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Conley 1

Kathleen Conley

Professor Granillo

English 103 Honors

5 December 2018

Annotated Bibliography

"Pearl White." Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 10 Aug. 2018.

This source is from an article retrieved from Encyclopedia Britannica by an unknown author.

The article details biography on the actress, Pearl White. The article features a variety of

information about her life and work performing stunts. The work White had done performing

stunts is useful in analyzing the times stuntman are used instead of the actor. The commercial

being analyzed contains a scene with an elderly stuntman, where this source will be referred back


E*TRADE. “This Is Getting Really Old.” Youtube, 4 Feb. 2018,

This is the video the project is analyzing, pulled from youtube. The video is a commercial which

scene’s will be used to analyze rhetoric and lenses for the main subject matter within the essay.

The scenes contain a variety of visual information that is integral for key components pertaining

to evidence.

Peterson, Mark D., et al. "Undulation Training for Development of Hierarchical Fitness and

Improved Firefighter Job Performance.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,

vol. 22, no. 5, 2008, pp. 1683-95. ProQuest,

Conley 2


This source was pulled from a journal written by mark, Peterson. The journal focuses in on

research conducted pertaining to the conditioning of individuals’ bodies as well, including their

capabilities. This source would be useful for analyzing the scene with the elderly firefighter

within the E*Trade commercial. This is because the journal focuses in on the occupation of

firefighters in the field specifically.

Watson, Peter. "Planning for Retirement: How Long Will You Live?" Oakville Beaver (ON), 06

July 2018. EBSCOhost,


This article written by Peter Watson examines the steps individuals take before retirement. The

main theme being analyzed within the commercial is the lack of retirement funds Americans

have access to. In this article, the statistics of retirement funds are made more specific then how

the commercial presented them. The statistics in this article would be useful in applying to the

logos rhetoric, in order to give a solid example.

Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. The Communist Manifesto. London ; Chicago, Ill. Pluto Press, 1996.


This source is from a book written by Karl Marx. Karl Marx was the founder of Marxist theory;

a lens being utilized in context of the commercial. His concepts pertaining to the difference in

classism theories and the proletariats revolting against the bourgeoise are useful within this essay
Conley 3

because they make the concepts in the Marxist lens more specific. By doing this, more detail

within the Marxist lens can be added to the composition.

Marx, Karl, and Friedrich Engels. Wage-labor and Capital. Vancouver: Whitehead Estate, 1919.


This source is from a book written by Karl Marx. It offers more insights on concepts such as

commodity fetishism. More specifically, the writings within this book reflect upon how the

proletariat class is treated by the bourgeoise. This would be useful within the context of the

commercial due to some scenes demonstrating struggle within high-stress jobs.

“Disability Rights California.” California’s Protection & Advocacy System. California, n.d.

This article produced by, California’s Protection & Advocacy System, goes over a variety of

concepts concerning individuals with disabilities. It also includes information on what would be

considered ableist to individuals who struggle with disabilities. The article also expands upon the

negative and harmful stigmas that surround people with disabilities. The resource is useful due to

how elderly individuals are presented within this commercial. The resource allows one to

critically explore whether the commercial is generating negative or positive stigmas.

"Disability management." Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 2 Dec. 2013.

This source is an article taken from Encylopedia Britannica, with no known author. The resource

itself would provide a backbone when it comes to programs available for people with disabilities

in the work-place. This fact would denounce the negative stigma that elderly individuals cannot

handle high-risk jobs within certain fields, while also allowing individuals to examine the

commercial closer.

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