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Learning Experience Plan

Subject: World History Grade level: 9

Unit: Ancient Civilizations Length of LEP (days/periods/minutes): 3 days/45 mins

Topic: Mesopotamia

Content Standards:
9.1 DEVELOPMENT OF CIVILIZATION: The development of agriculture enabled the rise of the
first civilizations, located primarily along river valleys; these complex societies were
influenced by geographic conditions, and shared a number of defining political, social, and
economic characteristics.
(Standards: 2, 3, 4; Themes: TCC, GEO, ECO, TECH)

9.1a The Paleolithic Era was characterized by non-sedentary hunting and gathering lifestyles, whereas
the Neolithic Era was characterized by a turn to agriculture, herding, and semi-sedentary

Literacy Standards: (include only standards addressed in this LEP)

Learning Experience Outcomes (knowledge/skills) Learning Experience Assessments

Students will: Students will:
- Organize given places on a map. - Fill out map provided.
- Analyze artifacts in a primary source. - Use H.A.P.P.Y. technique to write a paragraph
- Distinguish why Mesopotamia had about primary source.
influence on future civilizations. - Construct a diary based on information from
lessons and sources.

Differentiation (What will you do to meet the needs of students at these different levels?)
Approaching On-level Beyond

Curriculum Integration (Does this lesson correlate with any other content area? Describe.)

Materials Procedures/Strategies

Computer Day 1 (add additional days as needed)

Smart Sponge Activity- Historical Meme of Mesopotamia as the students walk in. Meme is a
Board picture with a clever saying written over the picture.

Power Anticipatory Set-(5 Mins)- DO NOW- Blank Map of Mesopotamian region- Students will fill
Point in what they know on the map.

Handouts Activating Prior Knowledge

for 3 Days
Direct Instruction- 10 Min Power Point:

- Slide 1-4: Maps

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- Slide 6: Info on Agriculture
- Slide 7: Info on Mesopotamia
- Slide 8: Religion & Law
- Slide 9-10 Homework

Guided Practice-(10 Mins)- Students will work in table groups to fill out 5 locations on their
maps. The locations are: Tigris River, Euphrates River, Babylon, Sumer and Ur. Students will
then come and label them on the map on the board.

Independent Practice-(5 Mins) Map of Mesopotamia with questions- students will complete
map and following questions for homework and bring in the next day to hand in and be

Closure- Recap of what was covered in the lesson

Day 2 (add additional days as needed)

Sponge Activity

Anticipatory Set- Handout of artifacts- students will analyze the tools in the picture.

Activating Prior Knowledge

Direct Instruction- H.A.P.P.Y. presentation. How to analyze documents with no words.

- Slide 1- H- Historical Context

- Slide 2- A- Audience
- Slide 3- P- Point of View
- Slide 4- P- Perspective
- Slide 5- Y- Why

Guided Practice- Teacher and students do 1 example of H.A.P.P.Y. as a class to show how it is

Independent Practice- 2 sources. Answer H.A.P.P.Y. sheet with them- Students will create
analysis of 2 different sources and hand in the next day to be graded.

Closure- Recap of H.A.P.P.Y.

Day 3 (add additional days as needed)

Sponge Activity

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Anticipatory Set- DO NOW- write a 1-page reflection about what you did over the past

Activating Prior Knowledge

Direct Instruction- 15 Minute power point on how to create a diary

- Slide 1- DO NOW
- Slide 2- Explanation of assignment
- Slide 3 Grading Rubric

Guided Practice- Write in notebook about students character they’ve created

Independent Practice- Create your character for your diary- Students will complete a
character profile for their diary. The profile should include, but are not limited to: Name,
Age, Marital Status, Family Status, Which City you live in, and any other interesting things
you can come up with.

Closure- Go over homework and previous days direct instruction.

References: (e.g. Book, course packet, pg. #, complete web address URL)

Day 1:

- Power Point- Lesson Revised.pptx

- Historical Meme-
- World Map-
- Ancient Civilizations map-
- Mesopotamia Map-
- Mesopotamia map 2-
- Homework Sheet-

Day 2:

- Power Point- Lesson Revised.pptx

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- H.A.P.P.Y. Worksheet-
- Cuneiform Source-
- Tools Source-
- Hammurabi Code Excerpts-

Day 3:

- Power Point- Lesson Revised.pptx

- Rubric created with help from-

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