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Assignment 02

M Jobayair Ibna Rafiq I.D: 063 189 030

FIN 470.1 Prepared for: M. Ahsanur
Rahim (ARM) 05th Oct.2010

Ranking Steps & Descriptions Best outcome Moderate Worst outcome

according outcome
to risk
1 Sales Prompt sales and Some bad debt, Huge bad debt
*500 gram packet at 150 collection, no but still covered and no reserve
taka each packet bad debt, strong by reserve for for bad debt,
*1kg packet at 270 taka account bad debt, weak account
each packet receivable increasing sale receivable
management, very slowly from management
capture most time to time,
market share, accepted some
lower lead time credit terms by
2 Packing Stage Good looking Packing only for Bad quality
PPM durable colorful coping situation packing that can
Metal detection packing, not having good tear during
Stackers successful quality and not supplying of
Feeding chute research on well durable and goods, physical
Horizontal flow from packing attracted susceptible to damage of
wrap to all age difficult situation product due to
Cream sandwiching customer, able to bad quality
Wrapper recycle of packing.
Printing packing
Carton sealing
3 Pre Mixing Stage Get all the Frequent Continual
Ingredients Addition materials in fluctuation of upward
Sugar solution cheap price, easy price of materials movement of
Milk solution to get materials, but still possible price of every
Preparation of available supply in achieving material, higher
Flour chain, hygienic profit, tricky to cost of inventory,
Fat materials, no set price due to difficult to reach
Ammonia carrying cost, fluctuation cost of
Additives minimal ordering production
Flour sifters sugar cost
4 Mixing Stage Balance in Little imbalance Spoilage in time
Mixer time mixing of all in mixing which mixing by
Water materials that is not susceptible excessive use of
Creaming give perfect and still possible any material
Dough consistency flavor and taste, to marketing rather than
Biscuit grinders experience balancing of all
mixing worker materials
5 Forming Stage Best looking Cutting Worst designing,
Laminator designing, unkemptly not improper size,
Assignment 02
M Jobayair Ibna Rafiq I.D: 063 189 030
FIN 470.1 Prepared for: M. Ahsanur
Rahim (ARM) 05th Oct.2010

Gauge rolls cutting and having perfect shape, cutting in

Sheet reduction making shape shape for some each item, unable
Cutter and size materials but still to marketing,
Moulders according to marketable
Shape & size of dough local demand,
piece cost effective
6 Baking Stage No spoilage and Moderate Worst situation
Baking oven acute perfection perfection and and huge
Baking time when baking, some spoilages spoilage,
Temperature lower baking which are inefficient
Burners time, acceptable employees in
Steam extraction baking
Oven output
7 Cooling Stage Properly cooling Need Wrapping before
Cooling time by modern contemporary cooling finished,
Cooling conveyor cooling machine, cooling machine so rotten all the
reducing cooling to reduce cooling product, not
time and best time, getting followed cooling
piece of biscuit efficient workers stage
in cooling