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Name of Student Teacher: Maitha Shiri / School: Sama American Private School

Name: Maitha Shiri

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on in order to grow professionally?)
I need to work on differentiating the activities to make sure that all the students are understanding the lesson

1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)
Make the activity time more flexible by differentiation the activities, neat and well prepared

2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)
Illustrate the activities for the students on the data show to make sure that all the students can
see and understand each activity and have an example for the activities to make it easier.

3. Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)
The students with low levels are getting high and their abilities are getting advanced

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC/MOE code and words):

Oral sound development and to enhance their fine
Kg2-D English- Sounds motor skills through writing and expanding
imagination through drawing something that related
to the sound.
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)

Flashcards  I’m going to check on all the recourses that I

need to have in the classroom.
Wood sticks
 I will write the learning objectives on the
Flashcards board.
Glitter  I will prepare the students for the lesson and
Cloth clips
will make everyone ready for the class.

White paper
 I will put all the videos that I need to use
during my class.

Key vocabulary

Pumpkin – Peanut – Pajama – Pan – Pineapple –


Introduction (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

Time: 15 min

Having a basket that includes toys and close the student eyes to guess what is the by touching the toy

Active Engagement (Matching the flashcards)

Matching the right flashcards with sound (P) with the wood sticks

Independent Experience (Glitter writing)

Writing sound p with glitter by their fingers

Independent Experience (Choosing the right picture )

Searching for the right pictures and stick them with the cloth clips
Time: 15 min

Independent Experience(Circling sound P)


Having a big white paper and circle the right sound with the marker
15 min

Singing clean up song


Singing P sound


Illustrating random pictures and letting the students to say if it’s start with P sound or another sounds