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Week 7: Discussion7

Filename: SchwartzD_StrategicPlan
A. Create a brief 3-Part Strategic Plan Outline
• 2-3 Sentence vision statement

The Physician Family Clinic will enhance its patient care capabilities by providing efficient
patient check-in procedures, modern, up-to-date electronic medical records storage and
creation of an in-house medical billing system. Through focused investments in information
technology and facilities upgrades, the Physician Family Clinic will provide reduced patient
waiting times, accurate and updated medical records and comprehensive patient care at a
single location.

• 3-4 steps to achieve the goal

1. Understand, analyze the current situation and what areas of patient care need to be
2. Determine what gaps there are between the patient care that is offered and the patient care
that could be offered if all of the investments are made
3. Analyze how purchasing new technology will benefit the Physician Family Clinic and
what training would be needed for the staff
4. Seek ways to acquire the funding necessary to purchase information technology, invest in
more space and attract physicians to the Physician Family Clinic.

B. Analyze the business:

• Select three tools and/or techniques you will use to analyze this business

Even though the Physician Family Clinic isn’t a corporation or a large company, I would first
use, as Paul, Cadle and Yeats (Chapter 7, pages 148-149) describe, the Six Sigma technique,
to define the problems that are creating inefficient patient care, measuring the data that (long
patient waiting times, length of time to administer medical records, etc.), analyzing the
problem by understanding the scope of work needed to invest and upgrade the Physician
Family Clinic, improving the patient care process by identifying root causes of why patient
care isn’t effective and controlling the problem by investing and upgrading to enhance
patient care.

The Balanced Scorecard is another technique that can be used to enhance patient care for the
Physician Family Clinic. Based on the BABOK (pages 223-225), elements of the Balanced
Scorecard, such as Business Process Dimension and Customer Dimension, can be used to
determine “how well customer needs are met.” The Balanced Scorecard Technique is
comprehensive in that the vision and strategy are clearly spelled out by addressing the vision
and strategy of the company.

In order to provide Physicians Family Clinic with analysis of their patient care capabilities,
the Business Analyst can perform, as outlined in the BABOK (page 213), identifying
relationships between the requirements to invest and upgrade the Physician Family Clinic,
modelling the costs, investment risks, benefits and funding that will be needed to enhance
patient care.

• Explain why you have selected each tool

The reasons that I have selected each tool/technique is that, based on the vision statement and
strategy outlined in the case study, the Physician Family Clinic will enhance patient care by
understanding the scope of the work needed to invest and upgrade the clinic and need to
provide comprehensive patient care at a single location. Understanding the root causes of
why the current patient care is not effective will help guide Dr. Ramos in applying a structure
approach to patient care process. The Balanced Scorecard will help Dr. Ramos to align her
vision and strategy to steps she will need to make to acquire funding and purchase
information technology that will provide up-to-date software and applications that reduce
patient waiting times and accommodate the large of data contained in medical records and
medical billing systems. Finally, the business analyst can provide structure by outlining the
requirements needed to upgrade the Physician Family Clinic.

• Explain how this analysis would benefit the business

This analysis would benefit the business because all three tools/techniques offer different
approaches and methodologies that provide outcome analysis and address the vision and
strategy of the Physician Family Clinic. The analysis will demonstrate how results can be
achieved, through identifying and understanding the problem, addressing the root causes,
forming a strategy for investing and upgrading the Physician Family Clinic and providing
potential investors (stakeholders), the information they need to decide whether or not to
invest in the business, upgrade the facilities and enhance the patient care provided by the
Physician Family Clinic.


Paul, Cadle and Yeats, (ed.), 2014, Business Analysis, 3rd Edn. BCS Learning &
Development Ltd., Swindon, U.K.

BABOK, (2015), A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, 3rd Edn.
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