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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Science

Grade Level 4th Grade

Content Knowledge

Learning Objective 4.7 The student will investigate and understand the
organization of the solar system. Key
concepts include
a) the planets in the solar system;
b) the order of the planets in the solar system; and
c) the relative sizes of the planets
Activity This learning activity will get the students
understanding the planets in the solar system. The
class will begin by having the teacher review the
planets that are in our solar system. The teacher will
then show a video of the solar system and the planets
that are in it. Relating to the SOL standards, the
students should be able to understand the
organization of the solar system; therefore, the
students are going to create a 3D exhibit of the
planets in the solar system. The website that the
students will use is It
allows you to create a 3D exhibit online with photos,
videos, and a caption. In this exhibit the students will
 The names of the 8 planets (in order)

 A picture of each planet

 The relative size of each planet

Technology The technology that will be used in this lesson is a


website called: this

allows the students to create a 3D exhibit using
photos and videos online for free.
Directions for Use 1. Open the internet
Please provide step-by-step instructions for your students to
use the tool to complete their assignment. Depending on the
2. Go to
age of your student, this might begin with 1. Click on Earth 3. Find images of each planet in the solar system
to open the Internet. Etc..
and save them to your documents
4. Type in the URL:
5. When you get to the website click ok, then
you should be ready to begin.
6. At the bottom of the screen, click ‘Click here
to edit title/ description’ – type in “The Solar
System- (your name)”
7. Then, under the picture click ‘Click HERE to
edit title/description’ – type in the first
planets name and the size of the planet
8. Then, above the picture click ‘Upload Image’-
look for the picture of the planet that matches
the name and insert image
9. When finished with step 5 and 6, click the foot
prints and arrows and proceed to the next
10. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have completed all
the planets in the solar system
11. When you have finished press save, create a
12. You have now completed and created your 3D
exhibit, copy the link and paste it in a word
Link to the example product