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408 W Douglass Ave

Steven R. Dobbs Houghton MI 49931

Michigan Tech Experience:

Experience • Marketing and Communications Specialist

2013–Present Alumni Engagement/Annual Giving
• Administrative Aide 7/Office Manager
2012–13 Alumni Relations
• Department Coordinator
I can provide details on previous work experience, if needed. My
first job was bussing tables when I was eleven, and prior to coming
to Michigan Tech I was a law enforcement officer for ten years. In
the intervening years I was a construction worker, a nursing
assistant, a paralegal, a contractor, and even a cowboy. True story.

Michigan Technological University

• BS Scientific and Technical Communication (May 2019)
Education Cumulative GPA: 3.76, Departmental GPA: 3.92
• AA Humanities, Magna Cum Laude, December 2016

What’s in my toolbox:
• I communicate well.
Skills • I organize well.
• I adapt to new situations quickly.
• I embrace technology, especially as a means to efficiency.
• I have been both a department coordinator and a communications
specialist at Michigan Tech.
• The Google-fu is strong with this one.

When I’m not at work:

• I run trails in the Keweenaw.
Hobbies • I practice Aikido.
• I take things apart and (occasionally) make them work again.
• I pursue obscure bits of knowledge down the internet rabbit hole.
• Lately I’ve been teaching myself JavaScript.

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Steven R. Dobbs 906.231.1423

People who say good things about me:

• Brenda Rudiger (my current supervisor)
Assistant Vice President of Alumni Engagement
References 906-487-2400

• Paula J. Nutini
Director of Stewardship and Annual Giving

• Heather Sander
Operations Manager of Advancement

• Roger Held, PhD (my former supervisor)

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

• Mary Carol Friedrich

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

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