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TP Task 1 – Promoting Scientific Thinking

This task is linked to ECE3703; using higher level questions (Bloom’s Taxonomy) to
develop students’ thinking. Teaching students the skills of scientific thinking is not
only for science class, but can be applied to any area of learning.
Explain how As Teacher Vision’s said, “Questions should be used
to teach students rather than to just test students” (Levels of
questioning relates to
Questions in Bloom's Taxonomy, 2007). So, by using different
Bloom’s taxonomy types of Bloom’s Taxonomy questions that suits all the
student levels with examples to recognize the question
and student learning.
even more because they start to change their way of
thinking and started to think in different ways to learn new
things with curiosity.

Reference Bloom's Taxonomy Questions. (2007, Feb 1). Retrieved from TeacherVision:
Levels of Questions in Bloom's Taxonomy. (2007, Febreuary 1). Retrieved
October 12, 2018, from TeacherVision:

Question(s) asked by Was

Engagement the teacher thinking
How did the students’
Activity time
given? If respond?
(& subject & LO) yes, how
English- Sound Tt Can you name anything 1 minute Students keep searching
that starts with letter T?
around keep guessing words
that starts with sound T.
English- I see… What you can see in the 1 minute Student look around and say
what they are seeing in the
classroom and collaborate
with their friends to have the
right answer.
Math- Number 5 How can you count I minute Students showed me how to
till number 5? count with their fingers and
they all count loudly
Science- Flower Where are the leaves 1 minute Students started to think and
parts of the flower? answer from their own
constructivism to guess the

On reflection:
(i) Which question(s) did the students engage with the most? Why do you think that was?
(ii) Which engagement activity were the students most engaged with? Why do you think
that was?

- (What you can see from the classroom?)

Because they were so motivated and happy to walk and look around with their
colleagues to say what they are seeing.
- Creating the words (See) with the clay was so entertaining for the students because
they have so much fun and help each other through the activity. Also, they feel that
they want more time to create the word with the clay that makes me feel so happy
and proud!