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For this lesson plan I think I did well too because I did the morning routine

and my voice tone was good I did consider the time management and of course I used
bloom’s taxonomy questions everything was very good at the beginning then when I started
the lesson I engaged the students with my box all the students where very excited for the
lesson because I used new methods to introduce my lesson in addition my activities are very
nice because I used and include differentiation in my activities and that what my MST was
proud of and worked on integrating the whole class when I teach at the circle area so that
everyone will participate in the class room or in the discussion and I encouraged them to
participate during the class also I enhanced my activities so, I taught them sight word we and
how to write it and what does it means and they understand it and they were able to write it as
well, they liked the song that I put they kept singing all the time during all day but I will be
focusing on how to create more engagement and challenging activities for the whole class in
our lesson and make them focuses to develop their linguistic skills and writing skills.

In general, everything was very good and I did achieve my goals for this lesson but the next
time I will focuses on how to make them create a sentences includes the sight words.