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Hello dear friends are you know indian matka is biggest platform bussiness Important indian matka Tips for satta matka , kalyan matka,
Mumbai matka india net and all other online gambling website just like matkaindia , dpboss and boss matka player you have indian matka
who have learnt satta matka india gaming tricks and tips for getting the best indian bets and guring out the right number mixes for for
winning. That is the reason knowing and learning satta about matka indian matka tips give best of the best.
Indian Matka result Survey give that 100% of the players win the game while 99% get loss in their hands kalyan matka tips .
Thus indian satta matka we can suggest all our online gamblers that getting the right is important and it becomes winning
factor in our life that reduces losing factor risk to the life journey is owsom.
Indian People playing Matka india they are always in win . We are one of the best satta Matka guesser in Indian give you assured
upcomming results for india Matka, Where you will huge in Matka.

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SINGAL:- 3 4 5 7
PANNA:- (2) ( 33 )
JODI:- 38 44 56 78 70


SINGAL:- 1111 √√ Paas
PANNA:- (2 245 )
JODI:- Mumbai Main Jodi Just Miss
- -

6666 Pass 556 Pass 345 1111

/ (( ))
% 3100/-
( 08117070702 )


Weekly Patti Chart
1= | 128 | 245 | 290 | 579 |
2= | 147 | 390 | 345 | 589 |
3= | 139 | 256 | 346 | 689 |
4= | 167 | 257 | 347 | 356 |
5= | 249 | 267 | 357 | 456 |
6= | 150 | 169 | 178 | 240 |
7= | 124 | 269 | 340 | 467 |
8= | 189 | 279 | 369 | 468 |
9= | 126 | 234 | 360 | 450 |
0= | 190 | 370 | 389 | 460 |

Weekly Jodi Chart

3= | 32 | 35 | 36 | 39 |
4= | 41 | 46 | 49 | 40 |
6= | 62 | 63 | 67 | 68 |
7= | 72 | 73 | 75 | 76 |
8= | 81 | 85 | 88 | 80 |
9= | 91 | 93 | 94 | 99 |


Milan Day
( open-03:00 close-05:00 )


( open-03:45 close-05:45 )

¦ ¦


Milan Night
( open-09:00 close-11:00 )


( open-09:20 close-12:05 )




|| 11 ||



100% Fix Kalyan-Mumbai Singal Jodi-Patti-Open

Weekly Line Kalyan - Mumbai Weekly Line Zone

Date Fix 3 Ank Kalyan - Mumbai - Milan

Whats Your Today's Lucky Number All Market

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Milan Day

Milan Night


Kalyan Panal

Mumbai Panal

Milan Day Panal

Milan Ngt Panal



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1Week 2500

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Vip 7500
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Tags:Very warm welcome to and MatkaIndia , India’s one of the leading Satta Matka website, displaying results for
Madhur matka world tops kalyan Satta Matka parivar and Ratan Khatri Mumbai Satta Matka Game, we give full assurance to all Satta
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Chart & Jodi on Main mumbai Not only this we provide comprehensive Matka India net result for all markets like Kalyan Matka, Mumbai,
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NOVEMBER 15,2018
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What Is The History Of Satta Matka?

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How Do I Play Satta Matka With Matkaindian

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IS THE BEST INDIA'S MATKA BOSS MOST POPULAR FOR INDIAN Satta Matka Website AND matka king satta. Welcome frinds and i
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We are experts ind satta king 99% is fail no pass in providing mathematical calculations in giving high-quality winning numbers is tottaly
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indian matka as They contain the combination of single digit numbers from a matirial and compition base 11 to 22 digit lucky number are
fixx . You can choose a digit number any desk from the just like 44 to 99. If you choose 45 then result become the success the 680-45-140.
The addition of the digit number of open and close the x satta matka king is 6+8=14 and open to close is 1+4+*=123 The Jodi becomes
the 45. rasho These satta matka games must play both open and to fix close.


They digit numbers that mean to 999 digit number jusy like. You can choose a digit number from to 999 in increasing order by my self.
You can chose the just like 680 panna and , 140 panna , etc. then the result becomes all of single digit numbers that the king maker always
in my hand These satta matka games play the open or close fix matka number.

Welcome To the wprld my best thing about you sattamatka online, 143 Indian Matka world website the best game in the world. Here you
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Kalyan Matka india net is type of matka net game which is famous for indian matka earning in satta . yesa Kalyan in place started in
mumbai & the game started by shri. Kalyanji and jaya ji so they name called is as Kalyan Matka. and mumbai matka This game opening
india and closing times are fix and one the best guessing provided by matka in perfect.
Kalyan Matka give any time results re ect two times a day indians. If you wish to see the fastest Kalyan satta matka and best indian
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There are a many type in my hand two major types of satta matka Kalyan and Mumbai Kalyan indian matka tips and Mumbai have
two sequences: open and close.
These the best matka playing roll is three ways
Single Patti/ panna jodi ank
These are the three major indian satta matka game website and trouble shout out.

Satta Matka indian matka famouse game in and matka for all people who playing cards in casino. and online
website Satta matka game results any times in day for every game there are huge is chanles for play.
indian Satta Matka a game has a long history of matkaindian. No one is providing x satta matka tips other website than Indianmatka
game Satta matka tips is a game where people get the lucky the chance to win unlimited cash money through as Kalyan matka and
Mumbai matka in india. matkaIndian matka o ers the best satta matka king game predictions in the for the kalyan matka game &
Mumbai matka. Indianmatka experts .com provide a separate panel for our members, where member will get exact guess my choice for
satta matka. Sattamatka guesses provided by Indian matka have and ananda durga a more than 50 percent at all marcket success no
The indian are play matka boss Satta Matka game is best way to earn in gambling thought kalyan o ce, and satta matka players need
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your back his money locks in sattamatka. We are experts in providing mathematical numbers give x matka number calculations in
giving high-quality winning numbers for my website Kalyan Matka tips to play the Matka game any time any chalange.
Accurate, live Satta Matka results. indian are know the best matka website.
We provide the best and most reliable Matka tips and Satta Matka tricks and many more but indian fix .

Indian Matka is the one of the oldest game of India but this is the game of Gambling, or KalyanjiBhagat was the person who introduced
that game in 1960’s and later on again this game was introduced by Warholmatka in 1970’s. The Sattamatka or Indian matka slowly
becomes popular and in 1990 this is the one of the popular game, where people try their luck (because as we all know that this is the
game of gambling, or in this game your luck depend on the number you select and the bid you have done) but due to continues police
raids on various Matka centers and mainly in north India it was forced to shut down.
But at this stage and the age of technological world where we are living gambling has no boundaries, and now this game is not only
limited to the o ine market but it is also present in the online market as Many online MATKA Playing websites have emerged and they
are legal. The Internet helped a lot to matka industry in boosting up through which it is present in all over the INDIA.
Step 1: you have toPick three Numbers from 0 to 9…
For example, you choose 5,3 and 6. This would be the first three random numbers that you picked from 0 - 9.
Step 2: After that the three numbers that you have selected, add all of them.
In this case 5 + 3 + 6 are added and the summed up result is given ( 5 + 3 + 6 = 14 ).
Step 3: Now once the some is done then the last digit from that sum is taken out.
Here it is 4.
So the first draw would be 1,5,7*4
Similarly, you have to draw out the second card by repeating all of the above three steps or let say after repeating the steps our second
draw would be 7,5,4*6
So the final card is 1,5,7*4 and 7,5,4*6.

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