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Shukoor Matric Hr. Sec. School, Ambur.

Half-yearly Exam 2018

7th Computer Science
Time: 2.30 Hrs. Max Marks: 50

Part – I
State TRUE or FALSE 10x1=10

1. Formula always begins with an = sign.

2. Add () function is used to add numbers in a range.
3. There are two page orientations.
4. You can do only complex calculations in Excel.
5. You cannot change the height and width of a cell in Excel.
6. F5 is a shortcut to edit cell contents.
7. You can change the font style using the number tab.
8. Min() function is used to find the largest value in a range of cells.
9. You can change the format of cells based on conditions in Excel.
10. Save: To save a spreadsheet.

Part – II

Match the following. 10x1=10

11. Formula - Relative reverence

12. Functions - Absolute Reference
13. $B11 - Pre-defined formulas
14. $C$10 - Add numbers
15. SUM() - = sign

16. Cell design - Border tab

17. Cell borders - Conditional formatting
18. Merge cells - Auto format
19. Format as per condition – Alignment tab
20. Formatting cell - Format menu

Part – III

Fill in the blanks 8x1=8

21. Each cell in Excel is referred by a ___________ address.

22. The ________ function returns the current date formatted as date.
23. $B30 is an example for ______ reference.
24. _________ are pre-defined formulas that can be inserted to perform
particular tasks.
25. The merge cell option is in the ________ tab.
26. Ready designs are available in _______.
27. The _________ option allows you to change the row height and column width.
28. You can change the name of the sheet by using the ______ option in the
format menu.

Part – IV

Answer any Five (5) from the following in a word or phrase 5x2=10

29. Button to magnify the cell view.

30. The formula of a cell that changes the value of Row or Column with reference
to the cell when copied.
31. Shortcut key to edit cell contents.
32. The button that is available on the standard tool bar used to enter SUM
formula for a selected range of cells.
33. Click on this to select the entire row.
34. Function that returns the most frequently occurring or repetitive value in a
range of data.
35. Tab that provides option to change the alignment of text contents.
36. Change the format of cells based on condition.
37. Restrict the formula to refer to the same address even after copying to
different locations.

Part – V

Answer any Three (3) from the following 3x4=12

38. What are functions in Excel? Give example to find the square root of a
39. Write the steps to insert functions from the Insert menu.
40. Write the components of the Excel window.
41. Write different types of cell references in Excel.
42. Write the uses of the following functions:
43. ROUND() b. SQRT() c. TODAY()