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How to Learn German the Easy Way Pollard’s SIMPLIFIED APPROACH to the study of German translation The Key to the German Sentence (Bese upon ELEVEN major rules and the capitalized German noun A New Discovery in Language Study COPYRIGHT 1945 By Cecil V. Pollard, M. A., Asocate Profesior of Germanic Languages The Univesity of Texes TO MY WIFE PE Bil psa main: Lib. Foreword ‘The author desires to avail himself of the oppor ‘tunity to express sincere appreciation for the special privilege of working with graduate students, It was with ‘and through them that this unique and valuable approach to the study of German translation was discovered and tested. Indeed, much of the success of the’ method 1s due ‘to the unbiased and helpful assistance from these serious ‘minded students, It has been largely through theft in- sistence and urging that this new system of German reading is now brought to print. ‘A part of the early manuscript had the benefit of painstaking scrutiny and constructive eritfeism of my brother, Dr. E, A. Pollard. His untimely death eut short the success he was having in introducing this system ‘among graduate students of Harvard College, ©. V. Pollard