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Gannat Elabed

2723 Mulberry Pond Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28208

November 28, 2018

CATS Customer Service

600 East 4th Street
Charlotte, N.C. 28202

Dear CATS Customer Service,

As a concerned North Carolina resident and student commuter at UNC Charlotte, I encourage the Transit
System to extend the Lynx Blue Line with a longer route rather than from Interstate 485 to UNCC Main
Station. Due to abnormal changes in the environment and global warming, there is a lot of pollution in the
atmosphere with a high level of carbon dioxide emissions. With an extended route for the Blue Line, more
people will ride CATS because it will be more efficient and convenient. If more people take the train,
there will be much less pollution and our environment will be more sustainable. We have to work together
as one in Mecklenburg County if we want to see the changes we desire, starting with our environment.

Extending the train route is crucial for a variety of reasons. There will be a sufficient decrease in the
amount of cars driven, causing an increased population on the Blue Line. I also suggest adding at least
two more carts to the train for the increased population. Carbon dioxide emissions is an important issue
that can be addressed by reducing the number of cars driven. If less people drive their cars, there will be a
decreased demand for oil. A decreased demand for oil can create big changes, starting with the reduction
of fossil fuels, no longer destructing land and not having toxins in the oceans. Environmentalism and the
state of our fragile Earth needs immediate attention, and CATS can make a great impact in Charlotte.

Already, there are obvious signs of climate change and global warming that we continue to face everyday.
Weather patterns are inconsistent, wildlife is constantly dying, species are going extinct, forest fires are
abrupt, sea levels are rising, ice is melting, and if that’s not worrisome enough; Arctic sea ice is declining
with warming oceans. A small idea and a fair change can lead to huge differences, especially when
discussing the fact that our life depends on the quality of this Earth and what it has to offer. If the Blue
Line does not happen to extend, whether it be today or within the next five years, pollution levels will
continue to rise rapidly and the Earth will quickly weaken. This is the best way to make a difference,
being as though there are plenty of campaigns and advocates for any changes in our environment.


Gannat Elabed