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2nd UT, 4th Quarter

I. Multiple Choice. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided
before each number. Write E if the correct answer is not to be found on the

____1. A solid figure that has 2 bases that are congruent and whose lateral
faces are parallelogram is a
a. cone b. cylinder c. prism d.pyramid

____2. The volume of _____ is one-third the volume of a cylinder.

a. cone b. cylinder c. prism d.pyramid

____3. Which of the following can be a unit for surface area?

a. cm b. inches c. mm2 d. ft3

____4. It is the number of cubic units in a solid figure.

a. area b. perimeter c. surface area d. volume

____5. Which of the following is the net of a cube?

a. b. c. d.

____6. Which figure can be formed by the net?

a. cone b. cylinder c. prism d. pyramid

_____7. It is the ratio of Circumference to diameter.

a. area b. circumference c. pi () d. radius

____8. What is the circumference of a circle with radius 4 cm?

a. 2 cm b. 4 cm c. 8 cm d. 16 cm

____9. What is the area of the circle with diameter 2m? (rounded to 2 decimal
a. 3.14 m2 b. 6.28 m2 c. 3.14 m2 d. 6.28 m2

____10. A triangle has a base 4cm and a height of 6cm. If the height is doubled
and the base is halved, what will happen to the original area of the triangle?
a. doubled c. halved c. tripled d. unchanged
II. Matching Type. Match the phrases on the left to its corresponding formula on
the right by connecting the points using a segment.

Legend: s = sides w= width sh = slanting height d= diameter

l= length h = height r = radius b= base


1. perimeter of a rectangle a.  r2

2. circumference of the circle b.  d

3. area of the circle c. 2w + 2l

4. surface area of a cylinder d. s3

5. surface area of a cone e. r (r + s)

6. volume of a cube f. 2r (r + h)

7. volume of a rectangular prism g. r2h

8. volume of cylinder h. lwh

9. volume of a cone g. (p1+p2)h/2

10. volume of a triangular pyramid h. (r2h)/ 3

i. (lwh)/2

J. 4r2

k. (4r3)/3

l. 2lw+2lh+2wh

III. Solve for the Surface Area of the following figures. Show your solution and
encircle your final answer.

1. 2.
3. 4.

IV. Solve for the Volume of the following figures. Show your solution and encircle
your final answer.

1. 2.

3. 4.