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Lesson Plan Template

Aisha Jaber Hassan Mohammed Aljaber

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?)

Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)

- Classroom management such as, transition. Also, using different activities for students according to their abilities and levels.

Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)

- Using some transition strategies such as, turn off the lights and divide them by using colours. For the
differentiation, I will do different activities according to their levels.

Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)

- If the students were able to follow my instructions and I’m going to take photos of all my works and students works.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

Students will be able to:
Kg2 English
- To identify and name fruits form the story “ Handa’s

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the students Preparation (what do you need to make or check before class?)
use? Be specific)
That everything is ready, the activities, materials and that there are enough
Circle Time: papers and materials for them.

- Laminated papers form the stories such as, Key vocabulary

fruit pictures: Banana, avocado, guava, passion
fruit, mango, orange and tangerine. Animals: - Pineapple
Ostrich, monkey, elephant, giraffe, goat, parrot, - Tangerines
antelope and zebra – two baskets – Handa and
Ayeko - Guava

- Handa’s surprise story - Banana

- Sticks - Passion-fruit

Activities: - Orange

- Glue - Avocado
- Fruits pictures with their shadow
- Mango
- Puzzles
- A4 papers


- Flashcards with animals pictures.

- Printed and laminated basket and fruits.
Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement)

Start the day with greeting them and doing morning routines such as, asking them about the weather, taking attendance and
ask them about the day and the date. Then, show students the story and tell them that today we are going to listen to a new
10 -15 min

story. Show them the cover page and the title and ask them what do you see here. For example, what does the girl have in the
basket? After that, read the story for them by using the printed and laminated papers. While reading the story ask them a
few question such as, how many fruits are there? who do you think will take this fruit “name any fruit”, who took the guava
or any fruits I can choose and how many fruits are left?.


Assessment: asking questions

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

Students will: have some puzzle of fruits pictures and they should solve it to know what the fruit is. They will have mango,
orange, guava, banana and avocado.

Teacher will : ask them some questions to make sure that they can Identify each fruit. For example, can you tell me what is this?.
Assessment: to identify fruits and the name of each fruit – to do a checklist

Small : 15
Independent Experience ( small group activity 1 )

Students will: have different kind of fruits from the story and they should find the shadow of this fruit. After they finish ask them if
they can describe the fruit for you like, what is the colour of the fruit, do you know what is this? And can you describe it for me?

Teacher will: observe students – asks them question – explain the activity for them.

After the lesson revise with them the story by asking them some question about it such as, what did happen for Handa’s
fruit, how many fruit she have in the basket. Also, have a small activity for them. The activity will be having a laminated
basket with the fruits and flashcards of animals in the story, choose one of the animals and let one student say what did this
Time 3-5 min

animal took form handa.

Assessment: asking question and let them recognize and remember each fruits name by saying it.


Learning Outcome: To identify and name fruits form the story “ Handa’s Surprise”.
Theme: Human and animals.

On the 7th of November, I taught a story lesson for kg2 classroom and it was my last
observation by my MCT. The story was “ Handa’s Surprise”. The learning outcome of the
story is to identify and name fruits from the story. I used different classroom management
strategies and differentiated activities so I can achieve my goals. To manage their behavior, I
used positive reinforcement such as, using reward system and giving them stickers. Also, I
did different activities according to their abilities and levels.

Introduction time
Warming up
I greet them and we did together the morning routine such as, taking attendance, hello song,
choosing the helping hand and talking about themselves and how do they feel. After that, I
told them that we’re going to read a story and I gave them some instructions such as, fold
your arms, listen to the teacher and raise your hand if you want to answer. I didn’t read the
story from the book, what I did is I used sticks to do a puppet show. Students loved the way I
read the story for them. But what I did wrongly was keeping the story in front of me as my
MCT feedback. I wasn’t reading from the story but I was checking the description of the
fruit. While I’m reading, I focused on using different tones and to act the actions of the
animals and the girl. After reading the story I explained for them the activities that they’re
going to do and I gave them some instructions.

Activities time
I did two activities, the first one was solving the puzzle, I was setting with them to observe
them and assess them. The second activity was, finding the shadow of the fruits. I used
checklist and asking questions while they’re doing the activities. I was asking them to check
if they understood the activities or not and to assess their knowledge.

Closing time
In the closing time, I revise the story with them. What I did was, having laminated
pictures of fruits, animals. And a laminated basket. I put the fruits in the basket and I will
pick one animal. Students should say which fruit did the animal took. While I’m doing this
whole class activity, students were excited and they start answering randomly and I couldn’t
focus so, what I did was praising students who are setting nicely. For example, good job
Mohammed, Masha Allah look how he’s setting nicely. This strategy worked well with them
because they felt that they want to be like Mohammed so I can praise them also.

Evidence from my lesson

My MCT was observing me, so I couldn’t take evidence for this lesson. But I have some
pictures of the activities that I did

The laminated picture that I used in the story Part of the activity
that I did for them
Next steps
What I will do next time is, I will make sure to hide the story and memorize
it before doing the puppet show. Also, I should provide more activities for
students with different abilities because I notice that some of them finished
earlier and because some students were misbehaving after finishing the activities
so I have to keep them busy with doing another activity.