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1.0 Introduction
On 19th November 2018 our lecture Madam Jogeswari has conduct the major project for all
the students who take leadership skills pec500 subject. The activity was held at UPLAZA,
MSU from 4pm to 6pm. For our major project our lecturer already give use the details and
explain us to what to do and what we have to bring on our major project. Each group have to
conduct five games and each group should bring their own props and things to conduct the
activity. The purpose of the major project is to understand the quality and strength of a
person’s leadership skills. The students could learn the ability to deal with difficult situations
and difficult people and ability to deal well with the direction and instruction. Furthermore,
students also could learn the ability to make a good decision, to solve problem and find
solutions. The students will have a strong sense of self confidence in solving a problem.
This activity could make a student bold and make confidence in himself to face any kind of
problem in his life.

2.0 Analysis of Games

2.1 Activity/Games Tallest tower:

For the first activity of the major project is to build a tallest tower with anything such as
toothpicks, newspapers, wooden blocks, uncooked spaghetti etc. The rules of the game it which
group builds the tallest freestanding structure will win this game and the tower should be build in
just five minutes. Most of the groups use newspaper and buckets some groups uses tins also to
build the tallest tower. We used newspaper to build the tallest tower and we build it in five
minutes. From the task given students could learn to communicate and ability to solve a problem
by planning fast and executing the plan fast to build a tallest tower in a short period of time.

2.2 Activity/Games Queens Treasure:

For this second activity of the major project is queens treasure. Queens treasure means each
group should bring their own bucket and things like scarves, squishy ball, rolled up socks etc.
Each group should have five things in their bucket and give the bucket to one of their group
member and make sure the things should be safe and do not let the other group to steal your
things. Only one object can be stolen at a time and after the game finish call out every group
members leader to count who has the most item and that group wins. From the task goven
students could learn the ability a good communication and a good strategy to use to steal things
from the other groups buckets.

2.3 Activity/Games - Charades

For our major project we did charades as our third activity. Charades is a game that a person
have to act out a phrase without speaking, while other members of that team have to guess what
the phrase is in 10 seconds. So for our charades game my group members selected me to act the
charades. My lecturer gave me two movie name and I act the first one is Deadpool and the
second one is Beauty and the beast. And other groups also get other movies names the objective
is to guess the movie name as quickly as possible. My team manage to guess quickly because the
given movies name was easy to act. From the task given students learn the ability of
communication by body gesture.

2.4 Activity/Games : Leading the Blind

For the fourth activity in our major project the game is to choose one of our group member and
blindfolded them with a scarf. One of the group member will stay with the blindfolded person so
they can lead them to their other group member by just communication and do not touch the
blindfolded person just to give instruction from two to three steps back from the blindfolded
person. From this activity students could learn the ability to concentrate on something such as in
this game the blindfolded person should listen carefully to their other group member who instruct
them even though it is very noisy because of other group members also communicating with
their group member and not getting distracted by other voices and just concentrated on one

2.5 Activity/Games -Back to Back Balloon Race.

For our Major project we did back to back balloon race as our fourth and final activity. Back to
back balloon race is to form in a pair and keep the balloon behind them and their hands over their
head and they have to walk from the start line until the finish line The pair who hold the balloon
at their back they have to make sure that the balloon won’t fall and do not let the other team
member to pop it with their hands. It was a difficult task to walk with a balloon behind. The
objective is which team reach first with their balloon safe and didn’t fell down they are the
winner. From this task the students could learn teamwork and manage timing in this game.
Because the timing the steps they are talking should be on the same time so the balloon won’t
fell down.

3.0 Suggestion and Recommendation of Games.

Suggestion and recommendation of games for the games that have been conducted in the major
project of leadership skills subject pec500. For the first game the tallest tower building this game
has a good leadership quality such as teamwork, communication within group so this game is a
perfect game for the students to learn leadership values. For the second game which is the queens
treasure this game could be improve by doing other things such as one of the group members
should have a sticker on their back and the other group should protect the sticker from stealing
by the other groups. The third game is charades this game is a good game to improve leadership
skills so there is no improvement needed for this game it is a good game to learn body gesture
communication for the students. For the fourth game is leading the blind. This game should be
improved by one of the group members to be chosen as leader and the others group members
should be blindfolded. There should be something given to the leader like a book so the leader
should describe about that but should not tell the name of the things and the other group
members have to guess it right. For the last game which is back to back balloon race. There is no
suggestion to improve this game because it is already a good game for the students to learn to
communicate and manage timing so that balloon won’t fall down. These are the suggestion and
recommendation from our group.

4.0 Reflection Individual


5.0 Conclusion

6.0 Evidence Picture


7.0 Reference
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