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Rouda Mohammed
Teacher professionalism is defined as The knowledge ,skills and practices that teachers must have in order to be
effective educators

And if I want to be teacher professionalism

- I should prepare for each day of teaching
- come to the work on time every day
- Share every subject knowledge with my students
- Take responsibility for my students
School description :
- My teaching practicum was in government kindergarten it was Al Qarayen kindergarten and its in Sharjah exactly in
Al Qarayen area.

-Number of children : kg 1 = 170 and kg 2 = 180

Kg 1 : Arabic + Math + Sciences
Kg 2 : Arabic + Math + Sciences + English

- I enjoyed to sat with the kids, teacher them something they will benefit from it and get good Experience
- What challenges did you face?

My big challenges was how to mange the class because the children are in the classroom were more active and need more power
to control the class.

- What did you do to show your commitment to your job as a teacher in the school?

to arrived the school on time and do all thing that the mst give me and more, I teach the students and keep them love to learn

- How did you collaborate with your MST and other teachers in the school?

I collaborate with my Mst and helped her if she want also, I did my work as any teacher in the kindergarten and she was happy of
what I did.

- Day in my school
my normal day in the school was as I arrived the class then I received the students then I red Quran with them after that I
took them to the assembly with the Mst during the day i helped the Mst and teach the students in the met and the activities.
Planning for Learning
Talk about the process of planning for lessons. How did your MST go about this? How did you
plan for your first lesson? What did you learn about planning during the practicum?
the first thing I did it when I want to plan for the lesson to discuss with the mst and what she will teach the students in that day then,
the mst encouraged me and she discuss with me about the lesson and the activities
I learned from planning during the tp that by planning we manage the class and organize the time also I know what I should do and
teach the students during the day.
What challenges did you face when preparing your lesson plans?
The challenges I face when I prepared the lesson plans how to distribute time to all activities and finish it on time
Explain how you planned for teaching speaking and listening

I planned for listening I put a short video about counting and I let the students Listen to it and for speaking I ask the students to
count the numbers by their finger
Implementing and Managing Learning
Describe how effectively you managed the transitions between activities. What strategies worked
I managed the transitions between activities by using bell and sometime by sing a song show that we have finish the activity
Which were the most effective strategies you observed your MST using in the classroom?

The most effective strategies I observed my mst using in the classroom is singing

Talk about one negative and one positive experience you had in attempting to manage negative
behaviour in the classroom.
The negative experience there was one student did not Listen to any one in the class even her teacher and every time he said you are
not a teacher, I tried to explain to him and solve this thing he never listen
The positive experience there was some students ate the cake and they threw the cake plastic in the ground, I told them and explained
this behaviour is wrong the understand and listen to me, they took the cake plastic and threw it in garbage basket.
Monitoring & Assessment
Describe what assessment instruments you saw your MST using when assessing the students.
What assessment instruments did you use to help assess student learning?
The assessment instruments I saw the MST when assessing the students using worksheet about numbers the mst ask the students to
write the number in the boxes the ask one by one to read the numbers.
The assessment instrument I used to help me to assess students learning worksheet about more and less and I used cups, boxes and
balls I used real object with worksheet to assess the students
Why do you think it’s important to be well organized when in the school?
yes, it's important to be well organized in the school because if I want to be a great teacher and do what the teacher should do
Have your organisation and planning skills improved? Yes - in what way? No - what steps can
you take to improve in this area?

yes its improve me to done with the work on time and its organize the classroom during the lesson and in the all-day
Based on the comments of your MST and your own personal reflections in this setting, what would
you say have been your particular strengths and what you feel needs further development in
subsequent TPs?

of my mst comments, she said I can manage the class in the perfect way also I can take responsibility for all class, teach the students in a
different way and this way keep the students think about what did the learn during the day
the thing that I feel its need further development is managing my time
How do you think that your own perspectives on teaching and learning have changed
this semester?
in my perspectives, the teaching and learning were changed in this semester the child learn more thing than last
What do you think are important things to study at college to ensure that you are well
prepared for TP?
I think the important thing to study is the lesson plan and how to keep the child comfortable during the school day because if we
learned that we can do the most thing in the classroom
How effectively do you think you communicated with your MST throughout the placement?

my communication with the mst was very good and every time when I needs something, she helps me, and I help her also

Did you face any problems or challenges in dealing with _____________ and how did you manage
with the students, there was one student did not respect me and when he saw me he said I don't want you in my class you
are not a teacher and He said some foul words I tried to sat with him and I talk about his behaviour until he changed his
behaviour and he wanted me to come to the classroom.

Is there anything that you would change next semester to ensure this didn’t occur again?

yes, next semester from the first day I will discuss and join with the students in everything to know the students behaviour
Portfolio and Observation tasks
Choose one task that you found interesting and tell about it. What did you learn from
doing this task?

the task I found it interesting is to teach the students part of the plant and explain what the plan needs to grow, the child was very
excited about the lesson I learn from doing this task that when I teach the child by the real objects keep them remember the

Refer to one artefact / other task / journal you found interesting and tell about it.

in the world food day, one of the mothers of students brought the all material and we made a fruit salad I helped the students
then the students ate it together

Portfolio-Assessment Criteria to be completed post interview.

the Criteria to be completed post interview are task 4 and 5