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1. Min Score- 60% (36 out of 60)
2. Assessment- For SSI- as per Nayak committee, SBF & Retail-20% of
Annual T/O, SE & Prof -50% of Gross A.I.
Unit with 2 years of satisfactory upto 25000-
TL- 5 Years 3. Credit summation in the a/c should not be less than 50% of
track record. NIL
SME CREDIT CARD Max 10.00 Lacs CC- Valid for 3 years projected sales
No Collaterals to be insisted for 25000-10 Lacs-
subject to annual review 4. Submission of audited B/S waived
SSI Units. 20%
5. Stock statement to be obtained yearly on 28/29th Feb.
6. SSI limits to be covered under CGTMSE compulsory.

T/L - 5 Years (excluding 1. Promoter's Age - below 66 years (18 yrs - 65 yrs)
Loan as per scoring model -
6M moratorium) 2. Minimum Score - 60% (50% in each group -
Rationale: (1) To cut down delays, 25% for WC 5-50 Lacs (Mfg)
SME SMART SCORE W/C Limit valid for 2 Personal+Business+Collateral: 30+50+20)
(2) To simplify the approval 33% for T/L 5-25 Lacs (Trade)
Years subject to yearly 3. CRA applicable for loans above Rs.25 lacs.
review 4. SSI-20% of P.S., T&S-15% of Projected Sales

NAI - Rs. 4 lac, No OD Facility. No additional security - only hypothecation of

TL to promoter/partner/ family 15%, SA can
Max - 2.5 X NAI, vehicle. PDCs to be obtained. P-Seg Doc. Used Vehicle - Yes, but less
members in Own/Unit's Name - reduce 5%,
SME CAR LOAN EMI/NMI should not 7 years than 5 years - Max loan: 15 lacs -Single ownership -
Spouse Income can be added if AGM - 5%, Min
exceed 50% (60% by NO insurance claim - Take over - Only Standard Assets,
she agrees to be a guarantor. reqd margin-5%
AGM) Care : No loan for Duplicate RC

1. Collateral value should be minimum 143% of loan amount,

LEASE RENTAL To meet borrower Liquidity NBG - Min 10L, Max 2. For New Accounts, CRA to be SB-3 & better.
DISCOUNTING mismatch - No speculative 50 Cr. MCG - Min 3. Loan to be recalled if a/c irregular for 3 months
30%, 50% for 10 years or residual
SCHEME purpose - Owners of resi & comml >50Cr, Max 500 Cr. 4. DSCR : 1.20, 5. Valuation once in 3 years.
Maals lease period
(ERSTWHILE RENT properties - Rented to : Maals - Max 200 Cr
PLUS) MNCs/Banks/Corp./Govt.

1. For Non Allopathic Doctors- Not applicable

Qualified Allopathic medical 2.Min DSCR- 1.5:1
practitioners. Given as MTL for Corporates, 3. PRICING
Buying equipment, Setting up of Partnerships & Trusts - For Loan more than 25 Lacs- CRA below SB 9 will not be considered.
Max 7 Yrs with 12
DOCTOR PLUS Clinics, Purchase of Ambulance, 15% Individuals - All 4. for Loan upto 2 Crs- No tangible security, to be covered under
months moratorium
Computers, Vehicles - Centres - Min - 10 CGTMSE. Above 2 Crs - Minimum 25% Tangible Security & Personal
Expansion/modernisation of Lacs & Max 5 Cr. Guarantee of promoters required.
existing premises, etc.

G.V. Giri, SBLC, Trichy

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1. Min CRA SB 9 and above
New/existing 2. Max 12 times in a year the scheme can be availed with the gap of
To meet unforeseen expenditure/
units with 15 days.
bulk orders/tax /repairs - No 20% of FBWC,
SME CREDIT PLUS FBWC of Rs.25 2 Months 3. Standard for 2 years.
cheque book to be issued - Clean Max 25 Lacs
lacs & over are 4. Customers of High standing and integrity.
Cash Credit - EM to be extended.
eligible 5. Existing security to be extended.
6. Limit to be renewed along with working capital every year
If availed SME Credit Plus no SLC - Export orders - WC funds at short
SSI & C&I borrowers rated SB 10
STANDBY LINE OF 15% of WC notice in times of urgent need. EM to be extended - Sufficient DP to
& abv - ECR above 'D' mandatory 3 Months
CREDIT Max 20 Crores be available - Can be availed any no. of times in a year.
for Rs.10 cr & above



Margin : 1. Minimum of CRA SB-9 & above, Min CIBIL 680

CONSTRUCTION Term loan for funding of purchase 10%/15% - Min - 25 Lacs; 2. Profit in last financial year, Gross DSCR > 1.25%
Not to exceed 5 years. 3. Satisfactory track record with no SMA/NPA.
EQPT LOAN of new Construction Equipments With Coll./No Max - 10 Crs.
Collaterals 4. Pricing based on CRA rating. Min Collaterals : 25%

T/L: 15-25%,
5-7 Yrs, excluding Loan upto 50 Lacs - No Collateral - obtain CGTMSE Cover,
Loan as T/L, CC, LC, BG, Credit WC Stocks -
DAL MILL PLUS Not specified gestation period of 50 L-1 Cr : only if Guarantee fee to be borne by borrower.
Plus 15-20%, Book
1 year Without CGTMSE - 75% collateral to be insisted.

SME OPEN TERM Scheme for CRA upto SB 6 only, Max 3 Years,
10% Max 2.5 Crore Limits to be utilized within 12 months of sanction
LOAN ECR - BBB and above 5 yrs-On selective basis

SHISHU : Upto 50,000, Daily Cash/POS

Covers Non-Farm activities in Manufacturing, TARUN : 5,00,001 to Rs. 10 lacs,
withdrawal limit : 10,000/15,000
PRADHAN MANTRI Trading & Services with credit limit upto Rs.10 lacs KISHORE : 50,001 to Rs. 5 lakhs,
Daily Cash/POS withdrawal limit : 20,000/30,000
MUDRA YOJNA under SME and RBU. Accounts are guaranteed by CGFMU.
Daily Cash/POS limit : 15,000/25,000

Greenfield enterprises may be in manufacturing, services or trading

Objective : To facilitate loans to CTL - 7 years incl. sector. SIDBI to maintain web-portal, NABARD will take care of the
Standup India Min: 10 lacs,
atleast One SC, 1 ST or One 10% to 25% moratorium of 18 training, LDMs to serve as contact points for SIDBI, NABARD & Banks,
Scheme Maximum: 1 Crore
Women borrower per branch. months Guarantee cover available from
Credit Guarantee Scheme for Standup India (CGSSI).

G.V. Giri, SBLC, Trichy

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Drop-line Overdraft facility - Units engaged in LTV % - 50% of Realisable Value of property, SARFAESI Complaint exclusive property, Property to be
Min > 10 Lac,
within 25 km radius from the branch, 2 TIRs for loans above Rs.25 lacs, Half-yearly Inspection, CRA to be
manufacturing and services activities along with Max: 20 Crores,
ABL done but not related to Pricing, Renewal not applicable - Only Yearly Review, Borrower to submit Cash
self-employed & professional individuals covered Repayment : 12 M to Flow Statement for the entire tenor initially itself and annually therafter during review. Valuation of
by MSMED Act 2006, wholesale/ retail trade. 180 M. Property: Once in 3 years.

ABL-CRE-CP Drop-line Overdraft facility - Min > 10 Lac, Max: 50

Proprietorship/Partnership/ Cr Repayment : 12 M for TIER I - Rs. 50 Cr, Tier II & III - Rs.20 Cr, Tier IV, V, VI - Rs.5 Crores
(Commercial LTV - 50%
LTV% - 50% of Realisable Value of property
Project) Company to 72 M
Financing of inventory purchases SCFU operations -
Electronic Dealer of the Dealers - 24 x7 MIS 100% financing Nodal Br. - SME Comfort Letter to be 1. Bipartite agreement to be signed by IM & our Bank
Finance Scheme Support, of invoices - Shivsagar Estate issued by Industry Major 2. Electronic mode of transactions reduces branch visit by dealers -
(e-DFS) NIL Margin to its Dealer Cheapest rate of interest
No cheque book Branch, Mumbai 3. Flexible Collateral terms - 25% in the form of TDR/EM
1. Minimum Gross DSCR of 1.75
For all general commerical
Maximum : 50 lacs, 2. TOL/TNW not be ordinarily exceed 3
purposes such as capital 3 years - Can be
General Purpose Minimum Loan 3. Total Long Term Liabilities to equity not to exceed 2:1
expenditure, R&D, repaying high 25% extended to 5 yrs in
Term Loans for SSIs preferred - 25 lacs 4. Current Ratio not to be less than 1
cost debits, shoring up of NWC, deserving cases
and above 5. Minimum CRA of SB7 and above
6. Should have earned pretax Profits for 3 proceeding yrs

WC/TL - Smart Assessment as per SME Credit Card Scheme - Prof & SE : 50% of
To increase flow of credit to
Revised General Card/Debit Card to be Valid for 3 years, subject Gross Income, SSI/Traders : 20% of Projected Annual Turnover. TIN
individuals for entrepreneurial 20%
Credit Card issued. to annual review No./Service Tax Registration No. to be obtained and Sales to be
activity in the non-farm sector
Maximum - 5 lacs verified with VAT & Service Tax returns, wherever applicable.

For working capital requirements Upto 25000-

as well as cost of tools & NIL Valid for 3 years, subject Assessment by Nayak Committee norms and will be based on
Artisan Credit Card equipments required for CC - Max 2 lacs
25000-2 Lacs- to annual review simplified scoring model. Minimum Score: 60%
manufacturing process 20%
Working capital requirements for purchase of tools
Minimum Marks 60% as per Scoring Model. Loan is provided @ 6%.
& equipments required for carrying out weaving CC valid for 3 years,
By way of Term Loan Margin money assistance @ 20% of the project cost subject to
Weaver Credit activity. Possession of Photo ID Card issued by subject to annual
and Cash Credit - maximum of Rs.10,000/- available. Loans guaranteed under CGTMSE
Card Development Commissioner (Handlooms) or the review. TL - 3
Max 2 lacs to the tune of 85%. Cir Ref: NBG/SMEBU-Weaver/CRE/85/2013-14
State Govt. is a necessary pre-condition for availing years
dtd 13/3/14
the scheme.

G.V. Giri, SBLC, Trichy

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Liability Product MIN BALANCE

1. A product to provide fee collection for institute, colleges 2.
Cheque book not provided and No Overdraft permitted,3. Txn other
Penalty for non maintaining MAB Rs.1000/- + ST
POWER JYOTI 50000/- (MAB) than fee collection not permitted at Non home branch, 4. In single
challan- Max 10 types of fees can be collected (Challan in 3 parts)

POWER BASE 20000/- (QAB) PENALTY: Non maintaining QAB - 3000/-, Closing A/c within 12 months- 750/-, RTGS/NEFT-Normal, DD-2/1000

POWER GAIN 2 LACS (MAB) PENALTY: Non maintaining MAB - 1500/- + ST, Closing A/c after 14 days - 1000/- + ST, RTGS/NEFT-Free, DD-1/1000

POWER PACK 5 LACS (MAB) PENALTY: Non maintaining MAB - 2500/- + ST, Closing A/c after 14 days - 1000/- + ST, RTGS/NEFT/DD/BC -Free

Account may be opened with ZERO balance. Non-maintenance of MAB - Rs.500/-, Closing A/c after 14 days - 1000/- + ST, DD/BC/IOI -
POWER POS MAB - Rs. 5000 At par, Outstation cheque collection - 50% of normal card rates - Cash handling charges : free upto Rs.25,000/- . Duplicate Statements -
Chargeable, Standing Instructions - Free. POS-OD - 25% of last 6 months transactions, Min Loan : Rs. 25000/-, Max : Rs. 5 lacs (e-Cir
No. NBG/TBU-LTP/4/2016 - 17 dated 9/8/2016)

PENALTY : Non maintaining QAB - 300/-, To provide basic banking facility to the low profile business community - Drawings per cheque
SME Sahaj QAB - Rs.1000
and also in ATMs is limited to Rs.15,000/- The account holder is permitted to remit Cash to the extent of Rs.10,000/- on any one
working day.

Normal CA MAB 10,000/- Penalty : Rs.500/- + ST for not maintaining MAB.

Penalty : Rs.500/- + ST for not maintaining MAB. Period : 1-3 yrs, Threshold limit : Rs. 1 lac, Initial Deposit : Rs. 1 lac and in multiples of
Surabhi MAB 10,000/-
Rs.10,000/-, No loan facility available.

G.V. Giri, SBLC, Trichy

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