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EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Lesson Plan Template

School: Sas Al Nakhl School Date: 12/11/2018

PST: Shamma Faisal Alhammadi Time:

MST: Ruby Malik Unit: Math: True or False statement

Class: Grade 1 Number of 22 students


Prior Knowledge: What knowledge are you building on?

- The student has the knowledge of counting the number from 1 – 20 and adding and
subtracting the numbers from 1 – 10.
- Student knows the math symbols such as adding ( + ), subtracting ( - ), and equal ( = ).
- Student knows to add and subtract by using visual activities as example of given picture such
as a picture with four candies and crossing out the two candies then the student will be able
to recognize that the crossing out is for subtracting and then the student will be able to solve
the problem.

- In this point what knowledge I will build on in my lesson is to give the student a complete
problem with the answer and let the student determine whether the problem is True or False.
Lesson Objectives: These must be SMART objectives – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound
By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:

- At the end of the lesson the students will be able to Identify the concept of True or
- Compare between adding and subtracting.
Lesson Activities: What will students do in the lesson?

- In 10 min I will let the students to sit on carpet and write on whiteboard a math problem such
as 3+1=? Or 4-5=? To warm up then I will ask the students the difference between True and
False and what do they mean in each and how we will use the True and False in math.
- I will write in whiteboard a problem for the students with an answer and ask them whether
its true or false .
- Q: 5+4=1? True or False
- Q: 4-2=2? True or False

- After that I will show the students the activity they will work with and the worksheet is
about true and false so the student will use their colored wood sticks to check for the answer

EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

of the problem then they have to circle whether the problem is true or false and if any student
finish their work they can color the box if they want in 20 min.

- After the students finish their worksheet, they will move to their math book and solve the
problems from page 191-194, in page 191 and 192 I will solve with them as to give them a
hints for the next pages.

Evaluation / Assessment: How will you know your students have achieved the goal?

- While the students doing the activity I will ask two or three students in group a question in
true or false or what is the different between true and false to check if they understand the
concept of the lesson.
Personal focus: Related to PDP

In this lesson I am working on my managing the time, and classroom management where the
students’ needs to work silently in their activity.

EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet