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Animal Behavior WebQuest

Use the links below to answer the questions about various animal behaviors.

Video of Bees


1. How do bees communicate to other bees that there is a food source nearby?

2. How do bees use calculus to determine the location of honey?

3. How do bees take into account the movement of the sun?

Bowerbird Bachelor Pads Video of Male Bowerbird Nest Building

4. Bowerbirds are referred to as "sexually dimorphic". What does this mean?

5. Describe what one might find if you were looking at a male Bowerbird's Bachelor Pad.

6. What purpose does this "Bachelor Pad" serve?

Archerfish Archery Video of Archerfish in Action

7. What behavior does the archerfish use to catch its prey?

8. How is the archerfish able to do this?

Australian Frilled Lizards Video of Frilled Lizard

9. How does the frilled lizard react when it feels threatened?

10. What does the frilled lizard do if the above display does not intimidate its attacker?
Epic Nappers

11. What behavior allows raccoons, skunks, and woodchucks to survive for extended
periods of time without food or water?

12. How long can a black bear go without food or water?

13. Describe how the black bear prepares for its long winter hibernation?

14. How can hibernating black bears survive without drinking water?

Sea Cucumbers Video of Sea Cucumber

15. How does the sea cucumber respond when it feels threatened?

Mantis Magic

16. What behavior allows the praying mantis to blend in with surrounding leaves?

Ethology and Strange Animal Behavior

17. What does an "Ethologist" study?

18. What behaviors did animals exhibit just prior to the 2004 tsunami that affected
parts of southern Asia?

Oscar the Cat CBS News Video of Oscar

19. Describe Oscar's strange behavior.

20. What is the likely scientific explanation for Oscar's behavior?