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COMM 438

List of Cases Winter 2018 Term I


Direct Energy: Evolving a New Role for IT

Author: Cyrus F. Gibson (registration
required) or


Cathay Pacific
Authors: F. Warren McFarlan , Fred Young , Lo Waishun
Harvard Business Case Number: 307009
[You can purchase this Harvard case through Ivey Publishing at and search for 307009]


AtekPC Project Management Office

Authors: F.W. McFarlan; J. Hupp; and M. Kell
Harvard Business Case Number: 308049
[You can purchase this Harvard case through Ivey Publishing at and search for 308049]


GlobalMed: Telemedicine for the Rio Olympics

Authors: Karen A. Brown; Nancy Lea Hyer; and Nathan T. Washburn
Ivey Case Number: A16140001
[Please purchase a digital copy of the case at ]
Case Submission Template

1. Identify the problem (not the symptoms of the problem).

2. Pull in (relate) everything you learned from the “theory”. Sure even stuff
you learned from Marketing, HR, Logistics, etc. Apply it to where it is
demonstrated in the case.
3. How do you propose to solve it? I want the step-by-step prescriptive
instructions and where possible the time line and associated costs. Don’t
have a number? Get one.
4. For everything you say that is “wrong”/not working, or could be done better,
or could be done differently what actions should I (the management
team/client mentioned in the case) take?


* To access this reading from off-campus, you may need to use your CWL to login the library online resources.

^ Drummond, H. (1999). Are we any closer to the end? Escalation and the case of Taurus, International Journal of
Project Management, Vol. 17, No. 1, p. 11-16.
[If you want to read the whole article, you can access the electronic version of the paper through Library’s e-journal
resources. Please go to, search International Journal of Project
Management (by choosing Journal/EJournal Title option button), and follow the links. If you are in UBC’s network, then
you can access to the journal directly by going to and choose
appropriate volume and issue number. Alternatively, you could click on the following permanent link:!/search?bookMark=ePnHCXMwXV3NasMwDA6jh3Zlb7CDoJfuYIYj1XZOZYyO