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Rail Manual Form F 31 Revision 1 26/06/15 Page 1 of 3 Primary Sponsor Contract

Rail Manual

Form F 31

Revision 1


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Primary Sponsor Contract of





1. The Individual is contracted to the Company as DIRECTLY EMPLOYED /SELF-EMPLOYED/SUB- CONTRACTOR (delete as applicable).

2. Under this Contact of Sponsorship, as Primary Sponsor, the Company DOES/DOES NOT (delete as applicable) allow the individual to have up to 2 Sub-Sponsors.

3. Regardless of the employment status of the Individual Sponsored, the Company will fulfil the role of Employer for the purposes of Health and Safety Legislation.

4. The Company and Individual Responsibilities under the Sentinel Scheme Rules are added to this Contract as Appendix A.

5. Suitable mandatory PPE for work on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure, and other PPE as defined by Task Risk Assessment will be provided by the Company in compliance with the Company PPE Policy & Procedures.

6. The Company will provide any training and assessment events required by the individual at the required timescales.

7. The Company will provide any Safety Critical Equipment to enable the Individual to undertake their competencies trackside.

8. Regular briefings will be provided by the Company, together with provision of any relevant Rule Book Updates and Sentinel Scheme Updates.

9. The Company will provide personal issue of relevant Rule Book Handbooks and relevant


10. The Company will provide advice, guidance, or instruction on any restrictions based on medication and or other medical fitness issues in line with the Company developed Medical Fitness Procedure as part of its Rail Management System.

11. The Individual sponsored must notify the company of any changes in circumstances, including health issues, that may require the Company to take action to ensure the Individuals continued fitness to work trackside.

12. The company will provide any identified mentoring support to develop the competence of the


13. The Individual will ensure that he/she complies with the Network Rail/Company Procedures with respect to hours of work and will notify the Company (where he/she has been allowed to have Sub-sponsors) of unavailability to carry proposed duty due to possible exceedence of the current hours/shifts detailed in the Procedures:

Rail Manual Form F 31 Revision 1 Primary Sponsor Contract of Sponsorship 26/06/15 Page 2
Rail Manual
Form F 31
Revision 1
Primary Sponsor Contract of
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The Individual Sponsored must:-

Carry their Sentinel Smart Card at all times when working on NRMI

Cooperate with Primary Sponsor

Follow the rules of personal accountability including the Network Rail “Lifesaving” Rules

Know the identity of their Primary Sponsor

Know which Sub-Sponsor they are working for when not working for their Primary Sponsor

are working for when not working for their Primary Sponsor Provide the correct Name of the

Provide the correct Name of the Sponsor they are working for when booking in on site

Notify their Primary Sponsor when no longer wishing to be sponsored – Change of Sponsorship can be notified through My Sentinel



Have been briefed and accept the terms of this contract of Sponsorship with my Primary Sponsor.







I have briefed the individual on the responsibilities contained within this Contract of Sponsorship for both the Company and the Individual.






1 Copy to Individual

1 Copy to Company for Inclusion in Rail Personnel File of the Individual

Rail Manual Form F 31 Revision 1 26/06/15 Page 3 of 3 Primary Sponsor Contract

Rail Manual

Form F 31

Revision 1


Page 3 of 3

Primary Sponsor Contract of





The Company must, regardless of whether acting as Primary Sponsor or Sub-Sponsor:-

Provide all necessary Safety Critical Equipment

Maintain all records associated with any works undertaken by Sponsored Staff on NRMI

Maintain minimum contracted Insurance Levels for type of work carried out

When Acting as Primary Sponsor

The Company will provide a ‘Contract of Sponsorship’ for each Individual sponsored and ensure acceptance and signing of the Contract by the Individual.

The Company will undertake checks of the ability of the proposed individual prior to engagement is a ‘Contract of Sponsorship’.

The ‘Contract of Sponsorship’ provided will be produced to comply with and include the requirements of the current Sentinel Scheme Rules.

The Company will act as employer for the purposes of health and safety legislation.

The Company will:-

Monitor and manage working hours and will consider shifts worked with Sub-Sponsor when monitoring hours and managing fatigue.


Agree any Sub-Sponsors arrangements, where applicable, and grant permission for any Sub-Sponsor use of the individual.


Enact the Local Investigation Processes, where applicable, where any suspected breach of Sentinel Scheme Rules occur, collating any information from Sub-Sponsor, where applicable.


Maintain records of Local Investigations and request Formal Reviews where a Scheme Outcome is recommended.


Provide reasons for de-sponsoring staff.


Conduct a Local Investigation before de-sponsoring any member of staff for breach of Sentinel Scheme Rules.


Collate and maintain all records as Contracts of Sponsorship.

Request a temporary suspension of a Sentinel Card pending conclusion of a Local Investigation, as appropriate.

When Acting as Sub-Sponsor

The Company will:-

Request permission to use the individual from their Primary Sponsor and ensure receipt of confirmation of sub-sponsorship statue.

Provide all necessary information to the Primary Sponsor.

Notify Primary Sponsor of any alleged breach of Sentinel Scheme Rules and cooperate in collecting evidence and information to enable the Primary Sponsor to conduce a Local Investigation.

Cooperate with the Primary Sponsor in Management of Working Hours.