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Product and/or Service Positioning

Jakel Trading as a family clothing store is always concerned with customer problems
and they have low-cost sales to give customers the opportunity to spend and save at the
same time. The advantages of Jakel Trading are its own quality and design beside its
reasonable price. They are always positive with the market and are always looking for
solutions to enable all their customers to spend at affordable prices.

The best approach is by offering attractive promotions as well as high quality textiles
such as Happy Hour sessions that they hold at certain times. In addition to being the center
of textiles from simple to exclusive, Jakel Trading also has a set of scarves and shawls under
Ariani labels as well as home decorating equipment such as rugs, sheets, curtains, wedding
equipment and so on. What is more proud, this exclusive building also gets the exclusive
right to sell designer luxury textiles such as Valentino, Ungaro, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel,
Givenchy, Armani and more.

Most textile patterns, Jakel Trading define according to local flavor. That is because
they relationship is close to customers, so they know what their customers wants and
needs. Since 2008, Jakel Trading has decided to present a complete collection of ready-
made garments for the whole family, for women, men and children. The demand for themed
clothing for the whole family is increasingly popular. Therefore, Jakel Trading took the
opportunity to introduce the concept of Papa & Mama's clothes to facilitate customers as
well as to provide more options for husbands and wives or mothers and fathers with
children. Interestingly, Jakel Trading does not give a similar fabric to those who want the
concept but instead comes with different fabrics just displaying matching colors for the
whole family.

Among the strategies implemented by the company include featuring the Jakel Raya
collection for the first time by displaying the Jakel ambassador to promote the garment
collection in conjunction with Aidilfitri. Interestingly, in 2017 collection of dresses features
Baju Melayu, Kurta, Baju Kurung, children's shirts, family conceptual shirts and Schwalwara
collections of all the shirts featuring designs under the label Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Awal
Ashaari, Hairul Azreen, Ayda Jebat, Hanis Zalikha, Scha Al-Yahya, Lara Alana, Yusuf
Iskandar and Rozita Che Wan.
In conjunction with Aidilfitri, Jakel Trading provides about 500,000 pairs of Baju
Kurung and 250,000 Baju Melayu to be distributed to all Jakel stores throughout the
country. The average collection of ready-made garments especially for women features
fabrics, embroidered, lycra, chiffon and silk, all of which are the latest design fabrics
including in terms of colors and patterns. Jakel Trading features many types of fabrics with
fine blossoming embroidery patterns on fabric legs and European touch designs based on
young and bright colors. Jakel Trading offers a collection of ready-made clothing from SS to
XXXL sizes to give customers more choice especially for small and large sized ones. Most
importantly, they use quality fabrics without the need for dry cleaning and can be purchased
by all classes. The response is very encouraging and beyond expectation.

Since Jakel has so many ways of positioning their product, it will be easier to
promote Jakel’s new product which is Chibatik. Chibatik will be the new product that will
catch customer’s heart because of its uniqueness. Interestingly, the price offered is also
cheap and reasonably priced as customers buy at factory prices despite the quality of the
fabrics, the pieces and the manufacture are of great quality as featured on exclusive
boutiques. All this is done to give satisfaction and enjoyment to their customers who have
now reached over a million people throughout Malaysia. The ready-made collection will
continue to be sold all the time by Jakel Trading.

Overall the performance of this product seems to be very impressive in terms of

popularity, revenue and the contribution they are making to the mass public by offering
their products.