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Mesquite Independent School District ~ Strategic Plan 2017-2020

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1.1.1 Create, model and establish personalized professional learning programs for teachers in order to empower
Every learning 1.1 Build teacher capacity to develop differentiation growth and innovation. 1.1.1
environment will be and personalization by infusing the 4 C’s and 1.1.2 Create and implement a framework for instructional teacher leadership. 1.1.2
conducive to innovative integrating technology. 1.1.3 Develop a technology framework and implement the plan district-wide. 1.1.3
Teaching and Learning instruction and meet the
social, emotional and 1.2.1 Increase specialized staff to work with teachers and administrators to provide
academic needs of our 1.2 Understand the social, emotional and academic support and retain a highly effective staff on each campus. 1.2.1
students and teachers. needs of our students and apply strategies to 1.2.2 Improve, expand, and form community, school, and district partnerships that focus on social and emotional needs of
meet and exceed these needs. students. 1.2.2
At MISD, we believe:
2.1.1 Develop partnerships with community businesses and organizations that will
2.1 Actively pursue community involvement in the promote literacy throughout the community. 2.1.1
● Each student holds early literacy initiative 2.1.2 Implement community-based parent education around parenting and the
unique value and Early early literacy initiative. 2.1.2
infinite promise. Every student will read on
grade level by 3rd grade. 2.2.1 Develop and implement a birth to school program that is based on the literacy framework ensuring all students will
● Experiences that 2.2 Design a comprehensive early literacy be reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade. 2.2.1
foster collaboration, framework 2.2.2 Maximize the number of literacy materials in the hands of our students, both at
communication, home and at school. 2.2.2
curiosity, and
contextual learning 3.1 Establish a district support system that focuses 3.1.1 Develop and implement a plan to retain highly effective staff within the district. 3.1.1
prepare students for on retention and development of highly 3.1.2 Develop and implement a system that promotes the growth of highly effective
a competitive qualified employees. staff. 3.1.2
Human Create a culture of
workforce. Resources excellence by maximizing
● Our democracy human capital. 3.2 Establish a district process to attract and recruit
depends on highly qualified employees. 3.2.1 Establish a district process to recruit highly qualified employees.
educational 3.2.2 Establish a district process to attract highly qualified employees.
experiences that
develop responsible
4.1.1 Create an ongoing group that is tasked with building, equipping, training and
citizens. 4.1 Build a network of community stakeholders to guiding a network of community stakeholders. 4.1.1
● MISD employees advocate for financial resources. 4.1.2 Create an internal group that is tasked with building, informing, equipping,
form a passionate Funding and Maximize financial training and guiding a network of community stakeholders to address 4.1.2
learning family Finance resources to further the identified financial needs.
committed to mission of MISD.
4.2 Engage the business community to participate in
professional growth. resource development and educational
4.2.1 Maximize opportunities to cultivate partnerships with community businesses that will provide educational
● A diverse and and financial support to our district.
involved community
positively impacts 5.1.1 Develop and implement a plan that addresses campus growth by building
our students. 5.1 Develop a facility plan that continually evaluates new structures or renovating existing structures. 5.1.1
and addresses current and future enrollment 5.1.2 Develop and implement a plan that addresses future enrollment needs and
Design, create and sustain needs. overcrowding at current campuses. 5.1.2
Our Vision innovative and adaptable
Excellence Facilities space solutions that meet 5.2.1 Develop criteria for designing new learning spaces that are flexible, adaptable,
Always changing enrollment and 5.2 Evaluate and develop a plan that creates and facilitate collaborative work, to maximize learning for all students. 5.2.1
learning needs. different models for every level of learning 5.2.2 Develop a plan for evaluating and adapting existing spaces to enhance
needs. capacity for flexibility and collaborative work in order to meet the learning 5.2.2
Our Mission needs at every level.
The Mission of
Mesquite ISD is to 6.1 Create a culture that promotes empathy and 6.1.1 Empower stakeholders to take action in activities related to their city and
develop an inspiring empowerment for a diverse community of their students’ education. 6.1.1
and innovative Promote community participants. 6.1.2 Create welcoming school environment events that expand opportunities
Community to build relationships, collaborate and mentor. 6.1.2
learning community participation in every MISD
that Educates and campus. 6.2 Collaborate with the community to create 6.2.1 Develop, at every campus, opportunities for parents and community members
awareness of opportunities for involvement. to connect and contribute at schools. 6.2.1
Empowers students to
pursue Excellence.
7.1.1 Design and employ a mobile application to inform all stakeholders of MISD news and events, and to highlight
7.1 Develop a plan to better engage all audiences. noteworthy happenings throughout the year.
Communication will be 7.1.2 Develop capacity within the district to provide all communication in Spanish. 7.1.2
Communications effectively fostered
between the District and 7.2 Exhibit an authentic representation of the
7.2.1 Develop and implement a plan to utilize stakeholders from various groups to
the community. communicate an accurate and compelling representation of Mesquite ISD. 7.2.1
7.2.2 Develop and implement a plan to maximize communication of our district’s
excellence with all stakeholders through various forms of technology and platforms. 7.2.2