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House 1
Everything about self is House 1

Bhavam Name
Lagna Murthy Anga Tanu Udaya Vapu Kalpa Aadya

Kendra Trikona

Karaka Graham: Suryan

1 Body Shape and Structure
2 Mental Condition and behavior
3 Happiness and sadness
4 Wisdom and Knowledge
5 Age
6 Birth place (Janma bhumi)
7 Fame and dishonor
8 Dreams
9 Strength and Weakness
10 Generosity, dignity and nobility
11 Action plans ( Raja neethi)
12 Longetivity
13 Peace and prosperity
14 Hair
15 Appearance
16 Self-pride
17 Living and life style
18 Success and failure
19 Blame
20 Aspirations to prosper in life
21 Skin
22 Difficulties
23 Capabilities and Skillfulness
24 Wealth
25 Disrespect and revenge attitude
26 Immunity and overcoming diseases & ill-health

27 Personality
28 Abandoning attitude (to leave everthing)
29 Effectiveness
30 Punctuality
31 Head
32 Brain
33 Younger sibling labha sthanam (3-11)


House 2
Everything about wealth, speech and family is House 2

Bhavam Name
Dhana Swa Kosa Artha Kutumba


Karaka Graham: Guru

1 Body Parts : Tongue, Right eye, Mouth, Teeth, Nose, Nails
2 Relations: Family
3 Speech and language
4 Memory power
5 Expression of language (Bhava Vyakteekarana)
6 Wealth, money, income
7 Costly items and jewellery
8 Pearls, Gems, Silver, Gold, Copper
9 Animal wealth (పశుసంపద)
10 Family business
11 Efforts taken to accumulate wealth
12 Tastes
13 Friendship
14 Truthfulness ( Sathya nishta)
15 Good and bad about family members
16 Anger
17 Buying and selling
18 Dharma budhi, Kindness, Helping nature and Generosity
19 Humility
20 Mental steadiness ( Mano dhairyam)
21 Communion (రాకపో కలు)
22 Ability to talk sweetly and with humour
23 Fabrics
24 Decision making ability and standing by it
25 Eye vision
26 Miser

27 Learning
28 Navadhanyam ( grains)
29 Perseverance
30 Inspirational
31 Early education
32 Fathers illness (9-6)
33 Mother’s Labhasthanam (4-11)
34 First child education (5-10)


House 3
Everything about courage, strength and brothers is House 3

Bhavam Name
Sahaja Bhatru Duschikya

Upajaya Maraivu Maraka

Karaka Graham: Sevvai

1 Body Parts : Right Ear, Neck, Throat, Thyroid, Shoulder, Collar bone, Lungs, Hands, Nervous system
2 Relations: Younger Sibling, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, father-in-law (7-9)
3 Body strength and Weakness
4 Leadership
5 Dreams and thoughts (both good and bad)
6 Communication skills
7 Courage
8 Self-help, self-effort, Self-empowerment (Swa sakthi)
9 భోళాతనం (Give away nature)
10 Service or Seva
11 Spiritual Inspiration or devotion to God; Upasana
12 Anger and Peace
13 Ideas and forward thinking
14 Pride
15 Behavior with others
16 War and Soldier; Great danger
17 Longevity
18 Singing abilities
19 Ear pain
20 Letters communication
21 Swadharmam
22 Number of siblings
23 Rumors
24 Victory


25 Sharpness of mind
26 Body deformities
27 Land
28 Road
29 Competence
30 Masculine and feminine nature
31 Risks
32 Entertainment
33 Ancestral property
34 Profits
35 Chimes
36 Small vehicles
37 Expenditure on mother (4-12)


House 4
Everything about mother, happiness, vehicles and land is House 4

Bhavam Name
Sukha Matru


Karaka Graham: LAND: Sevvai ; MOTHER: Chandran ; VEHICLES: Sukran

1 Body Parts : Heart, lungs, Chest, Ribs
2 Relations: Mother, Maternal relatives, Blood relatives, Helpers, Friends, Like-minded people
3 Thought process
4 Relationship with mother
5 Secrets in life, Personality not revealed to others’
6 False love
7 Sukhaathanam (happiness) and happy places
8 Sweating pattern
9 Charitable organisations
10 Schools and Colleges: Educational institutions
11 House; buying houses
12 Lands and farm lands
13 Vehicles
14 Fixed assets
15 Mines, minerals, treasures, buildings, palaces, mandapam
16 Comforts in life, Great life, Success in life
17 Water supply
18 Milk, flavouring items, smelling items
19 Moving away from place (sthana brashtatha); travel
20 Small well
21 Clothes
22 Caste
23 Reputation
24 Beliefs
25 Alcohol consumption
26 Powerful medicine

27 Sober and nuisance character

28 Small works
29 Horse - Elephant - Snake hills
30 Father’s life (9-8)
31 Partner Occupation (7-10)


House 5
Everything about purva punyam, fame and chilren is House 5

Bhavam Name
Putra Budhi Vidya Aatmaja Panchama Vaaksthana Tanuja

Trikona Panapara

Karaka Graham: Guru; VIDYA: Budhan

1 Body Parts : Upper stomach, stomach, liver, Gall bladder, spleen
2 Relations: Son, Grandson, Grandfather, Lover, Students, Disciples, Trainees, 2nd sibling (3-3)
3 Intelligence, Deep knowledge, Analytical ability, Administration ability, Mental ability, Intuitive power,
Talents, Good behavior, Strength, Obedience, Memory power
4 Number of children; Good and bad happenings to children; Happiness and sadness to us because of
5 Victory
6 Competitive exams and Scholarships; Higher positions; Minister post
7 Mantras, Vedas, Yantras, Yogas, Prayer, Upasana, Devotion, Mantra vidya, Scientific knowledge
8 Property buying and selling; profit and loss in property transactions; Ancestral property; Father’s
property; Ways of earning; Business
9 Letter writing; Poetry writing; Books writing; Sculptures making; Sthree dhanam ( money to ladies from
parents side); Literature
10 Mind and Soul
11 Next birth
12 Love and lust
13 Conceiving and abortion
14 Foresight and Purva punyam
15 Social life; Friendship
16 Tastes
17 Training
18 Entertainment
19 Gambling
20 Annadanam
21 Clothes
22 Umbrella


23 Health
24 Contact with prostitutes
25 Secrets
26 Servants secret enemies ( 6-12)
27 Partner Labha sthanam (7-11)
28 Mother’s Wealth (4-2)
29 Father’s Bhagya sthanam (9-9)


House 6
Everything about Roga, Rana, Runa, Fear and Pain is House 6

Bhavam Name
Sashtama Dvesha Vairi Kshatha Ripu Satru
Maraivu Apokliyam Upajaya
Karaka Graham: Sevvai ; ANIMALS: Sevvai, Rahu ; PETS: Sukran
1 Body Parts : Kidneys, Digestive tract, Intestine, Glands
2 Diseases: Illness, Development of illness, Ulcers, Wounds, Phlem related diseases, dreadful pains,
Diarrhoea, Piles, Danger from water (జలగండం),abscesses(కురుపులు), Eye diseases, Rape, Disease
of genitals , Urinary incontinence
3 Society: Enemies, Opponents, Competitors, Servants, Robbers, Mother’s brother(4-3), Farmers,
Farmers for our land (కౌలుదారులు), Tenants
4 Weakness, Mental problems, Body pains and problems, Doubts, Bad habits, Narrow mindedness,
Madness or mania (ఉన్ాాదం), Greediness, Misery, Cheating
5 Obstacles, opposition, unexpected loss and difficulties
6 Bad luck and painful life
7 Rumors , Sadness , fights
8 Robbery and thefts
9 Debts
10 Fear and Anger
11 Sins
12 Poison
13 Enmity with legal partners
14 Presence or absence of enemies; their victory or defeat
15 Maternal uncle, Paternal uncle and his wife
16 Fight with siblings
17 Food and eating habits (Untimely Food)
18 Service at work
19 Prostitution and Illegal works
20 Jail/Imprisonment
21 Begging
22 Police/Military/Navy related
23 Small pets
24 Taking care of health

25 Heat (Ushnam)
26 Extreme or fierce procedures (ఉగర కరాలు)
27 Children Dhana Sthanum (5-2)
28 Kalatra Vyaya Sthanam (7-12)
29 Father’s Occupation (9-10)
30 Friends longetivity (11-8)
31 Maternal uncle happiness and sadness


House 7
Everything about Marriage, Life partner, Marri age partner, Lust and Bussiness is House 7

Bhavam Name
Saptama Kalatra Asta Smara Kaama Madana Dyoona

Kendram Maraka (for Chara Rasi) Badhaka ( for Ubhaya Rasi)

Karaka Graham: MALES: Sevvai; FEMALES: Sukran

1 Body Parts : Private parts, Bladder, Prostrate Gland, Parts related to Child birth
2 Society:
i. Life partner
ii. Adopted Child
iii. 2nd child (5-3)
iv. 3rd Sibling (3-3-3)
v. Business partner
vi. Lost people
vii. 2nd wife
viii. Relatives
ix. Doctors,
x. Refugees
xi. Relatives
xii. Bandits (బందిపో ట్లు )
3 Internal happiness( అంతరగ త ఆనందం), Internal struggle, Relationships with others,
Truthfulness, Forgetfulness, Victory over others, Prowess(పరాకరమం), Interest in leading
an independent life, Confusions(తతత రపాట్ల), Complaints, Enmity
4 Passions (కోరికలు), Enjoyment (భోగము), Convenience (సౌఖ్యము), Lust (కామము)
5 Own place, far places, Migration, Shift from place of stay(సాాన చలనం), disturbance in
travel (పరయాణ భంగం),
6 Livelihood, Royal honour (రాజ గౌరవం), Reputation, Higher official praises


7 Marriage: Possibility, Timing, Direction of partner, Characters of partner, our happiness

or sadness because of life partners, Equation with partners, Divorce
8 Success in love
9 Auspicious Occasions
10 Business, business partner, buying and selling, Business in other lands, Victory in
11 Shares and Speculations
12 Court cases, fines
13 Sperm quality
14 Feast (sumptuous food with dal, ghee)
15 Prostitution; Fight with wicked girls, enmity with females
16 Buying clothes for the first time, Music, Flowers; Scented liquids
17 Death (8-12); Maraka sthanam for Kala Purusha
18 Charity works
19 Mother’s Sukha sthanam (4-4)


House 8
Everything about Longevity, Unexpected income, Death, Chronic diseases and Death is House 8

Bhavam Name
Ashtama Randhra Aayur

Maraivu Panapara

Karaka Graham: Sani

1 Body Parts : Private parts, Dirty Face
2 Longevity, Fear of death, Death
3 Diseases and Life:
i. Tuberculosis
ii. Typhoid
iii. Aids
iv. Suicide
v. Surgery
vi. Amputation of limbs
vii. Chronic diseases
viii. Dangers
ix. Accidents
x. Surgeries, Weakness in body
xi. Chronic pains in the body
4 i. Fears
ii. Errors
iii. Bad luck
iv. Failure
v. Defeat
vi. Sudden downfall
vii. Losses
viii. Fights
ix. Troubles from enemies
x. Difficulties in this life because of bad deeds done in past life
xi. Mental worries
5 Unexpected income, Insurance money

6 Unexpected luck, lottery

7 Earning income from sinful or illegal ways, dowry, bribes
8 Will , Ancestral property
9 Misery of life partner, Diseases of wife
10 Comforts and happiness (presence or absence)
11 Sibling rivalry
12 Government imposed punishment; Punishments, Release from prisons
13 Occult studies; interest in mantra and tatra vidya
14 Research
15 Ability to read past and future
16 Horror story writing
17 Earthquake and Tsunami


House 9
Everything about Bhagyan, Pitru and Guru is House 9

Bhavam Name

Trikonam Apokliyam

Karaka Graham: FATHER: Suryan ; GURU: Guru

1 Body Parts : Thigh
2 Society: Father and Guru
3 Travel to far places, Piligrimage, long journeys
4 Poorva punyam
5 Abhishekam, Idol consecration (దేవత పరతిష్ట ), Brahma Jnayanam, Upaasana, Yagaas,
Yagnas, Tapas, Upadesam, Sidhi, building temples and Gopurams, being Brahmin,
Visiting holy places, devotion
6 Higher education (Post graduation), Schools, Colleges, University, School books, Law
course, writing religious, medical and justice related literature
7 Guru, Devotion to Guru, Respect to elders and guru, Friendship with great people (సజజ న
8 Integrity(చితత శుదిి), charity, dharmam, Devotion to Swadharma, Good deeds, Charity
towards noble causes
9 Justice, Piousness of mind, knowledge, discipline, great luck, wisdom, courage
10 Spirituality and Soul related knowledge
11 Wealth, Ashta Aiswaryam, Wealth accumulation, ripening time of Bhagyam or Good luck
12 Father’s wealth, Father’s ill-health
13 Getting higher positions, Royal honor, Mudradhikaram
14 Treatment
15 Nutritious food
16 Loss of job (10-12)
17 3rd child (5-3-3)
18 Horses and Elephants


House 10
Everything about occupation, business, karma and work is House 10

Bhavam Name
Dasama Thatha Karma Gagana Nabha Aanmada Vyoma Meshoorana Vyaapara Maana Vyaapara

Kendra Upajaya

Karaka Graham: Sani

1 Body Parts : Knees
2 Society: Mother-in-law(7-4), Children enemies (5-6), Adopted son, Owner
3 Job, occupation, self-occupation or business, Government jobs, Agriculture, Medicine, Judges
4 King, Guru
5 Efforts, Living, Skills, Fame, Self-control, Position, Authority, Authoritarian behavior, Respect,
Promotion, Government related, Pledge, Decency, Reputation, Self-pride
6 Karma, Aagama Karmas, Lots of Punyam, Path of Knowledge, Visiting holy places, Paarayanam,
Mantra pronunciation(మంతరం ఉచ్ాారణ), Sanyasa Ashram
7 Charitable nature, Service, Increase in Punyam
8 Dressing, clothes
9 Profits on Land, house, comforts
10 Time inside womb
11 Administration policies, higher position because of top officials, great reputation or disreputation
in business
12 Foreign income, lost property
13 Travelling (దేశాట్న)
14 Horse riding
15 Medicine
16 Teaching skills
17 Partner Sukhasthanam (7-4)
18 Father’s Maraka sthanam (9-2)
19 Wrestling
20 Victory and defeat of father



House 11
Everything about Labham and Elder Sibling is House 11

Bhavam Name
Labha Aagama Aaya Prapthi

Maraka (for Ubhaya Rasi) Upajaya Panapara

Karaka Graham: Sani, Rahu

1 Body Parts : Lower legs (mainly right), Left ear
2 Society: Elder Siblings, Friends
3 Profit, Income, Victory, Prosperity, Auspicious, Luck
4 Life span
5 Lottery, Government money, Sudden money, Accumulating land, Consequence in ancestral
property issues, prosperty of wealth, grains and all things
6 Family Happiness
7 Earning money
8 Profit from friends, Profit from Uncle ( Maama), Friendship
9 Growth in job
10 Many wives
11 Good and bad Wishes
12 Music and Drama as occupation
13 Removal of sadness
14 Improvement in disease, hospital discharge
15 Clothes and Jewellery, Beautiful painting, Artistic ability
16 Sea voyage
17 Mother’s longevity (4-8)
18 Prayer to God
19 Knowledge
20 Cooking
21 Daughter-in-law wealth (5-7-2)
22 Skills and mastery (పాండితయం)
23 Father’s younger brother (9-3)
24 Yoga Phalam (యోగ ఫలం)


House 12
Everything about Life, Sleep, Bhogam, Moksham, Loss, Expenses is House 12

Bhavam Name
Vyaya Bhantya Antima Dwadasa Rippa
Maraivu Apokliyam
Karaka Graham: Sani

1 Body Parts : Feet, Left Eye, sleep disturbances, End of Life
2 Expenses, Cost, Spending, Pain, Loss, Compensation of loss, Unnecessary expenses or good
3 Foreign Travel, Foreign land stay, Job in foreign land, Death in foreign land
4 Spending on charities, Sacrifice
5 Next birth
6 Secrets, Fear of secret enemies, enemies
7 Diseases
8 Hospital or Jail stay, Death sentence, Slavery, Miserable life
9 Sanyasam
10 Hell (or Heaven), Hiding place, Secret place
11 Bondage, Mental disturbances, Injuries, Obstacles, , Suicide dosham, Poisoning, Fear of future,
Anger, Sadness, Jealousy
12 Betrayal, Conspiracy, Bereavement (వియోగం), Abduction, Bad deeds, Self-mistakes
13 Punyam, Yaagam, Mantra Vidya
14 Miser or spendthrift
15 Repaying or not repaying debts
16 Insomnia or sound sleep
17 Physical disabilities
18 Wild animals
19 Illegal transportation
20 Obstacles in marriage(7-6), Loss of wife, Partner’s ill-health (7-6)
21 Loss of job
22 Circumambulation of Earth ( Bhoopradhikshana)
23 Bhojanasukham
24 Ship business
25 Horses and Elephants


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