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Z, Erl Happy anniversary! Vocabularyyearsandpast
time phrases
D- Grammar PastSimpleof be:
Q U I CKREVIEW o oo wasborn / wereborn
Writesix adjectivesandtheir opposites(difficult,easy,etc.).Workin pairs. Review adjectives; PastSimple
Taketurnsto sayan adjective.Yourpartnersaysthe oppositeadjective of be:positiveand negative
anda sentencewith this adjective:
A difficult.B easy.Englishis veryeasy!

Yearsandpasttimephrases AnIndian
ul Match l-6 to a)-0. Check these words with your teacher.
O O ^l
1 1887\ a) nineteeneighty a wEdding a bride a groom a wEddinganniversary
2 1900 \ ul twentyten
3 1980 \6; eighteeneighty-seven b) Look at the photos of an Indian wedding. Who is the
4 2000 d) two thousandandnine bride? Who is the groom?
s 2009 e) nineteenhundred c) ,i, ..,' , Listen to Rajeet talk to a friend about his wedding
6 2010 f) two thousand anniversary. Choose the correct words in these sentences.
t Rajeetand Gita'sweddinganniversary Ir o"@ / Sunday.
'i o We use in with years'.in 1980,etc.
z Their wedding was two / ten years ago.
b) ,.rg Listen and practise. s Their weddingwas in England / India.
+ Rajeet'sparents were / weren'f at the wedding.
c) Work in pairs. Say these years. s There was / wasn't a party after the wedding.

2012 1977 2018 18'15 1990 2003 d) Listen again. Answer these questions.
t Where was the wedding? ln Mumbai.
Match pictures A-D to sentencesl-4. 2 How old were Rajeet and Gita?
O ^l 3 How many people were at the wedding?
Sunday + Where was Rajeet'sbrother?
5 Were Rajeet'ssisters at the wedding?
6 How many days was the party?

Joe was in Paris last week. A
2 He's at work now.
3 He was in bed four hours ago.
4 He was at home yesterday afternoon.

b) i*,*i Listen and practise sentencesl-4.

Eiff in the gaps with yesterday,in,last or dgo.

1 was in a cafe two hours ,?g9_
2 was at home night
3 wasn't in this country 1999.
4 was n' t at wor k .. . m o rn i n g .
5 was in this class .. ,,, month.
o wasn't in this class three months
AB Vocabularyand Grammar
Listen and practise the
questionsand answersin 5.

O *r- euEsroNs
(?) WhErewasthe w€ddino?
a) Look at these questions.Notice the word order. Hdw 6ld were Rajebtuia cit"z
Where was the wedding?
@ Chooserhe correcrwords.
Howotd were Raieet andCita? ^l
tWho wast@er..:}rthebride and groom?
zWas/ Werethey the same age?
:When was/ werethe wedding?
b) Write rhesequesrionsin the table. 4Was/ WereRajeetsparents ar-rhe
1 How many peoplewere at the wedding? wedding?
z Wherewas Rajeet's s Who was/ were in Australia?
o Where was / were Gita born?
c) Fill in the gaps with was,were, wasnl or werent.
b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer rhe
(?) SHORTANSWERS questions.

I lhe lshe/ it at theweddinp? yes,t/ he/ she/ itwas.

" No,t/he/she/it ,l Make questionswith rhesewords.
you/ we / theyat the wedding? Yes,
.W.e_re you/ we / they 1 you / at home/ lastSunday/ Were?
" No,you / we / they . Wereyou at home lastSunday?
WASBORN z you / yesterdayevening/ were/
Where ?
d) Fill in the gaps with was or were. 3 threemonths ago/ you /Were /
t e Where..v_v_as_.
Gita born? z I When on holiday?
s she bornin theUK. 4 on New year,sEve l9g9 / you / were/
, r f;;"l;lr,;i^
p r l5 s at work / Were/ lastMonday/ you ?
6 you / were/ Where / born ?
b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the

g \\rite the namesof rhree people

^l know. Think when
you and where
they were born. Don't write this
b) Work in pairs. Ask about the people
on your partner's paper.
, Who'sVehmetZ
, t-lo,cmr7 brother.
' '-' "'J

Whenwashe born?
l n l Q a1

Wherewas he born?

In D ubai .i

Work in new pairs. Student A

p8B. StudentB p94.