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Co-curricular Plan – Emilee Carr

Co-Curricular Experience
Category Club/ Student Club/ Student Club/ Student Community Honors / Greek Global Co-op
Org/ Org Org Engagement Organizations
Year 1
Title Lindner Women UC College Kappa Kappa KBS Northwestern
in Business Mentor for Kids Gamma Montreal Mutual Intern
Role General Mentor New Member Participant Brand
member Ambassador
Competencies Networking, Communication, Time, effort, Openness to People skills,
Needed professional respect, time, positivity, culture, communication,
skills effort, teaching, openness professional time
care skills, management
Notes Applied for Second In interview
marketing Semester process
Year 2
Title Lindner Women Roar Guide PAC UC College Kappa Kappa Advertising Firm
in Business Mentor for kids Gamma (Empower,
Role Executive Guide Member Mentor Committee Intern
member Member Leader
Competencies Collaboration, Leader, Team work, Communication, Leadership, Communication,
Needed marketing, communication, event planning respect, care for communication, creativity,
creativity adapt to others, teaching creativity professional
situation skills
Year 3
Title Lindner Women Roar Guide PAC UC college Kappa Kappa P&G
in Business Mentor for Kids Gamma
Co-curricular Plan – Emilee Carr

Role CEO Guide Member Mentor Committee Brand

Member Leader management
Competencies Time Public Speaking, Event planning, Respect, Leadership, Leadership,
Needed Management, Leadership, communication, teaching, care, communication, creativity, hard
leadership, Communication team work, love, time support work, team
communication, time work skills,
strategic management professional
planning, skills
Year 4
Title Lindner Women Roar Guide Kappa Kappa Study P&G
in Business Gamma Abroad –
South Africa
Role Senior Guide President Intern Brand
Executive Management
Member Co-op
Competencies Mentor Public speaking, Defined International Leadership,
Needed qualities, time Leadership experience, creativity, hard
leadership, time management, style, openness to work, team
management communication, networking, culture, work skills,
leadership organization, professional professional
delegating skills, adapt skills
to change
Or committee
leader of new