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Yearning to Breathe Free

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Primer

Yearning to Breathe Free
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Primer

Introduction: This FREE primer is designed to allow you to integrate your

reputation with the Factions introduced in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist into the
Yearning to Breathe Free campaign. This primer also offers a new faction: The Order
of the Hellfire Hearth.

Yearning to Breathe Free:

When a prominent Waterdhavian Noble is murdered in what appears to be
a ritual designed to empower the Order of the Hellfire Hearth, things grow bleak
for the tieflings of Faerûn. In response to the murder, the Lords of Waterdeep begin
rounding up and jailing tieflings with no cause. The Order of the Hellfire Hearth
does not take the accusation of murder lightly, nor do they respond well to the
summary imprisonment and demonization of their tiefling brothers and sisters. This
climate of intolerance, bigotry and fear spreads outward through the Sword Coast,
for as it is often said, “as goes Waterdeep, so goes the North.”
As heroes of the Sword Coast, it is up to the players to discover the truth
about the murder, bring the parties responsible to justice, and if possible, relieve
tensions across the Sword Coast before the fragile peace between various factions of
the North is irreparably damaged.

by Travis Legge Cover Art

Some artwork copyright Claudio Pozas, used with
Additional Writers permission.
R P Davis Some Artwork David Revoy
Rafa Martins
Dan Layman-Kennedy Interior Art
Seth Rinker David Revoy

edited by
Sarah Scharnweber

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Order of the Hellfire Hearth in any way he can, and King
Prelude to a Crisis Bruenor Battlehammer of Gauntlgrym has befriended
many of the leaders of the Hellfire Hearth, offering
This document is designed to give the Dungeon Master support and supplies to the tieflings. Many tieflings
a toolkit to integrate the information in Waterdeep: who have answered the call to settle the Order of the
Dragon Heist into a Yearning to Breathe Free Hellfire Hearth’s new holdings have connections to
campaign. As Yearning to Breathe Free is designed the Zhentarim, which can offer aid and support to the
for characters of levels 5-15, the suggestions within this tieflings, for a price. Perhaps most importantly, the
primer operate from the assumption that Waterdeep: Hellfire Hearth has forged an alliance with the Harpell
Dragon Heist will be run as a prelude, or the first phase wizards from their nearest neighbors to the North:
of the Yearning to Breathe Free story. Longsaddle. Each of these alliances will be strained and
tested by the course of the Yearning to Breathe Free
Introduction adventure, but beforehand, the Order of the Hellfire
On the continent of Faerûn, tieflings are people Hearth makes gestures to form alliances across the
without a homeland. Distrusted in many communities, Sword Coast, including in the City of Splendors...
the tieflings of the Sword Coast encounter prejudice and
fear wherever they tread. Though the city of Neverwinter, How to Use This Book
which is arguably the most welcoming and cosmopolitan
settlement on the Sword Coast, is officially welcoming to The information included in this volume draws from
tieflings, the citizenry is often suspicious of the infernal- and builds upon the information provided in both
blooded. This leads to discrimination and fear on the Yearning to Breathe Free and Waterdeep: Dragon
streets of Neverwinter, even if such behavior is not Heist. This information can be used to enrich either
officially supported by the city government. campaign book and to serve as a bridge between both
Beyond the walls of Neverwinter, tieflings are treated
less favorably by the other humanoid races. The smaller
and more remote a settlement is, the less likely it is to Additional Information
be welcoming to those with “the blood of Asmodeus.” Of Some of the NPCs discussed in Yearning to Breathe
course, there are some exceptions, as some small and Free either draw from basic NPC stat blocks, or lacked
remote villages celebrate their heroic tiefling residents, game traits. As Waterdeep: Dragon Heist includes
but such cases are exceedingly rare. Across the Sword additional information regarding game traits and
Coast, tieflings are tolerated at best, feared and hated at statistics for such NPCs, as well as additional information
worst. regarding items and locations.

In recent months, a new faction has gained some

power, and a small foothold on the Sword Coast. The Waterdeep
Order of the Hellfire Hearth is an organization formed The information below, can be used to supersede,
to rescue young tieflings from those who would oppress replace, or supplement the information in Yearning to
them and build a permanent home for the tiefling people Breathe Free.
on the Sword Coast. Since its inception, the Order of
the Hellfire Hearth has ventured into the Underdark to
liberate enslaved tieflings and to protect the mothers of
The People of Waterdeep
There are several people within Waterdeep and the
unborn tiefling children. In the wake of the Demon Lords
surrounding area who have a role to play in the events of
running rampant through the Underdark, hundreds of
Yearning to Breathe Free. DMs may wish to include the
women were left carrying tiefling babies. The Order
wealth of NPCs detailed throughout Waterdeep: Dragon
of the Hellfire Hearth was able to free several of these
Heist in their campaign, particularly if the two are run
women, bringing them into the fold and offering them
back to back.
protection and safety. The Order of the Hellfire Hearth
has now set up two semi-permanent settlements in the
North, straddling a gateway between the surface and the Waterdhavian Nobles
Underdark. On the surface side, stands Camp Brimstone, Harkas Kormallis
a quickly growing outpost-turned-village just south of Lawful good male human paladin
Longsaddle. Below, Hrast Het stands as the Hellfire Harkas Kormallis retains the traits and information
Hearth’s Underdark home. detailed in Yearning to Breathe Free.

As the Order of the Hellfire Hearth has amassed Helm “The Torturer” Kormallis
lands and recruited tieflings and sympathetic Lawful evil male human knight
humanoids from across Faerûn, they have also forged Though not explicitly stated in either campaign, it can
a few important political alliances in the North. Lord be assumed that Helm Kormallis is a Masked Lord of
Neverember of Neverwinter has pledged to aid the
Waterdeep, and therefore has in his possession a Lord’s point in a number of ways. Perhaps the party discovers
Ensemble as described in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, the ensemble while investigating the murder. Do they
Appendix A: Magic Items. hand it over or try and keep it for their own purposes? Or
they could find out that the ensemble has gone missing.
Kylynne Silmerhelve Was it stolen by the assassins? A member of the City
Lawful good female tiefling noble Watch? What could a missing ensemble mean for the city?
Magistra Silmerhelve receives a brief mention in
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Chapter 1: A Friend in Need. Waterdhavian Law Enforcement
If running both campaigns, be sure to take note of the City Guard
party’s interactions with the Magistra. While she may Any alignment, any race (though most are lawful humans,
barely recall the party if they are respectful and courteous dwarves, or elves)
(most people who come before her have the good sense As suggested in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Appendix
to be) if they treat her with disrepsect, rudeness, or B: Monsters and NPCs you may use the veteran stat
otherwise in a manner out of step with her station this block from the Monster Manual to represent the majority
can certainly negatively impact relations during Yearning of the City Watch, Sergeants and higher ranks may be
to Breathe Free. represented by the knight stat block.

Lady Laeral Silverhand The Waterdhavian Inquisition

Chaotic good female human archmage Any lawful alignment, any race but tieflings (most are
Lady Silverhand is detailed at length in Waterdeep: humans, half-elves, or aasimar)
Dragon Heist, Appendix B: Monsters and NPCs. The As described in Yearning to Breathe Free, the
information provided there can come in very handy, Inquisition is a loud and influential minority who usurp
especially if any of the various parties involved in the authority through fear and indifference. Their true threat
events of Yearning to Breathe Free are suicidal enough is only apparent to a few at their inception. The following
to attempt a direct assault on the Open Lord. NPCs from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist could align
themselves with the Inquision, offering support:
Malcer Kormallis Rishaal the Page-Turner: The proprietor of the Book
Neutral good male human paladin, deceased Wyrm’s Treasure is easily persuaded that a conspiracy
Malcer was a Masked Lord. This offers the Dungeon of Asmodeus-worshipping tieflings is responsible for
Master a few opportunities to add complications to the the murder of Malcer Kormallis, and has no qualms
plot of Yearning to Breathe Free as there are no details about lending aid to the Inquisition, should they ask.
offered within that supplement as to the whereabouts of He takes his duty as a member of the Watchful Order of
Malcer’s Lord’s Ensemble. This could be used as a plot Magists and Protectors seriously and will not shirk that


responsibility, even if it means dragging every tiefling in Despite Lady Silverhand’s public approval of the
Waterdeep before the magistrates. Inquisition, she has specifically forbidden Force Grey
Victoro and Ammalia Cassalanter: The Cassalanters from getting involved in the situation.
are more than happy to support the holy quest of the Unofficially, Lady Silverhand has communicated to the
Inquisition. Doing so adds another level of subterfuge Blackstaff that a small amount of Force Grey activity on
to their secret lives as cultists of Asmodeus. The behalf of the tiefling population might be overlooked.
Cassalanters neither know nor care if Malcer was Characters with rank in Force Grey can receive the
murdered by followers of Asmodeus. Depending on the following support during Yearning to Breathe Free:
events of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist the noble family may • Adventurers who are arrested are released under
even hold a direct grudge against the Order of the Hellfire the loose supervision of the Blackstaff, Vajra
Hearth, particularly if the faction was instrumental in Safahr. This protection could even extend to
preventing the Cassalanters from bringing their plan to tieflings arrested by the Inquisition, though the
fruition. Blackstaff will consider this a massive debt to be
worked off for any character of lower rank than
Force Grey Initiate.
Factions in Waterdeep • Inquisitors pursuing the adventurers are interfered
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist covers a number of factions, with and delayed by members of Force Grey, who
which the characters may earn a reputation with in invoke their privilege to question the Inquisitiors
the events of that campaign. In this section, tips are (and subsequently communicate their regrets at
offered for applying that reputation during the events of being unable to get involved.)
Yearning to Breathe Free. • Access to Force Grey safehouses throughout
Waterdeep and the Lord’s Alliance.
Bregan D’aerthe
Xanathar Guild
Being a band of misfit and ostracized drow, Bregan
D’aerthe is likely to be very sympathetic to the Order As detailed in Yearning to Breathe Free, the Xanathar
of the Hellfire Hearth. With the Order’s activities in the Guild maintains an official position of non-involvement
Underdark liberating drow from the matriarchy and with the Inquisition and the surrounding drama. However,
saving those pregnant with tiefling children, Jarlaxle is a member of the Guild is still a member of the Guild, and
likely to see the Order’s work as good. It stands to reason can draw upon the same support offered detailed in the
that the drow renegade would lend support and succor Introduction of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.
to the Hellfire Hearth, so long as doing so does not
jeopardize any established Bregan D’aerthe operations. A New Faction
Characters with rank in Bregan D’aerthe can receive the For Dungeon Masters who plan to run Waterdeep:
following support during Yearning to Breathe Free: Dragon Heist as an introduction or use its events
• The adventurers receive small, unmarked black and structure in the lead up to Yearning to Breathe
pouches of coins from an anonymous source. Free, the Order of the Hellfire Hearth may act as an
• The adventurers are granted access to a Bregan additional faction in Waterdeep. Though the Order of the
D’aerthe safehouse while traveling to the Brimstone Hellfire Hearth is of limited influence within the City of
Trail. Splendors (and virtually no influence whatsoever once the
• Sanctuary in Luskan. Inquisition begins) those with renown among this faction
can expect support in the following ways:
Though Bregan D’aerthe will not openly or directly
engage the Inquisition, characters of sufficent renown • If the adventurers require healing, a member of the
may find that Inquisitors hot on their heels are suddenly Order can provide it, or facilitate a meeting with
dispatched by drow gunslingers, at DM discretion. one who can.
• If the adventurers are seeking a person or object,
Force Grey the particular skills of paladins of the Oath of the
Orphaned can be of assistance.
Force Grey is placed in a particularly nasty bind by the • If the adventurers need aid in securing, rebuilding,
events of Yearning to Breathe Free. As adventurers with and protecting their holdings in Trollskull Alley, the
experience, and a penchant for heroism, the members Order may be willing to help.
of Force Grey are unlikely to be very sympathetic to the
Inquisition’s methods. Few members of Force Grey are Renown in the Order of the Hellfire Hearth can be
naive enough to buy the theory that a grand conspiracy gained by any character, though it is easier (+2 to all
of tieflings is bumping off nobility. There is also history renown rewards) for a tiefling. The order also shows a
between Force Grey and the Knights of Samular, as the slight preference (+1 to all renown rewards) for drow and
two factions have often not seen eye to eye regarding dragonborn.
what is best for Waterdeep.

Table: Order of the Hellfire Hearth Missions
Party Level Mission Brief Mission Requirements and Reward
2nd “An associate of ours, a young Characters can find Jinny, a young and quiet NG female tiefling commoner
woman named Jinny, has been who wears spectacles, with a successful DC 13 Intelligence (Investigation) check.
collecting some sensitive information Characters who begin their search with local pubs and taverns may make this check
for the Order. She was meant to dead with advantage. If she is located while she is working, she will quickly shut the
drop it to us two days ago and has not characters down, offering to speak with them at the Yawning Portal at sunset. The
done so. She works for Hammond characters must try to convince Jinny that they’re working on behalf of the Order by
Kraddoc, a salesman for the Vintners’, making a DC 13 Charisma (Persuasion) check. If the check succeeds, Jinny explains
Distillers’, and Brewers’ Guild and that she was forced to work late due to a mistake on Hammond’s part dealing with
is usually in his company during the a delivery of spirits to Lady Cassalanter. As such, she missed the drop, but she did
workday. Find her, find out what went discover that there are a couple of tiefling servants working for the Cassalanters,
wrong with the drop, and, if possible, and struck up a conversation with the nanny, a young woman called Nana. Jinny
acquire the documents she has been happily hands over the documents, in a sealed envelope, which she produces from the
preparing for us.” notebook she carries everywhere.

Reward: Each Order of the Hellfire Hearth character gains 1 renown.

3rd “An operative of ours, a paladin Imrae Dyrr (CN female drow commoner) and Chandara Ousstyl (NE female drow
named Hate, has smuggled two drow knight) await collection at the Hellfire Hearth safehouse. Both are pregnant. While
women out of the Underdark and into Imrae is not due for a couple of months, Chandara could give birth any day. The party
one of our safehouses in the city. The must find the safehouse, introducer themselves and convince the drow to follow
women are with child, one of them is them to the rendevous by making a DC 13 Charisma (Persuasion) check or through
nearly due. Hate was wounded during roleplay.
travel and to complicate matters, he Hate is severely wounded, currenlty only at 5 hit points. If the party heals him, he
felt he may have been followed by drow elects to remain at the safehouse, not wanting to draw attention (as he is dressed in
when he came into the city. Make haste plate armor and carrying a glowing moon-touched sword.)
to the safehouse in the Southern Ward! Once the party begins traveling to the God Catcher, they find themselves being
You will find it on the southeast corner tailed by two mysterious figures. A DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check will reveal
of Carter’s Way and Coach Street. that they are being followed by two drow. These are drow gunslingers in the service
Gather the drow and escort them to of Bregan D’aerthe, though the party will not likely be able to discern this. The drow
the God Catcher, where two of our gunslingers can be shaken with a successful DC 13 group Dexterity (Stealth) check.
paladins will meet you with a cart.” If the party attacks the drow, they fight only to flee. This will earn the group the ire of
Bregan D’aerthe.

Reward: Each Order of the Hellfire Hearth character gains 1 renown if Imrae and
Chandara are escorted to the rendevous without drow in pursuit. Each Order of the
Hellfire Hearth character gains 1 additional renown if Hate is healed by the party.
4th “One of our associates, a farmer The characters must speak with Franciso Lackman (LN male Illuskan human
named Criella, has run into a spot commoner) and ease tensions between the Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers
of trouble with the Solemn Order of and Woolmen and Criella (CG tieflling female commoner). Taking Criella for a rustic
Recognized Furriers and Woolmen. backwoods yokel, Lackman has insisted she pay a 5 gp tax to sell her wares in the
Please head over to the Market and market. Criella has refused and has a stubborn, stern manner. She is unwilling to
lend her a hand.” “choke down offal from an inflated windbag.” The party can defuse the situation
by calming Criella down with a DC 14 Charisma (Persuasion) check and talking
Francisco into lowering his tax to 1 gp, also requiring with a DC 14 Charisma
(Persuasion) check. Characters who mention the rate of Guild membership being 1
gp a month may have advantage on this check. Alternatively, the characters can simply
pay the tax out of pocket, which will offend Criella.

Reward: Each Order of the Hellfire Hearth character gains 2 renown.

5th “Lady Remallia Haventree is hosting Passion provides this quest as a favor to her Harper contact, Mirt (see Waterdeep:
a party at House Ulbrinter, her villa Dragon Heist, Appendix B: Monsters and NPCs). If the party performs well, they
on Delzorin Street, located between will earn Mirt’s respect in addition to the reward listed below.
Vhezoar Street and Brondar’s Way in Remallia Haventree (see Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Appendix B: Monsters and
the North Ward. We have reason to NPCs) knows of the mission, but it’s not revealed to the characters that she’s a Harper.
suspect that drow spies have infiltrated There’s one drow spy in attendance: Jarlaxle Baenre (see Waterdeep: Dragon Heist,
the guest list. Attend the party and root Appendix B: Monsters and NPCs). He uses his hat of disguise to appear as a young
out the disguised drow. Dress sharply.” actor from Luskan named Erystian Demarne. A successful DC 24 Wisdom (Insight)
check is needed to out Jarlaxle. Impressed by the perceptive adventurers, he thanks
Lady Haventree for an entertaining evening and dashes off, but not without first
tipping his hat to the character or characters who exposed him.

Reward: Each Order of the Hellfire Hearth character gains 2 renown./ Every party
member who attended the party receives 200 gp.


Order of the Hellfire Hearth Missions
As with the other factions detailed in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, the Order of the Hellfire Hearth offers missions to
characters of levels 2-5. The missions and the manner in which they can be completed are described in Table: Order of
the Hellfire Hearth Missions. You can use missions from this table or replace any of them with ones of your own creation.
If a mission ends in failure, the characters can try again after 24 hours, unless the failure has created circumstances
where doing so is impossible.
The Order of the Hellfire Hearth contact in Waterdeep is a female Paladin of the Hellfire Hearth (see Yearning to
Breathe Free, Appendix A: NPCs) named Passion.

What’s Next?
After completing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, you can continue this storyline with Yearning to Breathe Free, available in
.pdf and print on demand at DMsGuild

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