) or younger consumers in their teens who have just started drinking coffee, with the
consumption patterns varying from occasional to situational.


1. NESCAFÉ has been focusing on an emotional marketing approach as opposed to the rational
approach highlighting the quality of NESCAFÉ’s coffee

2. Their current target audience is teenagers and college goers, avid coffee lovers and the corporate
audience who take regular coffee breaks. Their current focus is to establish brand loyalty amongst
this audience and they have positioned their product as the coffee that instills confidence in you.
So the only focus has been on the youth category. It needs to capitalise on other age groups too
as the coffee drinking habits in the country are changing.

3. From both Secondary and Primary Research, we can see that Nescafe Sunrise is losing market
in South to Bru because to Bru’s stronger Taste

Our creative will cater to Gap 2 (somewhat Gap 1 also). This is important as it will lead a wider set
of audience to accept Nescafe, thus help in countering falling sales of the brand

The idea draws inspiration from the recurrent yet underlying themes visible in the launch of the
#ItAllStarts campaign.

 Perseverance never fails

Through hard work and perseverance, you can live your dreams.
 Don’t Give up
Never give up on your failures. We need to start celebrating the failures and move on. No
matter what the challenges are, accept those and never stop until you achieve your dreams
 Turn your weakness into your strengths
We all have weaknesses and we all work towards eliminating them.
 Follow your heart
Do something that gives you freedom to live your life. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it
living someone else’s life
These themes will be merged with problems frequently surfacing in modern households to fortify
NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE as an instant reliever. It will help in relating to our TG on a more personal

Every advertisement/film will involve the same family. The characters will bear the likings of a modern
upper middle class household residing in a 3 bed room apartment in an urban locality of Mumbai. The
films will follow a sequence, addressing a problem in every showcase.

1. Pressure at work – The father returns home late at night frustrated with work. There’s more work
to do for a board meeting presentation the next day. The children have slept. His wife (the
mother), who’s been awake, lightens his mood with a hot mug of Nescafe Instant Coffee served in
the traditional RED Nescafe mug. Every sip guarantees a new START.
2. Work-Life Balance – The mother is disturbed, having made a bad deal in her venture. She returns
home in the evening and is disgusted with herself. The elder daughter (Child 2) observes her for a
few brief moments and appears in front of her mother with two hot cups of Nescafe Instant Coffee
for both of them. They talk it out and the mother is comforted.

3. Exam Anxiety – The son (Child 1) is worried. He has a difficult exam the next day and despite
having covered a significant amount of his syllabus, he is freaking out. His father appears with two
hot cups of Nescafe Instant Coffee, one for his son and one for himself. Both have work to do and
freaking out is one thing they can’t afford to do. NESFACE comes to their rescue. The mother peeps
from the neighbouring room and is delighted to find the two bond which is difficult to be seen in
today’s individualistic modern lives.
4. Rift with boyfriend – The daughter (Child 2) is disturbed. She has had a rift with her boyfriend.
Her mother has always been progressive and has supported her daughter’s decisions, her
individuality. Today, it’s the mother’s return to comfort her daughter. She appears with two
steaming hot cups of Nescafe Instant Coffee, lets her daughter to revel in the first sip and the
conversation follows. The daughter is relieved at having found such an understanding mother
(with NESCAFE playing the role of the catalyst in that particular conversation).

5. Sunday Cleaning – The trio (father, son & daughter) volunteer to clean up the house on a Sunday
just before Diwali. They don’t want their maid to help them and directs the mother to give her a
day off. One hour later, it’s a total mess. The trio is disgruntled and the mother appears to find
what she had already anticipated. She disappears and returns with four mugs of NESCAFE INSTANT
Coffee. The family sits together in the mess and have a hearty laugh at the mess. The mother joins
in now and moments later, it’s all clean. “It all starts with a Nescafe”