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From: Ho P.

To: Edith Gasana

Sent: 5/8/2016 10:24:03 AM
Subject: Re: One last hurdle
t~etLCa~ P~ess ,c ~
Thanks, Edith, we are on our way to your beautiful country, arriving in the evening of 10th, and departing in the
evening of 12th.
The Chairman sends his regret as he was just called to Beijing. He was making every effort to come and that is why
we held out to this very late to organize the delegation.
However, he sends his most able deputy and general managers and I have been asked to lead the team which is
empower to represent the Company.
We looking forward to discussing in details with Sam in confidence about the various ways we can bring our two
countries together through joint ventures and development, and also look forward to meeting and discussing with the
President how CEFC the Company can play a major role in the future development of Uganda. Please retrieve from
the internet the news of how CEFC had invested in the cross sectors of businesses in Czech and witnessed by our
President Xi in his recent visit to Prague this March. We could do the same for Uganda. And all these initiatives fit
right into our President vision of the One Belt One Road concept. And Uganda is along the maritime silk road which
runs through Eastern Africa.

Please construct a program for us in Uganda and I look forward to renewing our friendship

.SNN f~()iTP({C >S. COM
Patrick HO (Dr.)

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 12:42 PM, Edith Gasana <> wrote:

Dear Patrick,

I talked to Sam yesterday and he ensured that he will send you a letter tomorrow confirming that you will be cleared
for the yellow fever at your arrival in Entebbe. Please ask Roger to send us the names of the pilotes and the entire
crew. The visas will be issued to you on Monday in Beijing by our Embassy,

So excited to see you again. Wishing you a pleasant and safety journey

Best Edith

On Sat, May 7, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Hocppatrick <> wrote:

Dear Edith,

As we are all getting ready to see The President and Sam in your beautiful country, and thanks to your assistance in
getting visas and the other logistical matters out of the way, there is one last hurdle we cannot overcome from this
end. We are required to receive injection for yellow fever ten days before departure. We were not quite geared up for
this visit and we're still in an early planning stage to organize the trip ten days ago and now it is too late to get the
inoculation to work, not to mention that such injection schedule has to be requested way in advance in Hong Kong
as there is only one clinic in the Department of Health that such is available.
Please see if our group (and crew) can be exempted from this injection requirement for this trip. Otherwise we would
have a hard time getting there.
You guidance and Sam's advice is most appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you,