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Suez University Final Exam

Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering Structural Geology

2nd Year Mining and Petroleum Departments Allowable Time 3 hours (27/1/2016)

*Answer all the following Five questions (support your answers with drawings as much as

Question No. 1: Write about the following (with drawing) (15 degrees)
1. Three types of plate boundaries.
2. Different types of unconformity.
3. Geometrical classification of joints.
4. Inter-limb fold angle.
5. Stratigraphic repetition and omission as a fault criteria.

Question No. 2: Complete the following (10 degrees)

1. ……………. is the difference in age between the base of the strata above the unconformity
and the top of the unit below it.
2. .............. substances are those that fracture before any significant plastic deformation
take place while ........... substances are those that undergo a large plastic deformation
before fracture.
3. Ultrasonic Borehole Imager (UBI) is used in ....... mud, while Formation Micro-Imager
(FMI) is used ....... mud to detect bed boundaries and fractures.
4. .............. is a fold that is convex downward (U-shaped); a fold that in the
5. When the dip of the fault plane decreases with depth, as a result of change in stress field
with depth, this result in the occurrence of …………… .

Question No. 3: Discuss with drawing (10 degrees)

The folds and diapirs are two different types of geological structures; each of them has
different effect on the surrounding rocks and different effect on hydrocarbon accumulation.

Question No. 4: True or False (correct and explain with drawing) (10 degrees)
1. In plastic deformation if the stress is removed, the material return to its original shape.
2. Joints don't affect quarrying operations and ground water flow.
3. In the plunging anticline the beds on the opposite limbs strike parallel to hinge line.
4. Both Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez are affected by left lateral strike slip faults.
5. It's common that volcanoes are formed due to transform movement of tectonic plates.

Question No. 5: What is the difference between the following (with drawing) (15 degrees)
1. Paraconformity and disconformity.
2. Systematic & Non Systematic Joints.
3. Drag and Reverse Drag folds.
4. Block faults and step faults.
5. Trench and Ridge.

Best wishes
Dr. Mostafa Teama