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Effective Term: Full Academic Year 2017/18

WRT 108 English Composition II for Non-Native Speakers

Credit Hours: 3.00 Lecture Periods: 3.00 Lab Periods: 0.00

Continuation of WRT 107. Includes reading, analyzing, and discussing various types of text; writing
analytical or critical papers; and developing research skills. Also includes writing a research paper.

Prerequisite(s): With a C or better: WRT 101, 101S or 107.

Information: Equivalent to WRT 102.
Gen Ed: Meets AGEC – ENGL; Meets CTE - OTHER.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Respond to and analyze a variety of texts with regard to context and genre.
2. Use compositional strategies to create texts.
3. Locate and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary research materials and write a paper using
the techniques of quotation, paraphrase, summary, and documentation.
4. Compose texts using appropriate technology.
5. Use composing processes and tools as a means to discover and reconsider ideas, write essays,
research papers, and other works.

I. Respond to and Analyze a Variety of Texts
A. Explore contexts
1. Biographical
2. Social
3. Political
4. Economic
5. Cultural
B. Examine the conventions of various genres of writing
II. Use Compositional Strategies to Create texts
A. Compose texts for audiences and purposes
B. Perform writing process activities
C. Revise texts by incorporating feedback
III. Locate and Evaluate Primary and Secondary Research Materials and Write a Paper
A. Locate resources using academic databases, library research, and other in-depth,
credible sources to support claims
1. Integrate sources into writing according to conventions
a. Quotation
b. Paraphrase
c. Summary
d. Citing each source fully, fairly, and accurately
B. Compose college-level texts and research papers
1. Document research using MLA academic citation format
2. Integrate research using the techniques of quotation, paraphrase, summary, and
3. Write a 7-10 page, academic research paper with MLA documentation
IV. Compose Texts Using Appropriate Technology
A. Evaluate the credibility of digital sources
B. Use technology strategically with a clear purpose to enhance writing for the audience
C. Adapt writing for changing electronic environments
V. Compose College-Level Texts, Including Essays and Other Works
A. Word Count
1. Produce final polished writing totaling at least 3,500 words
2. Produce a total semester output of 7,000 words