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IrsiCaixa 2017

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Microbial Genomics 14
Host Genetics and Cellular Immunity 16
HIV Pathogenesis 18
Retrovirology and Clinical Studies (GREC) 20
HIV and HCV Genetic and Phenotypic 22

Cell Virology and Immunology (VIC) 24

Tissue Virology (VITI) 26

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IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 1
IrsiCaixa Letter from the Director
IrsiCaixa continued, in 2017, to develop its research agenda aimed at
contributing to global efforts to eradicate HIV infection. Aside from the
implementation of planned actions aimed at furthering our lines of research,
2017 was notable for the following:

— International alliances of the Microbial Genomics group have been

strengthened through collaborations with key international groups and
organization of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2017.
— PASeq, a web server developed by IrsiCaixa researchers, was launched
to facilitate use of next-generation sequencing for viral genotyping and
polymorphism analyses. Since the beta version was launched, some 3,000
samples from around the world have been sequenced.
— New applications have been developed for virus-like particles (VLPs),
initially developed as a preventive HIV vaccine strategy. In 2017, applications
The IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute beyond infectious diseases were explored, such as molecular visualization,
is an international landmark and cancer treatment and animal health, in collaborations with the Barcelona
leading centre for research into the Supercomputing Centre, the Vall d’Hebron Oncology Institute and HIPRA.
eradication of HIV/AIDS and related — Eradication studies have been consolidated within the framework of an
diseases. It also tackles other challenges IciStem international consortium (funded by amfAR) project, as evidenced
facing biomedicine today, such as the by the Dominique Dormont Prize awarded, at the International AIDS Society
microbiome and emerging infectious annual conference, to Dr. Salgado for her research into factors related to
diseases. stem-cell transplantation that could lead to a potential cure for HIV infection.
— Progress has been made in developing compounds in spin-offs:
IrsiCaixa was created as a private non- • Aelix Therapeutics SL: first clinical trials using HTI and amplification of
profit foundation in 1995 with the available vectors with GMP production of the chimpanzee adenovirus (ChAd)
support of “la Caixa” Banking Foundation vector.
and the Department of Health of the • AlbaJuna Therapeutics SL: GMP production of immunoglobulins for use
Generalitat of Catalonia. Its director is Dr. in clinical studies.
Bonaventura Clotet. — Living Lab for Health has consolidated its participation in new European
and national initiatives aimed at promoting responsible, participatory and
The fact that both IrsiCaixa and the open innovation and research in society.
Fight AIDS Foundation are located in
the Germans Trias i Pujol University In the immediate future, it will be of crucial importance to be able to access the
Hospital makes for a unique model of resources necessary to implement a research agenda as ambitious, complex
collaboration between researchers, and successful as ours. The difficulties in raising funds (fewer calls, smaller
healthcare professionals, patients and budgets and greater competition) cannot be compensated for by increasingly
community representatives. This transfer smaller and fewer philanthropic and private sector contributions. To meet this
of knowledge between the various challenge, we need to develop collaborations with IrsiCaixa in the form of
stakeholders with an interest in HIV leads public-private partnerships, so as to raise the funds necessary to maintain our
to novel solutions that facilitate progress competitiveness worldwide.
towards eradication of this disease.

IrsiCaixa applies a combined approach

to eradicating AIDS, based on five
strategic lines: prevention, eradication
and functional care; the microbiome;
novel treatments and resistance to
antiretrovirals; immunopathogenesis;
and other diseases.

IrsiCaixa also participates in clinical trials

to evaluate novel therapeutic strategies
and actively cooperates with low-income
countries in the global fight against the
pandemic. It places special emphasis on
the formal training of young scientists, Bonaventura
on innovation and on the transfer of Clotet
knowledge generated in its laboratories. IrsiCaixa Director
Memòria IrsiCaixa 2015 | 2 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 3
Organizational Structure
Executive Committee International Scientific
For “la Caixa” Banking Foundation Dr. Brigitte Autran
Sra. Esther Planas i Herrera (President) Professor of Medicine (Immunology) at the Pierre and Marie
Sra. Marta Casals i Virosque (Secretary) Curie University (UPMC) (Paris, France) and Director of the
Sr. Àngel Font Vidal Department of Immunology and of the Biology and Medical
Pathology Division of the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital
For the Generalitat de Catalunya department responsible for (Paris, France).
health policy
Sr. Jordi Casabona i Barbarà Dr. Charles Boucher
Sr. Manel Puig i Domingo Professor at the Department of Virology of the Erasmus
Sr. Albert Barberà i Lluis Medical Center at Erasmus University (Rotterdam,

Dr. Daria Hazuda

Merck Vice President, Infectious Diseases Discovery and Chief
Scientific Officer, MRL Cambridge Exploratory Science Center
(Cambridge, Massachusetts).

Dr. Danniel Kuritzkes

Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (USA),
Director of AIDS Research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
(USA) and Co-Director of the NIH-funded AIDS Clinical Trials
Dr. Bonaventura Clotet
Dr. Douglas Richman
Professor of Pathology and Medicine and Director of the Center
for AIDS Research, both at the University of California San Diego

(UCSD) (USA), and Director of the Research Center for AIDS and
HIV infection in the VA San Diego Healthcare System (USA).

Financial Manager Dr. Jürgen Rockstroh

President Representatives of the Generalitat de Catalunya department Professor of Medicine and Head of the Outpatient HIV Clinic at
Head of the Generalitat de Catalunya department responsible responsible for health policy Lourdes Grau the University of Bonn (Germany).
for health policy Antoni Andreu i Périz
Jordi Casabona i Barbarà Dr. Jonathan Schapiro
Vice-president Joan Guix i Oliver Administration Director of the HIV/AIDS Clinic at the National Hemophilia
Appointee of “la Caixa” Banking Foundation Manel Puig i Domingo Arnau Creus Center (Tel Aviv, Israel).
Josep Vilarasau i Salat Cristina Mesa
Representatives of “la Caixa” Banking Foundation Penélope Riquelme Dr. Mario Stevenson
Members Jaume Giró i Ribas Head of the Infectious Diseases Division (Department of
Appointee of the Director of the Catalan Health Service Jaume Lanaspa i Gatnau Information Technologies Medicine) of the University of Miami (USA).
(CatSalut) Esther Planas i Herrera Julián Eslava
Albert Barberà i Lluis Àngel Font i Vidal Dr. Bruce Walker
Marta Casals i Virosque Director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
Appointee of the Generalitat de Catalunya department University (USA) and researcher at the Harvard Howard Hughes
responsible for research Representatives of the Fight AIDS Foundation Medical Institute.
Iolanda Font de Rubinat Garcia Montserrat Pinyol i Pina
Anna Veiga i Lluch
Marta Casals i Virosque

IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 4 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 5

Memòria IrsiCaixa 2015 | 6 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 7
Key figures Highlights 2017
January June September
Total staff By sex Funding

The VIC group publishes the article VIRIEVAC group publishes an article, The Just the Essentials campaign is
Proteoliposomal formulations of an HIV- in Scientific Reports, that identifies presented by “la Caixa” Banking Foundation
1 gp41-based miniprotein elicit a lipid- new mutations used by HIV to develop with Bonaventura Clotet, Roger Paredes

dependent immunodominant response resistance to antiretrovirals. and Beatriz Mothe in attendance.
overlapping the 2F5 binding motif.

During 2017 immunogen redesign is Living Lab for Health organizes the Co-

71% October
completed and presented in VLPs so as ResponsaVIHlitat talk at CosmoCaixa,

to improve its protective capacity. with some 400 participants.

VIRIEVAC presents its latest data
on new HIV resistance mechanisms Ester Ballana is appointed principal

29% 8
against protease inhibitors in an oral investigator of a Health Research Fund (FIS)
presentation at the 15th European project for the development of markers of

external February Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis.

Elisabet Gómez is awarded her

susceptibility to antitumour drugs.

Lucía Pastor from the VIC group obtains

doctorate cum laude, completed while her doctorate, graded excellent with an
The BCN02 therapeutic vaccine clinical working with the VIC and VITI groups. international mention.
trial demonstrates prolonged virus

Staff by categories control after interrupted antiretroviral

treatment in a substantial proportion of
study participants.
IrsiCaixa organizes the third B.Debate
on the Human Microbiome at
CosmoCaixa, bringing together leading November
34% global microbiology experts.

Research, 27% Beatriz Mothe receives the Professional

Administration Excellence Award from the College of
and Support 17%

Scientific and 14% 16%

April July
Physicians of Barcelona.

Analysis of immune impairment induced by

Technical Services HIV has given rise to various publications,
8% 9% Living Lab for Health launches two including four associated with the GAMA
European projects, CRISH and InSPIRES, María Salgado receives the IAS/ study produced by the VIC group. The
Research staff 75% to promote participatory and inclusive ANRS Dominique Dormont Prize at GAMA study, which started in 2012 and is
research. the International AIDS Society annual now in the data analysis phase, will yield
conference. relevant insights into acute HIV infection.
Javier Martínez-Picado is appointed

Associate res.



to the Delaney Collaboratory to WHO publishes three reference Living Lab for Health launches a new
Cure HIV-1 Infection by Combination documents on worldwide control of European project, called Fit4Food, aimed
Immunotherapy (BEAT-HIV resistant HIV, in whose development at facilitating a transformation of the
Collaboratory). IrsiCaixa collaborated. food and nutrition science and innovation
system so as to meet EU strategic goals
Roger Badia receives a researcher by 2030.
contract in the first Strategic Research

Theses Publications Awarded and Innovation Plan for Health (PERIS)

Marc Noguera presents PASeq at the
International HIV Drug Resistance and

read 2017 2017 projects 2017 Treatment Strategies conference. PASeq

is a web server that, by automating
bioinformatic analyses of resistance tests

2 86 22
The European Patent Office grants based on massive sequencing, makes
IrsiCaixa the European patent these tests affordable.
Elisabet Gómez - Cell Virology
and Immunology (VIC) and
Tissue Virology (VITI)
May for Methods for identifying HIV
neutralizing antibodies (EP2893349),
invented by Jorge Carrillo and Julià
The Host Genetics and Cellular Immunity
group obtains an important US NIH grant
Blanco. This is the first patent granted (P01), worth some four million USD, which
Lucía Pastor - Cell Virology José A. Esté, Chair of the 30th to IrsiCaixa by one of the three most will support IrsiCaixa‘s already very close
and Immunology (VIC) International Conference on Antiviral important patent agencies in the world collaboration with the University of Miami
Research (Atlanta, USA). (EPO, USPTO and JPO). and the University of California Davis.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 8 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 9
Research Groups
Viral Immune Evasion
and Vaccines (VIRIEVAC)
Principal investigator Team Presentation rise to a scientific article (Codoñer et al,
Networks Post-doc researcher(s) Our group was established in early 2013 SciRep, 2017) and to a presentation at Graduate theses
- Thematic AIDS Research Julia García Prado Marta Colomer with the aim of identifying patterns the 15th European Meeting on HIV & Molecular epidemiology of the
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS Alba Ruiz de Andrés of viral evasion from host immunity Hepatitis (Rome, Italy). transmission of viral variants in
RD16/0025/0041) and determining the implications for new HIV-1 infeccions.
- Recognized Group Pre-doc researcher(s) infectious disease progression. — Prevention, eradication and functional Name: Àuria Eritja Sanjuan
SGR2014/211. Clinical and Basic Dr. Prado has a degree in Biochemistry Óscar Blanch cure. This year has seen the continuation Degree in Biomedical Sciences,
AIDS Research Group and a PhD in Immunology (2005) with The group’s primary research focus is of two funded projects (PI14/01058 and University of Lleida (UDL)
- Member of the American honours from the Autonomous University Laboratory technician(s) HIV-1, characterized by a great adaptive MDS LKR 136618). In vitro models of HIV- Grade: Excellent
Society for Microbiology (JGP) of Barcelona (UAB). In 2006 she received Esther Jiménez capacity exercised through multiple 1 reactivation have been implemented
- Member of the International a prestigious Marie Curie (ERC) grant to Ruth Peña strategies of evasion against host to analyse the functionality of CD8+
AIDS Society (JGP) carry out research at the University of immunity. This evasive capacity is a major response regarding elimination of the
Oxford (UK). Awarded a Miguel Servet obstacle to the design and development viral reservoir in the presence of latency-
contract in 2010 — recently renewed of new drugs and vaccines. Our challenge reactivating molecules. These studies,
Awarded projects 2017 — she is now listed as among the is to discover mechanisms of viral evasion which have attracted the interest of the
Translational study of inhibitory top ten national researchers in Spain. from immune response by identifying international scientific community, have
receptors in HIV-1 infection Since 2010 she has been a supervisor new viral factors and key immune resulted in two posters displayed at the
(PI17/00164): identification of undergraduate and postgraduate mechanisms. HIV & Cancer Forum and IAS 2017 (Paris,
of novel immunotherapeutic students at different universities and, France) and at GESIDA (Vigo, Spain).
targets to reverse T-cell immune since 2011, she has taught on the Master’s Our group has developed three main
exhaustion. in AIDS Pathogenesis and Treatment lines of research to date: (1) mechanisms Our studies indicate that agents that
Funding body(ies): Carlos III course. She is a reviewer for international of HIV-1 infection immune evasion in reactivate HIV-1 latency induce specific
Health Institute (ISCIII) scientific journals (PlosPathogens, extreme progression phenotypes; (2) immune recognition of the reactivated
2018 - 2021 Retrovirology, Antiviral Therapy) and identification of cellular responses cells, but that immune factors are
Research supervisor(s): Julia of projects and human resources for during antiretroviral treatment of essential for effective recognition of
García Prado the South African Medical Research HIV-1 infection; and (3) identification the reactivated cells. We are currently
Council and the Carlos III Health Institute of immune mechanisms and their finalizing a scientific article and filing
LKR155762 Combine use of (ISCIII). She has published 39 articles in application to the control of persistent a patent for the method. We are also
vaccines an immune check international scientific journals (H-index viral infections and the development of evaluating the role of cellular restriction
blockers to boost CTL activity 19) and has made 61 presentations at new immunotherapies. factors in controlling the viral reservoir
against the reservoir. national and international conferences. and their potential as new targets for the
Funding body(ies): MSD The results of these studies are crucial development of gene therapy strategies.
2017 - 2018 for the development of new therapeutic An additional post-doctoral researcher
Research supervisor(s): Julia strategies and drugs aimed at controlling has been recruited for this area.
García Prado and preventing HIV-1 infection. All our
projects — strongly multidisciplinary and Perspectives for 2018
with translational potential for clinical — Establishment and consolidation of
Awards and recognition practice — tackle the interconnection the research team and incorporation of
Expert participation in the between molecular virology and cellular new staff.
Human Resources Assessment immunology.
Committee for Sara Borell and — Continuation with current work in
Miguel Servet grants for the terms of advancing research to identify
Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) 2017 milestones natural infection control mechanisms
(Julia García Prado) Milestones in the past year within with a view to developing new
IrsiCaixa’s strategic lines were as follows: immunotherapies and, by improving
cellular response, advancing research
Master’s theses — Immunopathogenesis. Studies of elite into drugs to control or eliminate the viral
Characterization of HIV controllers and viremic non-progressors. reservoir.
viral isolates in viremic non- Collaboration with the National AIDS
progresspr adults and children. Network (RIS) in the field of HIV-1 elite — Expansion of funding at the European
Name: Clara Francés controllers has led to publication of a level for our emerging group of young
Master in Advanced scientific article (Pernas et al, JVI, 2017, researchers.
Immunology, Autonomous under review).
University of Barcelona (UAB)
and University of Barcelona (UB) — New treatments and resistance
Submitted: June 2017 to antiretrovirals. Identification of
Grade: Excellent new mechanisms of resistance to
antiretroviral drugs. This line has given
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 12 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 13
Microbial Genomics
Principal investigator Team Presentation the microbiome and HIV infection
Networks Associate researcher(s) Our goal is to advance in the development pathogenesis. Other participating bodies:
- Thematic AIDS Research Roger Paredes Marc Noguera of more effective and personalized Center for Medical Mycology
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS treatments for microbial-based human 1. Antiretroviral resistance and Mycology Reference
RD12/0017/0002) Post-doc researcher(s) diseases, through a better understanding — Translational research: Two multicentre Laboratory (Dermatology)
- Recognized Group Maria Casadellà of the biological determinants of health studies have clarified that the test of HIV- at Case Western Reserve
SGR2014/211. Clinical and Roger Paredes is a doctor in Medicine and Yolanda Guillén and disease. Our main areas of research 1 tropism in PBMCs is useful in guiding University and University
Basic AIDS Research Group Surgery from the Autonomous University of are as follows: changes to treatment for individuals with Hospitals-Cleveland Medical
- EuroSIDA Barcelona (UAB). Funded by a post-doctoral Pre-doc researcher(s) the suppressed virus. However, this test Center
- European Society of Antiviral scholarship from “la Caixa”, he specialized Javier Rivera 1. Investigating the role of the gut cannot predict who will develop clinical
Research (ESAR) in HIV resistance at Brigham & Women’s Muntsa Rocafort microbiome in human health and disease complications derived from HIV-1 infection
- WHO ResNet Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Via sequencing we study the role played in the following year.
- International Antiviral Society- Boston (USA). He has demonstrated the Laboratory technician(s) by the human gut microbiota in different — Bioinformatics: We have developed
USA (IAS-USA) clinical utility of new methods of sequencing Mariona Parera states of health: PASeq as an open web server — suitable for
- Centre for Personalised HIV in both high- and low-income countries. — We analyse the influence of the gut users without knowledge of bioinformatics
Medicine Managing Infectious He is a member of the WHO HIV ResNet Computer technician(s) microbiome in the ability of HIV-1 infected — for automated high-quality analyses
Complications in Immune Steering Group, the principal advisory Cristina Rodríguez individuals to achieve adequate immune of HIV sequences obtained using the
Deficiency (PERSIMUNE) group to WHO in the field of resistance, reconstitution, control HIV-1 replication new mass sequencing methods. This is a
and a member of the International Antiviral Visiting researchers and limit chronic inflammation. fundamental step in advancing the fight
Society-USA, which annually publishes an Seth Inzaule (Amsterdam Institute — We characterize co-evolution of the against resistant HIV worldwide.
Awarded projects 2017 international reference list of antiretroviral for Global Health and Development); gut microbiome and the immune system — Public health and policy: As members
Influence of the gut resistance mutations. He is co-creator of the Fernando Lázaro (Hospital La following acute HIV-1 infection. of the WHO HIV Steering Group, we
microbiome on HIV-1 Rega algorithm for interpreting resistance to Paz – Madrid); Emma-Elizabeth — We study how the human microbiome participated in the launch, in July 2017,
eradication mediated by a kick- antiretrovirals, has participated in updating Ilett (University of Copenhagen may affect response to the AIDS vaccine of three key documents aimed at
and-kill strategy. the algorithm at Stanford University and - Denmark); Justinn Hamilton and how vaccines and other strategies for redirecting the global fight against HIV/
Funding body(ies): Spanish is a virologist to the EuroSIDA European Renalias (Autonomous University of eliminating HIV-1 affect the microbiome. AIDS: HIV Drug Resistance Report 2017,
Ministry of the Economy, cohort. His group does pioneering research Barcelona). Guidelines on the Public Health Response
Industry and Competitiveness, into the role played by the gut microbiome 2. Developing and evaluating interventions to Pretreatment HIV Drug Resistance and
Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) in HIV infection pathogenesis and chronic — Improving response to the HIV/AIDS Global Action Plan on HIV Drug Resistance
Jan 2017 - Dec 2019 inflammation. He combines his research vaccine 2017-2021.
Research supervisor(s): Roger with a medical care role in the HIV Unit of — Mitigating the chronic complications of
Paredes the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital. HIV/AIDS infection. 2. Microbiome
Other linked IrsiCaixa groups: — Our group has become a world
Host Genetics and Cellular 3. Improving genotypic viral diagnostic reference for the microbiome and HIV. Our
Immunity tools to maximize antiretroviral efficacy findings that suggest a strong association
As a pioneer in next-generation sequencing between microbiome composition and
An open-label study of the of HIV-1 in Europe, we lead a number of risk factors for HIV acquisition have
safety, pharmacokinetics and studies to evaluate the clinical value of been confirmed by several international
pharmacodynamics of ABX464 ultrasensitive tests of HIV-1 resistance cohorts. Work is ongoing on deciphering
in HIV-1 seronegative and and tropism in response to antiretroviral the nature of intestinal dysbiosis in HIV
seropositive adults. treatment. infection using shotgun metagenomics,
Funding body(ies): ABIVAX which characterizes the microbiome by
Jan 2017 - Dec 2018 4. Defining HIV-1 global clinical species and enables microbial function
Research supervisor(s): Roger epidemiology to be determined for individuals with and
Paredes, Ross D Cranston We work with leading European without HIV-1.
Other linked IrsiCaixa groups: clinical cohorts (ESAR and EuroSIDA) in — With support from the Glòria
Retrovirology and Clinical investigations of effects of the virus on Soler Foundation, we are working on
Studies, Tissue Virology response to treatment, clinical progression developing new diagnostic markers of
Other participating bodies: to AIDS and death. chronic inflammation and intestinal
Fight AIDS Foundation dysbiosis in HIV-infected persons and on
developing new probiotic candidates. We
Scholarship for overseas stay. 2017 milestones and perspectives for are investigating interaction between the
Funding body(ies): EMBO the future microbiome and kick-and-kill strategies
Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 During 2017, our group continued to eradicate HIV and the impact of
Research supervisor(s): to advance knowledge of the causes antiretroviral therapy on the microbiome.
Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, and clinical and health implications of We have also begun work, in collaboration
Roger Paredes resistance to antiretroviral treatments. with US centres, on animal models of HIV
We also progressed in studies of infection.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 14 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 15
Host Genetics
and Cellular Immunity
Principal investigator Team Presentation this vector can boost vaccine responses HIV and whose expression is epigenetically
Networks Our research focuses on the study of the even further. To date, the ChAd vector, regulated as a result of HIV infection. The
- Thematic AIDS Research Christian Brander Associate researcher(s) cellular immunity against viral infections in together with different RNA-based vaccine IL27 cytokine and its specific receptor
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS Beatriz Mothe hosts with compromised immunity. These formulations has demonstrated very have been found to be associated with
RD12/0017/0002) studies include longitudinally followed, strong immunogenicity in animal models. viral load and, more importantly, with the
- Recognized Group SGR2014/211. Post-doc researcher(s) HIV-infected individuals as well as HIV- size of the HIV viral reservoir. These results
Clinical and Basic AIDS Research Christian Brander graduated from the Samandhy Cedeño infected and uninfected individuals who In 2017, we completed immunological have been validated in additional cohorts
Group University of Bern (Switzerland) in 1994 Anuska Llano receive an organ transplant. We also aim analyses of a clinical trial conducted and have been compared with data from
- Co-investigator for the FIPSE with a PhD in Immunology, having studied Alex Olvera to identify markers of biological control in Lima, Peru that compared the HIV uninfected individuals, identifying
cohort of HIV-positive liver exogenous antigen re-presentation and Marta Ruiz Riol of HIV to improve our understanding of immunogenicity of a MVA-B vaccine IL27 as a possibly important determinant
transplants beneficiaries (CB) HLA and T-cell-mediated hyper-reactivity Sandra Silva Arrieta HIV immunopathogenesis. Identifying delivered either intramuscularly or via a of an effective HIV-specific immune
to penicillin. He spent the next 13 years at immunological correlates of HIV control transcutaneous administration. The data response. On the basis of these findings
Projects Harvard University, where he investigated Pre-doc researcher(s) also supports our attempts to define were complemented by transcriptomic we are currently evaluating additional
RETIRE-HIV. cellular immunity to viral infections Miriam Rosás biomarkers related to HIV-associated analyses and studies of the microbiota markers for their potential relation with
Funding body(ies): US NIH/NIAID and the impact of host genetics on the Bruna Oriol neurofunctional impairment. in faecal and skin samples. The in-vivo control of HIV and the pathological
2017- 2021 immune response. A senior Institute for Peruvian collaboration has also led to consequences of HIV infection (including
Research supervisor(s): Christian Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) Clinical cohort coordinator / Clinical Over the last years, our group has the identification of new HLA class II neuro-function). For these studies, our
Brander research professor since 2008, he has researcher developed a therapeutic vaccine alleles associated with slow HIV disease group works with two local cohorts of HIV-
Other participating bodies: continued his research into host genetics Pep Coll immunogen that resulted in the creation progression and of the definition of new infected individuals and also uses blood
University of Miami, University of and cellular immunity to viral infections, of AELIX Therapeutics as a spin-off in T-cell response targets restricted by and spinal fluid samples obtained from a
California at Davis including HIV, HCV and herpesviruses 2015. The ongoing clinical studies are these alleles, both potentially helping to cohort in San Francisco.
such as EBV and KSHV. He is curator of the complemented by analyses in individuals advance the development of effective
Regulation of the immune Los Alamos HIV Immunology database, who have been exposed to HIV but HIV vaccines. As a consequence of these During 2017, we have also completed
response by HIV-specific CD4+ scientific director of the Catalan HIVACAT remain uninfected. These studies aim studies, we have been able to successfully our study on how in-vitro inhibition
T-cells. programme for the development of at deciphering key parameters and apply for competitive funding (US NIH and of O-linked glycosylation affects HIV
Funding body(ies): Carlos III Health effective preventive and therapeutic HIV mechanisms of natural resistance to HIV ISCIII) for the 2017-2021 period, which replication. Our findings suggest that
Institute (ISCIII) vaccines and an associate lecturer at that could contribute to the development will allow us to further explore T cell glycosylation is a viral defence mechanism
2018- 2020 the University of Vic-Central University of preventive vaccines. responses restricted by HLA class II alleles that carries a potentially significant fitness
Research supervisor(s): Alex of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). Dr. Brander and to study the role of T-cells restricted by cost for the virus. As inhibition of O-linked
Olvera was rated among the most highly We also study possible factors governing HLA-E. The assessment of T-cell receptor glycosylation greatly enhances viral
cited researchers of 2014 and 2015 by HCV evolution and immune determinants usage by HIV-specific T cell responses replication, this strategy has also been
Awards and recognition Thompson Reuters. of organ rejection in HIV-infected liver were initiated this year in collaboration used to improve viral outgrowth kinetics,
Christian Brander: Organizing transplant recipients. These studies with the CNAG in Barcelona, employing enabling better characterization of the
Committee of the R4P (Research are also expanded to the clinical setting single-cell transcriptomic analyses aimed replication component viral reservoir in
for Prevention) Programme where the organ recipient as well as at obtaining detailed information on the HIV-infected individuals.
(Madrid 2018) the organ donor are HIV-infected. A T-cell receptor repertoire in HIV infection.
Christian Brander: Steering kidney transplant model is also used Continuing work in liver transplant
Committee of the HIVACAR project to determine the effects that ablative Thanks to the support by the Glòria recipients has enhanced understanding
Christian Brander: Scientific pre-transplant conditioning treatment Soler Foundation, we have essentially of both viral evolution in HCV-infected
Advisory Board for the GREAT has on the repertoire of post-transplant completed the analyses of samples individuals and the impact of host and
project T-cells and to evaluate how this collected in the BCN02 clinical trial. In this donor genetic factors on survival and
Beatriz Mothe: Professional repertoire contributes to the control trial, early-treated HIV-infected individuals organ rejection. In 2017, the group
Excellence Award from the College of opportunistic infections associated received a therapeutic vaccination and identified genetic markers in the IL28
of Physicians of Barcelona with post-transplant lymphoproliferative a treatment to reactivate the dormant genes in patients and donor organs that
Beatriz Mothe: Protagonist of the diseases and other malignant disorders. virus and then stopped their antiretroviral have an impact on liver fibrosis after
Just the Essentials campaign (“la treatment. During 2017, when participants transplantation and organ rejection On
Caixa” Banking Foundation) were monitored to detect possible viral the basis of these data, we have also been
2017 milestones and rebound, we observed prolonged control able to establish a link between strong
Graduate theses perspectives for the future of viral replication in 5 of the 14 subjects pre-transplant allo-reactivity and organ
The role of HLA-E expression We have continued to advance the HTI that stopped treatment. Preliminary rejection. For the transplantation work,
profiles in the in vivo control of HIV. T-cell immunogen, now entering the results presented at various international we have also progressed our collaboration
Author: Clara Duran clinical trial phase. In these studies, conferences have been received with with a clinical site in Cape Town in South
Degree in Biotechnology, HTI is included in different vectors and great interest and we are not completing Africa where the first cohort of HIV-
University of Vic-Central University combinations of vectors, including these analyses with additional in vitro positive-to-HIV-positive transplant studies
of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) RNA, DNA and MVA. The clinical grade studies. had been initiated and which offers a
Tutor(s): C. Brander, M. Ruiz-Riol production of chimpanzee adenovirus unique opportunity to study virological
Grade: Excellent vector (ChAd) expressing HTI is underway Progress has also been made in identifying and immunological parameters of
as well and will allow us to assess how plasma factors associated with control of successful transplantation in this context.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 16 Memòria IrsiCaixa 2017 | 17
HIV Pathogenesis
Principal investigator Team Presentation host genetic factors in susceptibility to Preliminary results will enable possible
Networks The HIV Pathogenesis group focuses on HPV is poorly understood. Pre-existing therapeutic targets to be identified
- Thematic AIDS Research José Esté Associate researcher(s) four main lines of research: HPV infection may act as a cofactor for that will limit or reduce the viral
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS Ester Ballana HIV-1 transmission and infection through reservoir, induce immunity to HIV and
RD12/0017/0002) 1. Identification of new cellular cofactors cellular and molecular mechanisms that maybe even assist in HIV eradication.
- Recognized Group Dr. José Esté’s laboratory focuses on the Post-doc researcher(s) of viral infections generate an environment conducive to Based on preliminary results, the
SSGR2014/121. HIV study of cofactors associated with HIV-1 Roger Badia Our work over the past few years has coinfection. We propose to study the group is confident that it will be able
Pathogenesis infection and the relationship with AIDS Eva Riveira-Muñoz focused on the study of cell targets expression of HIV infection cofactors to contribute to both understanding
- European Epitranscriptomics pathogenesis. Dr. Esté, with a degree in as an antiviral intervention strategy modulated by early infection events or HIV/AIDS immunopathogenesis and
Network (CA COST Action Medical Sciences from the Katholieke Pre-doc researcher(s) and on validation of these targets in HPV reactivation in infected cell models identifying new therapy and immune
CA16120) Universiteit Leuven, has directed 13 Marc Castellví cohorts of HIV-positive patients. This and in patients coinfected to varying reconstitution alternatives.
doctoral theses in the last ten years, has Edurne García work has allowed us to build a portfolio degrees. Our project results will lay
filed four patents in the last five years Maria Pujantell of cellular factors at different stages of the foundations for new treatment,
Awards and recognition and has participated in the publication development, ranging from new target prophylaxis and prevention strategies
José Esté: President of the of over 160 papers. His research group identification/validation and approved for sexually transmitted viral infections.
International Society for has received external funding since drug monitoring to technology transfers
Antiviral Research (2016-2018) 1999, including under national and through reports to pharmaceutical
Edurne García: FI-Gencat grant European projects and contracts with companies or patent registration. 2017 milestones
2016-2018 pharmaceutical companies. We plan to continue work underway
and to improve both the quantity and
Dr. Esté is Chairperson of the International 2. Study of viral entry and between-cell quality of our publications. Significant
Awarded projects 2017 Society for Antiviral Research and transfer mechanisms efforts have been invested in applying
Validation and development participates in the organization of various HIV needs cell activation and inter- and for and obtaining competitive funding
of an effective biomarker for international meetings. He is the editor intra-cellular signalling mechanisms to improve the quantity and quality
antimetabolite response. of Antiviral Research and a member of to ensure productive replication and of our scientific output and to acquire
Funding body(ies): Spanish the editorial boards of Antimicrobial the establishment of chronic infection. more staff. Accepted in 2017 was a
Health Research Fund (FIS) Agents and Chemotherapy and the Chemokines and other cytokines induce new Spanish Health Research Fund
Jan 2018-Dec 2020 Journal of Biological Chemistry, among maturation, survival and proliferation (FIS) project to continue with the
Head investigator: Ester Ballana others. He acts as an expert consultant of lymphocyte cells targeted by HIV development of SAMHD1 as a possible
Other participating bodies: to the Research Executive Agency of the and also regulate the expression of therapeutic marker. Funding was also
Germans Trias i Pujol University European Commission and participates in chemokine receptors (CXCR4 and CCR5), granted for research staff under the
Hospital (HUGTP), Josep various international project evaluation which act as the main co-receptors of Strategic Research and Innovation Plan
Carreras Foundation panels. HIV entry and the intracellular signalling for Health (PERIS) and by the Agency
that leads to virus-induced cell death. for Administration of University and
In the entry process, and particularly Research Grants (AGAUR), to Roger
in cell-to-cell transmission, different Badia and Edurne Garcia-Vidal,
receptors play a key role. Chemokines respectively.
and cytokines modulate expression in
the cell surface and activate the cells The group now has five projects receiving
necessary for viral replication. Our aim external funding. All our researchers are
is to deepen understanding of both the funded or are principal investigators of
mechanisms of interaction between HIV projects. Dr. Esté continues to be an
and the target cell admitting HIV entry expert advisor to the Research Executive
and the subsequent viral replication Agency of the European Commission
process. and Chairperson of the International
Society for Antiviral Research.
3. New antiviral drug development
We continue to screen and characterize Perspectives for 2018
the antiviral activity of new compounds, Basic research is and will continue to
placing special emphasis on compounds be a cornerstone in generating the
active against viral strains resistant knowledge necessary to discover new
to other drugs and on validating new and effective strategies to cure HIV,
therapeutic targets based on cell viral AIDS and other infectious diseases. Our
infection cofactors. goal is to continue our research into HIV
cellular cofactors and restriction factors
4. Coinfection as a model for studying so as to determine mechanisms of action
the virus-host relationship and determine their possible role in the
The role of mucosal immunology and formation of viral reservoirs in patients.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 18 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 19
Retrovirology and
Clinical Studies (GREC)
Principal investigator Team Presentation — Characterization of primary cervical
Networks Our group focuses on translational studies myeloid cells that interact with HIV-1 via Funding body(ies): POP TEST
- Recognized Group Javier Martínez-Picado Associate researcher(s) of HIV-1 infection and on investigating, Siglec-1. Oncology LLC
SGR2014/211. Clinical and Nuria Izquierdo-Useros through both basic and applied research, — Generation of blocking monoclonal Mar 2017- Sept 2017
Basic AIDS Research Group potential new HIV/AIDS therapeutic antibodies to inhibit the Siglec-1 Research supervisor(s): Javier
- Thematic AIDS Research Post-doc researcher(s) strategies. The group works closely with receptor. Martínez-Picado, María Carmen
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS El Dr. Javier Martinez-Picado is a Maria Salgado the HIV outpatient unit at the Germans Puertas
RD12/0017/0002) Catalan Institute for Research and Trias i Pujol University Hospital, attending
- Member of the American Advanced Studies (ICREA) researcher Pre-doc researcher(s) some 2,000 individuals with the infection. 3. Extreme HIV infection phenotypes An open-label study of
Society for Microbiology (JMP) at IrsiCaixa and associate lecturer at Susana Benet Its research programme focuses on — Study of patients who spontaneously safety, pharmacokinetics and
- Member of the International the University of Vic-Central University Cristina Gálvez four priority areas: (1) HIV cure; (2) HIV control viral replication for more than ten pharmacodynamics of ABX464
AIDS Society and the Scientific of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). He obtained Sara Morón-López (to September 2017) pathogenesis mediated by dendritic cells; years without antiretroviral treatment. in HIV-1 seronegative and
Working Group on HIV Cure at his PhD on Bacterial Genomics from Daniel Pérez-Zsolt (3) extreme HIV infection phenotypes; and — Study (in adults and children) of the seropositive adults.
IAS (JMP) the University of Barcelona (UB) in Maria Pino (to April 2017) (4) new therapeutic strategies. factors involved in the non-progressive Funding body(ies): ABIVAX
- Member of the Forum HIV 1996 and was subsequently contracted viremic phenotype, which, in emulating 2016–2019
Cure Project (JMP) by Massachusetts General Hospital Laboratory technicians the natural host with SIV infection (sooty Research supervisor(s): Dr. Ross
- Member of the US in Boston as a researcher at Harvard Silvia Bernal 2017 Milestones mangabey monkeys), presents high Cranston
Consortium for Functional Medical School, where he engaged in Itziar Erkizia 1. HIV-1 cure viremia but no pathogenesis. Other participating bodies: Fight
Glycomics (JMP) research into AIDS. In 2000 he obtained Mª Carmen Puertas — Consolidation of an international cohort — Characterization of patients with AIDS Foundation
- Member of the Catalan a position as a Spanish Ministry of Health of HIV-positive patients treated with extremely low viral reservoirs receiving Other linked IrsiCaixa groups:
Biology Society (Virology biomedical researcher assigned to the Cohorts and project management allogeneic stem-cell transplants for severe antiretroviral treatment. Microbial Genomics, Tissue
Group) (JMP) Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, Judith Dalmau haematologic disease (IciStem). This is the — Study of methylation of the complete Virology
- Member of the Spanish where he focused on translational aspects only therapeutic intervention to date that genome in association with HIV infection
Virology Society (JMP) of HIV-1 infection. He is a member of Biostatistician(s) is capable of significantly reducing the viral and disease progression.
- Member of the Spanish several scientific, industrial and academic Víctor Urrea reservoir. Awards and recognition
Infectious Diseases and Clinical committees, has published some 150 — Given the good penetration in the male Maria Salgado: IAS/ANRS
Microbiology Society (GESIDA- papers in international journals (H-index Visiting researcher(s) reproductive tract, further study of the new Perspectives for 2018 Dominique Dormont Prize,
SEIMC) 45), has presented findings at numerous David Bejarano (University of inhibitor of viral integration, dolutegravir, Our programmes will lead to the awarded by the International AIDS
conferences (some 160 papers and 130 Heidelberg, Germany), Marie-Angélique which inhibits viral replication with a development of new strategies for Society (July 2017)
keynote speeches) and has directed de Scheerder (University of Ghent, dynamic similar to that in blood plasma, treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS.
Awarded projects 2017 eight doctoral theses (with three more Belgium), Ángel Bayón (master’s student, thereby facilitating HIV elimination from Regarding the entire set of programmes,
Allogeneic Stem Cell currently underway). University of Barcelona) this anatomical compartment considered the group aims to do the following: (1)
Transplantation in HIV-1 Infected a potential viral reservoir. quantify the size and analyse the role
Individuals. — Study of new immunotherapies with of the viral reservoir by developing
Funding body(ies): amfAR blocking monoclonal antibodies (α-PD- virological monitoring tools for the blood
Foundation for AIDS research 1 and α-PD-L1) in HIV-positive patients and tissues of patients on antiretroviral
(ARCHE Programme ) Ref: with oncological disease in order to assess therapy; (2) study clinical interventions
109552-61-RGRL effects at the tumoral and viral levels. aimed at reducing viral reservoirs and
Mar 2017- Feb 2018 — Evaluation of drugs with new antiviral controlling viral persistence; (3) generate
Research supervisor(s): Javier action mechanisms for their ability to new therapeutic agents to block HIV-1 and
Martínez-Picado reduce the viral reservoir. Ebola cell-cell transmission via myeloids,
— Evaluation of impact on the size of viral specifically by interrupting virus-Siglec-1
Call for scholarships and grants reservoirs of therapeutic vaccines with interaction; (4) build nanoliposomes that
for the training of doctors under and without viral latency reactivators. specifically target Siglec-1 as expressed
the National Programme for — Development of a new gene therapy in dendritic cells as a drug-release
University Teacher Training 2015 for elimination of the CCR5 viral receptor mechanism, latency reactivation agent or
(FPU15/03698). through TALENs. viral immunogen; ( 5) continue exploring
Funding body(ies): Spanish — Development of a new nanoparticle the role of virus-host interactions in
Ministry of Education, Culture technology aimed at myeloid cells to extreme HIV-1 infection phenotypes; (6)
and Sport induce viral reactivation and promote a explore therapeutic applications of factors
Jun 2017- Apr 2020 cytotoxic response. underlying the viremic non-progressor
Research supervisor(s): Javier phenotype, whose profile is similar to that
Martínez-Picado of the natural host in having an immune
2. Myeloid cell role in viral pathogenesis system that is not affected by high levels of
Evaluation of mechanisms — Translation of knowledge acquired viremia; and (7) study cellular protection
mediating anti-viral activity of PT regarding the Siglec-1 receptor to other against HIV-1 infection in individuals who
compounds. infectious pathologies, including Ebola remain uninfected despite exposure to
and tuberculosis. the virus.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 20 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 21
HIV and HCV Genetic
and Phenotypic Variability

Principal investigator Team Presentation different codon pairs in the gag (1502 phenotypic resistance to viral protease
Networks The main goal of our group is to nucleotides), pol (3011 nucleotides) inhibitors in a similar way to wild-type
- Thematic AIDS Research Miguel Ángel Martínez Post-doc researcher(s) understand the molecular bases and env (2069 nucleotides) regions viruses. Our results show that viruses
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS Sandra Franco underlying HIV and HCV evolution and of HIV-1 (pNL4-3). Only synonymous recoded in the pol region show a pattern
RD12/0017/0002) Maria Nevot variation. A better understanding of substitutions have been introduced. of resistance to protease inhibitors that
- Recognized Group HIV and HCV evolutionary dynamics The recoded segments have the same is different from that of the wild-type
SGR2014/92. HIV and HCV Author of 106 research papers published Pre-doc researcher(s) would enable a definition of the factors amino-acid sequence as the wild-type virus (Nevot et al 2017, in press). Our
Genetic and Phenotypic in journals indexed in PubMed (mostly in Ana Jordán that contribute to immune evasion, virus but have different arrangements results confirm that the virus recoded
Variability the HIV field) and three worldwide patents. immune persistence and the emergence of synonymous codon pairs. That these in their use of codon pairs occupy a
Director of nine doctoral theses. Editor of of variants resistant to new antivirals. viruses have an attenuated phenotype sequence space that is different from
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Studies of HIV and HCV variation can depends, on the one hand, on the that of the wild-type virus. Note that
Awarded projects 2017 (American Society for Microbiology, ASM) potentially contribute to the design of presence of mutations in certain gag, even though the recoded viruses show
HCV genetic variability in acute and member of the editorial board of new antiviral strategies, bearing in mind pol or env regions that do not allow different patterns of resistance, their
hepatitis C infection in HIV- Antiviral Research (International Society the high mutation rates. synonymous nucleotide changes — phenotypic resistance is similar to that
positive men who have sex with for Antiviral Research, ISAR). Author of whether because they affect the of the wild-type virus, suggesting that
men in Western Europe. ten book chapters and guest editor of Our group is developing a strategy based secondary RNA structure or because the recoded virus is, in mutation terms,
Funding body(ies): European RNA Interference and Viruses: Current on a new technology called synthetic of their effect on the translation of the equally as robust as the wild-type virus.
AIDS Treatment Network (NEAT) Innovations and Future Trends (Caister: attenuated virus engineering (SAVE), corresponding messenger — and on These results have been reported in the
Oct 2017 - Dec 2018 Norfolk, UK, 2010). For ten years, which recodes and synthesizes parts the other hand, on base pair content first published study on the evolutionary
Participating bodies: IrsiCaixa, Chairperson of the Virology section of of the viral genome while maintaining (e.g., the presence of CpG and/or TPA). capacity of an enzyme recoded in its use
Fight AIDS Foundation, Bonn the Catalan Biology Society (attached the amino-acid sequence present in of synonymous codons.
University Hospital (Germany) to the Institute of Catalan Studies, IEC). the wild-type virus and attenuating An important issue is to develop a
Research supervisor(s): M.A. Recipient in 2006 of the International virulence. This technique has been protocol for culture production of We have also explored the impact of the
Martínez AIDS Society (IAS) award for the most successfully used to develop attenuating HIV-1 infected tissue (MT-4 cells) from use of synonymous codons in terms of
cited basic-research author in the journal poliovirus and influenza virus vaccines transfection of synthetic DNA fragments an ability to both express the Env viral
AIDS. (Martinez et al, Trends in Microbiology, (produced by chemical synthesis or protein and to replicate the virus. The six
Master’s theses 2016). PCR) in the absence of infectious virus env-HIV-1 gene codons AGG, GAG, CCT,
Study of the mechanism clones. We have produced infectious ACT, CTC and GGG were synonymously
responsible for altering HIV- Deoptimization of different moieties of virus from one or more DNA fragments changed to CGT, GAA, CCG, ACG, TTA
1 viral replication caused by the HIV-1 gag and pol genes has enabled (up to six fragments have been tested) and GGA, respectively, generating a
a change in gag gene use of the development of variants of HIV-1 covering the complete HIV-1 genome. new Env protein, with results showing
codons. with attenuated phenotypes in MT-4 Preliminary results indicate that the that the ability to replicate HIV-1 is
Author: Víctor Forteza Krättli cells and PBMCs obtained from healthy stability of the different viral variants is affected by codon use. Also observed
Tutor(s): M. Nevot, M.A. donors (Martrus et al. Retrovirology associated with the loss of replicative was that mutations in the Env 3 coding
Martínez 2013; Nevot et al. 2017). capacity and, more importantly, with region can induce lethality. Ex-vivo
Master in Advanced the number of mutations introduced, expression experiments have shown
Immunology, Autonomous The study of viruses is a pioneering which, in turn, determine the that Env protein translation is affected.
University of Barcelona (UAB) endeavour in the new research field phenotypic stability of viruses whose Our results underline the importance
End date: Sept 2017 of synonymous genome recoding and, biological effectiveness is reduced. of synonymous substitutions in the
Grade: Excellent together with synthetic biology, is Massive sequencing of individual configuration of the viral phenotype.
giving rise to interesting basic biology clones (viral quasispecies) has yielded
applications and the development of information on the sequence space We plan to continue using and deepening
novel therapies. Despite great progress explored by different viral variants. our knowledge of the SAVE technology.
in research into viral genome recoding We also plan to study the possible effect
and attenuation, several questions as yet An unexplored aspect of HIV-1 genetic of bias in the use of codon pairs in HIV-
remain unanswered. A priority would architecture is how choice regarding 1 and HCV translation and evolutionary
be to decipher the mechanism through use of synonymous codons influences capacity, as well as the stability of
which synonymous mutations affect the the diversity and evolutionary capacity recoded viral variants. These variants
virus phenotype. of the virus. To be clarified is whether will also be used to identify functional
the HIV-1 genome sequences are redundant RNA elements in the coded
optimized not only in the amino-acid sequences for HIV-1 and HCV. Because
2017 milestones and perspectives sequences but also in the viral RNA synonymous recoding is directed to
for the future and proviral DNA sequences. We have a basic function like translation, our
Our group is currently studying the explored whether viruses recoded in the hypothesis is that bias in the use of
stability of attenuated viruses and the pol region — with 13% of synonymous codons, codon pairs or dinucleotide
possibility of obtaining a new attenuated mutations that alter codon pair usage composition potentially has a general
virus by deoptimizing other viral genes. but not viral replicative capacity — application in terms of altering the
Recoding has been done by introducing are able to develop genotypic and phenotypes of viruses and organisms.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 22 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 23
Cell Virology
and Immunoly (VIC)
Principal investigator Team Presentation the Gag viral protein, are a potentially
Networks Julià Blanco Our group focuses on studies of the HIV excellent platform for the development Other participating bodies:
- Recognized Group Associate researcher(s) envelope protein, the only viral protein of new vaccines against HIV and other AlbaJuna Therapeutics, SL
SGR2014/211. Clinical and Basic Jorge Carrillo exposed to the outside of the HIV particle. pathogens. The new patent reflects
AIDS Research Group It is, therefore: potential applications to different
- Thematic AIDS Research Dr. Blanco’s group has conducted in- Post-doc researcher(s) — the viral factor that determines viral or bacterial infectious diseases Doctoral theses
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS depth studies of the HIV envelope Carmen Aguilar virus spread and the target protein for and to oncology. The development of Identification of immune
RD12/0017/0002). The group protein and its role in viral transmission Luis M. Molinos neutralizing humoral response these applications was assisted by the biomarkers for use in early HIV
actively participates in the and CD4 cell death and has also Mª Luisa Rodríguez — the main determinant of CD4 cell recruitment of post-doctoral researcher detection and monitoring in Sub-
detection and characterization developed various tools for analysing destruction and the resulting chronic Carmen Aguilar. Saharan Africa.
of widely neutralizing broad- the function of this protein both in vitro Pre-doc researcher(s) inflammation. Author: Lucía Pastor
spectrum antibodies for different and in vivo. The immunological and Montserrat Jiménez Antibody characterization Defended: 11 Oct 2017
patient groups in the Vaccination virological knowledge generated has Lucía Pastor These two aspects of the viral envelope New antibodies, whose identification is Department of International
Programme and also participates allowed the group to develop different Ferran Tarrés have shaped our activity in recent years. managed by Dr. Jorge Carrillo, have been Health, University of Barcelona
in WP4 and WP5 of the tools aimed at studying the following: (1) We have invested significant efforts in isolated from HIV-positive individuals. (UB)
Immunogenicity Programme. immunological alterations that induce Laboratory technician(s) studies of the humoral response to the The characterization of these antibodies Director(s): Julià Blanco, Denise
— HIVphagy. The group HIV in infected individuals (immune Silvia Marfil viral envelope, developing new tests to is already underway and collaborations Naniche
participates in the PICS activation, immunosenescence, immune identify protective and non-protective with other institutions (BSC) have been Grade: Excellent with
consortium, which studies the dysfunction); (2) antibody response to Biostatistician responses, optimizing technologies established in order to develop the International Mention
role of autophagy in HIV infection. the HIV envelope and new natural and Víctor Urrea to isolate natural human antibodies project in optimal technical conditions.
- EUROMENE. The group synthetic antibodies with therapeutic and designing and producing synthetic The development of recombinant Functional characterization
participates in this Cost Action applications; and (3) vaccinations based Visiting researcher(s) antibodies for application in treatments. antibodies is ongoing within the of T-lymphocytes in HIV-
funded by H2020 (European on the envelope protein presented in Santa Rasa (Rigas Stradina We have also developed a VLP platform framework of the spin-off AlbaJuna positive individuals with poor
Commission) for the study of the form of proteoliposomes or VLPs. Dr. Universitate, Augusta Kirhensteina and a proteoliposome platform to Therapeutics, SL, whose activity immunological recovery. Study of
myalgia encephalomyelitis/ Blanco is, along with Dr. Carrillo and Dr. Mikrobiologijas un virusologijas produce anti-HIV vaccines that generate continues in the discovery phase. the mechanisms involved in the
chronic fatigue syndrome Clotet, a scientific director of the spin- Instituts- Latvia) protective antibodies. immunodiscordant response to
(ME/CFS), contributing with off AlbaJuna Therapeutics, SL, founded antiretroviral treatment.
its knowledge regarding in 2016, which develops HIV vaccine AlbaJuna Therapeutics team CD4 cell destruction, chronic Immune impairment in persons with HIV Author: Elisabet Gómez
immunological factors associated platforms that may have applications inflammation and immune system During 2017, with the active assistance of Defended: 29 June 2017
with this disease. beyond HIV infection. Post-doc researcher(s) ageing (known as inflamm-ageing) Víctor Urrea, we further developed the Department of Cell Biology,
Ester Aparicio have been studied through the analysis OurFlow software (project DTS15/00185) Physiology and Immunology,
Francesc Cunyat of different cohorts of HIV-infected as a key tool for rapidly analysing complex Autonomous University of
Awarded projects 2017 Cristina Lorca patients, for whom we have extensively immunological data (multicolour flow Barcelona (UAB)
Development of a HIV vaccine characterized the viral envelope function cytometry). This software has enabled Director(s): Julià Blanco, Cecilia
platform based on high-density and cell production and destruction us (in a project undertaken with the Cabrera
antigenic VLPs. mechanisms (thymic production, Microbial Genomics group) to respond Grade: Excellent cum laude
Funding body(ies): Spanish activation, immunosenescence and cell to key questions regarding the immune
Ministry of the Economy, death mechanisms such as apoptosis system-gut microbiota relationship and
Industry and Competitiveness, and autophagy). Our group has also the earliest immunological events in HIV Master’s theses
Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) developed new tools for analysing these infection as analysed in the GAMA study. Characterization of humoral
Jan 2018- Dec 2020 data (OurFlow software). The OurFlow software has also opened response in HIV-1 infection
Research supervisor(s): Julià up participation of our group in different controllers and non-controllers.
Blanco The ultimate goal of our research is to clinical studies (INDOOR, RALATOR, Author: Edwards Pradenas
Other participating bodies: develop vaccines that protect against Cohort>60). Tutor(s): Julià Blanco
Germans Trias i Pujol Research HIV infection and to develop therapeutic Master’s Degree in Advanced
Institute Foundation. strategies (based on antibodies or Immunology, Autonomous
Other linked IrsiCaixa groups: inflamm-ageing modulators) that University of Barcelona (UAB)
Host Genetics and Cellular contribute to functional cure or and University of Barcelona (UB)
Immunity eradication of HIV in infected individuals. Grade: Excellent

Funding body(ies): European 2017 milestones and perspectives
Commission (H2020) for the future
Jan 2017- Oct 2021 Vaccine development
Research supervisor(s): Julian In 2017 we patented the invention of new
Ma (St George’s Hospital Medical VLPs for the development of vaccines
School, London), Julià Blanco (patent EP1638234.4). These VLPs,
based on the fusion of immunogens with
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 24 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 25
Tissue Virology (VITI)
Principal investigator She has published some 40 papers in Presentation poor immunological recovery and poor infection with CMV is an important factor
Networks international scientific journals, has The group focuses its activities on three clinical response. in high mortality/morbidity rates for
- Thematic AIDS Research Cecilia Cabrera participated in numerous national and main research lines: these patients.
Networks (ISCIII RETIC RIS international conferences, has benefited Urinary bladder cancer — Determination of cellular immune
RD12/0017/0002) from ongoing public and private funding HIV pathogenesis in lymphoid tissue Bladder cancer is one of the most system functionality and characterization
- Recognized Group for her research and collaborates with HIV infection can be viewed as a mucosa- prevalent cancers in the world. Around of the specific cellular response. Despite
SGR2014/211. Clinical and Basic Cecilia Cabrera graduated in Biological several national and international groups. associated disease whose pathogenesis 80% of patients present with superficial having a phenotypically very altered
AIDS Research Group Sciences from the University of Barcelona In the teaching area, she is a lecturer on develops in two phases: an acute phase, bladder cancer confined to the mucosa. T-cell compartment, immunodiscordant
(UB) in 1994 and obtained her PhD in the microbiology degree course at the associated with a massive loss of CD4+ The standard treatment for this cancer individuals preserve their polyclonal
Biological Sciences from the Autonomous Autonomous University of Barcelona T-cells resident in the mucosa, especially is the intravesical administration of BCG and HIV-specific responses. In contrast,
Projects University of Barcelona (UAB) in 2001. (UAB) and has been the director of one in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (Mycobacterium bovis mycobacterium) specific responses to CMV are much
A randomized, double- After a period of postdoctoral studies doctoral thesis and co-director of a (GALT), and a chronic phase, featured and, although the mechanism of action higher in immunodiscordant patients
blind, placebo-controlled at IrsiCaixa, in 2005 she obtained a second doctoral thesis. by gradual destruction of CD4 T-cells is not fully understood, it is thought than in immunoconcordant or HIV-
phase I trial to evaluate the Miguel Servet contract (ISCIII) as a in peripheral blood, a high degree of that it activates the immune system and negative individuals. This reinforces the
immunomodulatory effect biomedical researcher at the Germans immunological activation and massive attracts immune cells to the bladder idea that co-infection with CMV plays a
of RUTI® in individuals with Trias i Pujol University Hospital, where production of pro-inflammatory wall. BCG potentially prevents the significant role in the inadequate immune
high-risk non-muscle-invasive she was confirmed as an established cytokines. appearance of new tumours but, despite recovery of these individuals.
bladder cancer (NMIBC) treated researcher in 2010. Her research, initially its effectiveness, many patients fail to — Determination of the role played
with intravesical bacillus focused on evaluating the initial stages The mechanisms of destruction of respond and no alternative is as yet by autophagy in immune recovery.
calmette-guérin (BCG). of the viral replication cycle, is currently CD4 T-cells and the reasons for GALT available. Our group is working to improve T-cell autophagic response is reduced
Funding body(ies): Archivel aimed at evaluating the pathogenic Team incomplete immune recovery, despite current treatment by developing new in immunodiscordant patients.
Farma, SL effects of HIV in the lymphoid tissue of antiretroviral treatment and unlike what therapeutic strategies and identifying Characterization of the autophagy
2017 - 2020 infected individuals. In collaboration Pre-doc researcher(s) is observed in peripheral blood, is a biomarkers that would predict response process in other patient cohorts would
Research supervisor(s): Cecilia with the Department of Urology of Elisabet Gómez current topic of debate. This difference to treatments. improve understanding of the role played
Cabrera the Germans Trias i Pujol University Sònia Pedreño between blood and tissue has highlighted by this process in the immune recovery
Hospital, Dr. Cabrera has extended her Roberto Martínez the importance of assessing the effect of 2017 milestones and perspectives of HIV-infected individuals.
An Open-Label Study of the research to superficial bladder cancer both the virus and antiretroviral therapy for the future
Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and and the role played by the immune Laboratory technician on lymphoid tissue, as this is where In 2017, the results obtained in different Bladder cancer
Pharmacodynamics of ABX464 system in responding to treatment. Elisabet García latent viral infection (the viral reservoir) lines of work were as follows: — Therapeutic strategies for improving
in HIV-1 Seronegative and is established. Therefore, studies in treatment with BCG. A phase I clinical trial
Seropositive adult subjects. this area can contribute to achieving HIV pathogenesis in lymphoid tissue has been launched to study the possibility
Funding body(ies): ABIVAX total eradication of the virus. Our group — Determination of autophagy in tonsil of strengthening the immune system of
2017 - 2018 evaluates viral pathogenic effects (for HIV cells using different techniques. This has individuals with superficial bladder cancer
Research supervisor(s): and SIV) and the impact of antiretroviral enabled us to evaluate the changes that before they receive intravesical BCG,
Cecilia Cabrera drugs on the tissue of HIV-positive occur in autophagy after HIV infection. so as to improve clinical efficacy of the
individuals with different levels of viral — Demonstration that, in lymphoid treatment.
and/or immune control as well as in ex tissue, cell death is a complex process — Study of treatment response
Doctoral theses vivo models of healthy donor tissue. that implies both non-inflammatory biomarkers. A cohort of individuals with
Functional characterization death (apoptosis and autophagy) and superficial bladder cancer has been
of T-lymphocytes in HIV- Functional evaluation of the immune inflammatory death (pyroptosis). established in order to study possible
positive individuals with poor system of individuals with poor immune — Description of the effects of cell blood, urine and tissue biomarkers of
immunological recovery. Study recovery death inhibition on HIV pathogenesis. response to treatment.
of the mechanisms involved in Massive destruction in GALT is one of Evaluation of the effects of different
the immunodiscordant response the possible causes of poor immune drugs modulating autophagy, apoptosis
to antiretroviral treatment. recovery after antiretroviral treatment, and pyroptosis in infection will allow us
Author: Elisabet Gómez observed in 15%-30% of people infected to determine if these processes could be
Defended: 29 June 2017 with HIV. These immunodiscordant new therapeutic targets.
Department of Cell Biology, responders present a maturation of the
Physiology and Immunology, altered T-cell compartment and greater Immunodiscordant responders
Autonomous University of inflammation and immunosenenesce, — Determination of the effect of the
Barcelona (UAB) ultimately resulting in higher morbidity humoral immune response against CMV
Director(s): Julià Blanco, Cecilia and mortality. Having collaborated in in immune recovery. Immunodiscordant
Cabrera immunophenotype characterization individuals present higher levels of IgG
Grade: Excellent cum laude of immunodiscordant individuals, the antibodies against CMV in plasma than
group’s current focus is on functional individuals with adequate immune
characterization of the immune system recovery. This increase in IgG levels is
of these individuals and on studying the the result of a greater number of CMV
role played by CMV co-infection in their reactivations, which suggests that co-
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 26 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 27
Research Management

Memòria IrsiCaixa 2015 | 28 Memòria IrsiCaixa 2015 | 29

Scientific and Research and Innovation
Technical Services Management Office
Sample Conservation optimizing antiretroviral treatments. In The Office of Research and Innovation

and Processing Service this context, the need arose to create the Management (RIMO) fosters the sharing
The IrsiCaixa Retrovirology Laboratory, Sequencing Service so that all patients types of of procedures and tools developed to
which began operations in 1993, could have access to this technique. samples support and manage projects developed
processes and preserves biological collected by both IrsiCaixa and Living Lab for Published
samples from HIV-infected patients for The Sequencing Service commenced Health research groups, while ensuring Title: HIV antibody derivatives with
use in research projects. operations in 1999 as a healthcare service their adaptability to the specific needs of dual antiviral and immunomodulatory
receiving samples from the Germans each group. activity.

Over the years, the laboratory has Trias i Pujol University Hospital and other Inventor(s): Jorge Carrillo,
processed and conserved samples for public and private centres. In addition RIMO works closely with IrsiCaixa and Bonaventura Clotet, Julià Blanco
numerous projects and clinical trials to its healthcare role, the Sequencing Living Lab to identify emerging needs, Patent number: WO 2017085563 A1
sponsored by IrsiCaixa and external Service also participates in research cells provide support to management, Date granted: 26/05/2017
national and international sponsors. This projects and clinical trials in collaboration optimize mechanisms and tools and Organization: IrsiCaixa

activity has developed into a platform with research groups and pharmaceutical maximize synergies. Exploiting company(ies): AlbaJuna
that aims to aid research requiring companies. Therapeutics, S.L.
human samples. This year, renewed efforts have been
The Sequencing Service, in collaboration plasma invested in obtaining funding through Filed
Currently, the service routinely processes with the Germans Trias i Pujol Institute participation in projects financed by Title: Virus Like Particles with high

and stores samples for 33 active studies for Health Science Research (IGTP), is major international public agencies in density coating for the production of
and maintains a large sample collection currently implementing next-generation Europe and the USA, as well as through neutralizing antibodies.
for research into HIV and other infections sequencing technologies, which are more grants to researchers as a complement Inventor(s): Luis Molinos, Jorge
(registered with the National Registry of sensitive in identifying possible low-level serum to existing resources. Access to specific Carrillo, Julià Blanco
Biobanks, No. C0000814). resistance to drugs and potentially have training and to expert consultants with Application number: EP1638234.4

an important role to play in the success whom we have long-distance alliances Applicant(s): IrsiCaixa
Sequencing Service of antiretroviral treatments. has already materialized in NIH funding
Since its launch, IrsiCaixa has used the in the last quarter of 2017 and should Title: Fc-fusion protein derivatives
HIV genotyping technique to determine To ensure the quality of its results, the other allow us to further improve our support with high dual HIV antiviral and
resistance to antiretrovirals, initially Sequencing Service is subject to regular and management services. immunomodulatory activity.
on an experimental basis for patients external quality controls (QCMD ENVA Inventor(s): Jorge Carrillo,
included in clinical trials. The technique HIV-1 Drug Resistance Genotyping Bonaventura Clotet, Julià Blanco
was soon found to be very useful for Proficiency Programme). Total: 128,100 Application number: 62504411
Applicant(s): AlbaJuna Therapeutics,

Title: Methods for Identifying HIV
Neutralizing Antibodies.

876 samples
Inventor(s): Jorge Carrillo, Julià
Head Blanco
analysed Mireia Manent Patent number: EP2893349
Date granted: 14/07/2017
Organization: IrsiCaixa
Coordinator Judith Dalmau
Lidia Ruiz public centres Chiara Mancuso

Sample Conservation
and Processing Service
Eulàlia Grau private centres
Rafi Ayen
Lucía Gómez

Sequencing Service
Teresa Puig
Cristina Ramírez

Susana Esteban
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 30 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 31
Living Lab for Health
In 2017, IrsiCaixa‘s Living Lab for Health LINES OF ACTION 2017 — RRI and co-creation training for — HIV/AIDS outreach programme.
continued with its tasks focused on professionals. Living Lab offers training IrsiCaixa continues to offer reflection
promoting more open and inclusive — Co-ResponsaVIHlitat. This project, to researchers, healthcare personnel, and dissemination sessions regarding
research and innovation, in line with participated in by some 680 social public policymakers and patients HIV prevention at CaixaForum and
new trends defined by the EU under the actors, aims to develop an RD&I from various universities and research CosmoCaixa events in Barcelona. These
umbrella of Responsible Research and Agenda for HIV and STI prevention centres throughout Europe. Training can sessions are complemented by the
Innovation (RRI), Open Innovation and using collaborative and participatory be customized and is also offered for LaboCosmoCaixa (jointly organized
Open Science. methodologies. doctoral, master’s and undergraduate by “la Caixa” Banking Foundation and
courses. Living Lab also participates in IrsiCaixa) activity, aimed at encouraging
Living Lab projects fall into one of two national and international conferences, young people to do research with
categories: seminars and workshops. a vaccine candidate developed by
IrsiCaixa. This programme was held for
— Participatory processes that promote the seventh time this year.
the involvement of different social
actors in research and governance
through anticipation and co-creation Co-ResponsaVIHlitat RRI training for
methodologies. professionals
— Educational programmes aimed at
reducing the gap between research and IrsiCaixa Outreach
education. 10 6
— RRI training to researchers, healthcare 1,197
professionals, patients and other
stakeholders. 1,694 5,641
participating participating
research centres, civil society participants in RRI courses and
Head Education Institutional communications universities and organizations talks for professionals
Rosina Malagrida Josep Carreras Júlia Bestard public health HIV/AIDS open website visits
entities day attendees

— Training in RRI for secondary

education. Living Lab has developed new
educational resources on vaccination,
Projects in 2017 actors, including university students has run face-to-face and online courses
and lecturers, scientists, civil society 680 400 for teachers and has coordinated Living Lab also coordinate IrsiCaixa‘s
Living Lab has continued to work organizations, industry and public participation of secondary schools in Co- institutional communications (see next
on national and European projects policymakers. ResponsaVIHlitat. section).
already underway and has started
work on new European projects, as — CRISH (Co-creating Innovative Xplore Health participants CosmoCaixa
follows: Solutions for Health) is an EU project conference
funded by EIT Health aimed at attendees
— EnRRICH (Enhancing RRI through facilitating RRI training and co-creation
Curricula in Higher Education) is an EU- in different European cities. 137,586 13,751
funded project to promote RRI training
in higher education and to create — Fit4Food (Fostering Integration
a Science Store that will facilitate and Transformation for Food 2030)
participatory and collaborative is an EU-funded project for the website visits Facebook
research by master’s students and so transformation of RD&I into food and followers — HIV/AIDS Community Advisory
respond to needs not covered within nutrition by implementing a system- Committee (CAC). This external body
the scientific community. level RRI programme. facilitates communication and dialogue
new between the scientific community and
— InSPIRES (Ingenious Science Stores — Xplore Health is a project, developed 2,800 module HIV-affected groups and individuals
to Promote Participatory Innovation, in coordination with “la Caixa” Banking at risk. It provides IrsiCaixa and
Research and Equity in Science) Foundation (with the support of the its researchers with a broader and
is an EU-funded project aimed at Amgen Foundation), aimed at reducing complementary perspective on the
developing Science Stores, under the the gap between health research and Twitter on vaccination impact, consequences and feasibility
umbrella of the RRI, by creating spaces secondary education and at training followers of their research. During 2017, the
for co-creation by different social future citizens in RRI competencies. CAC met every two months.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 32 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 33
Institutional Communications Collaborations
The Institutional Communications area page on Linkedin and a YouTube channel. SEAT The Glòria Soler Foundation, committed to the growth of the cells that form the
aims to give visibility to the research The sustained growth of recent years During 2017, IrsiCaixa began a strategic to encouraging collaboration through intestinal epithelium.
carried out in IrsiCaixa‘s laboratories. has been maintained in Twitter, with the collaboration with SEAT to study the lines of action based on ongoing dialogue,
Media impact in 2017 was relatively number of followers growing from 2,796 impact of diet and health on the gut also looks to the future by building Faecal metabolome was analysed on a
greater in 2017, with 376 mentions made in 2016 to 3,500 in 2017. microbiome and the gut’s response pioneering experiences in healthcare, large scale in collaboration with Rovira
in Spanish TV, radio and press — well to interventions to improve diet and scientific research and the humanities. i Virgili University (Tarragona). Gas
above the 228 mentions of 2016 and the health. This research, carried out in chromatography and mass spectrometry
260 mentions of 2015. The increase was
mainly due to the media repercussions of
a press campaign in February regarding
376 33.20% collaboration with the SEAT Health Care
and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS), the
Fight AIDS Foundation and Hospital
In 2016, the Glòria Soler Foundation
signed an agreement with IrsiCaixa to
develop a project aimed at deciphering the
were used to characterize the metabolic
profile of the 156 faecal samples
collected for the project. At present,
the successful BCN02-Romi clinical trial — Clínic de Barcelona, will yield crucial relationship between the gut microbiome around 300 metabolites of microbial
coordinated by IrsiCaixa and carried out information for the design of new and HIV that has led to significant origin per sample have been identified.
in collaboration with other institutions strategies to improve the health of discoveries. Thanks to this contribution, These results are being analysed as we
— whose preliminary results regarding press, radio and increase in workers and people in general. the IrsiCaixa Microbial Genomics group, acquire the necessary knowledge to
a therapeutic vaccine against AIDS were TV impacts website sessions using shotgun-sequencing techniques, correctly interpret them.
reported this year. A full-scale campaign has demonstrated the correlation
was run that included a press conference between immune deficiency progression A longitudinal study of gut flora was
held at Palau Macaya in Barcelona. associated with HIV and a reduced gene launched to run parallel to the HIV-1
The new institutional website, presented and functional diversity of gut microbes. therapeutic vaccine clinical trial led by
at the end of 2016, has been further The loss of microbial gene diversity is Christian Brander‘s group at IrsiCaixa. A
enhanced by adjustments aimed at characterized by a reduction in methane- total of 85 faecal samples are available,
optimizing its functionality and improving producing organisms and an increase in provided by 12 individuals who
the user’s experience. Traffic data genes that detoxify endogenous toxic participated in the BCN02-ROMI trial,
endorse the success of the new website: reagents derived from oxygen (ROS) and which has also received funding from
the number of sessions in 2017 was nitrogen (RNS). the Glòria Soler Foundation. Analysis
33.20% higher than in 2016 (33,579 and of the corresponding sequencing data,
25,210 sessions, respectively) and the Presentation of these results at which will begin shortly, aims to identify
number of users accessing the website international conferences has led to microbial changes in the guts of these
in 2017 was 36.55% higher than in 2016 collaborations with groups with a long patients during immune response
Another successful campaign was Just (22,054 and 16,151 users, respectively). history and track record in this field. activation at different stages of the
the Essentials, launched in September NIAID/RML Short-chain fatty acid (acetate, butyrate, clinical trial.
by “la Caixa” Banking Foundation. The At the close of the year, coinciding propionate, valerate, isobutyrate, and
main protagonists were the director with World AIDS Day on 1 December 1, Glòria Soler Foundation isovaleric) content in faecal samples Finally, collaboration has begun with
of IrsiCaixa, Bonaventura Clotet, and IrsiCaixa launched its new newsletter. The Glòria Soler Foundation is a private, have been estimated and analysed in Dr. Jason M. Brenchley, leader of the
Maria Salgado, winner of the Dominique With a platform in three languages, our nonprofit organization created in 2015 by collaboration with the group led by parasitic disease group at the US NIH, a
Dormont Prize 2017, which was awarded goal is to diversify our channels and reach Josep Suñol i Soler, son of Josep Suñol i Nichole Klatt, principal investigator of worldwide reference for the microbiome
during the International AIDS Society as many audiences as possible. Garriga and Glòria Soler i Elías. Its mission the Center for Innate Immunity and and HIV. The aim of this project is to
annual conference held in July in Paris. is — by providing material and human Immune Disease at the University of characterize faecal microbes in macaque
resources to prestigious institutions Washington. monkeys before and after exposure
with proven track records — to promote to SIV, related to HIV and the cause of
solidary and innovative programmes Early results show that individuals with AIDS in simians. These samples will be
that have an important impact in the a less diverse gene pool have higher shotgun-sequenced in the first quarter
scientific, social and humanistic fields. levels of butyrate, a metabolite essential of 2018.

In 2017, seven press releases were made,

to which can be added five other news
stories and five Blog365 posts that were
shared on the website and in institutional
social networks.

IrsiCaixa has increased its presence in

social networks by creating a corporate
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 34 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 35
IrsiCaixa has been committed from the internal training chair of aids
outset to training young researchers CURRENTLY IN TRAINING
and developing successful careers in the
biomedical research area. This goal is
realized as follows: 8 undergraduate and
master’s students
— Weekly meetings in which IrsiCaixa
group members present their results.
These strengthen individuals’ ability to
participate in and to present their results
at scientific meetings and conferences.
In 2017, 76 works were presented at
In 2013, IrsiCaixa signed an agreement
with the Fight AIDS Foundation
and the University of Vic-Central
— Work placements for undergraduate
and master’s students
— Placements for students completing
18 pre-doctoral researchers
structure and defend experimental data
before a closed audience of experts in
the area.
— Specialization courses and training in
experimental techniques.
University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) to
create the Chair of AIDS and Related
Diseases. The Chair, headed by Dr.
their undergraduate or master’s theses
— Training of pre-doctoral students
— Training of post-doctoral researchers
17 post-doctoral researchers
— Fortnightly research results meetings
in which members of each IrsiCaixa
group present their results. These
— Journal clubs. Weekly meetings
where IrsiCaixa staff present an article
of relevance to their own experimental
Bonaventura Clotet, was created to
enhance collaboration between the
three institutions in the interest of
— Continuing professional development strengthen individuals’ ability to work. This develops critical vision fostering biomedical research at the
for staff structure and defend experimental data regarding published data. UVic-UCC and promoting the teaching
— Visiting researcher placements. training activities before a closed audience of experts in — Stays at other research centres. and training of new researchers and
Particularly welcome are trainee different areas. IrsiCaixa actively fosters the mobility of healthcare professionals.
researchers interested in learning from
IrsiCaixa research groups. 11 research results meetings
— Seminars. IrsiCaixa and other Can Ruti
Campus groups regularly organize open
seminars with invited internationally
staff in training so that they are exposed
to new techniques and methodologies
and can establish project collaborations
Although HIV and AIDS are considered
to be the core elements in this

76 attendances at conferences
renowned researchers.
— National and international
conferences. All staff are encouraged to
with other centres. In 2017, 6 pre-
doctoral students undertook stays in
foreign research centres.
initiative, the Chair also covers research
into related conditions such as ageing,
hepatitis, cancer and chronic fatigue.

Activities under the auspices of the

Chair in 2017 were as follows:

Research Host Group Institution city, date — The eradication of AIDS is now possible
trainee country (conference). 28 February 2017. Aula
Magna UVic-UCC. Bonaventura Clotet
Host Genetics and Universidad 6 March - — Update on AIDS and metagenomics
Alberto Crespo Cellular Immunity Complutense de Madrid, Spain 8 April (continuous professional development).
Madrid 23 May 2017. Conference Hall at
Vic General Hospital (Vic Hospital
Seth Inzaule Microbials Genomics Amsterdam Institute Amsterdam, 1 January - Consortium). Talks were as follows:
for Global Health Netherlands 31 May Research Group Institution City, Date •Antiretroviral drugs and their
and Development trainee Country development since 1987, Bonaventura
Fernando Lázaro Microbials Genomics Hospital La Paz Madrid, Spain 20 April - Míriam Rosàs Host Genetics and Karolinska Institutet Estocolm, 23-26 abril •Rapid progression, Javier Martínez-
31 July Cellular Immunity Suècia Picado
•Ageing and comorbidities, Eugènia
Emma-Elizabeth Ilett Microbials Genomics University of Copenhagen, 17 July - Bruna Oriol Host Genetics and Karolinska Institutet Estocolm, 23-26 abril Negredo
Copenhagen Denmark 21 July Cellular Immunity Suècia •Immune recovery with cART: what
to do when it fails? Julià Blanco
David Bejarano Retrovirology and University of Heidelberg, 1 March - Javier Rivera Microbials Genomics Biomathematics & Edimburg, 1-15 novembre •Resistance to antiretrovirals, Roger
Clinical Studies Heidelberg, Germany 10 March Biostatistics Scotland Regne Unit Paredes
(GREC) •Microbiome and HIV, Marc Noguera
Muntsa Rocafort Microbials Genomics Center for Medical Cleveland, 1 novembre - • Therapeutic vaccines, Bonaventura
Marie-Angélique De Retrovirology and University of Ghent Ghent, Belgium 11 April - Mycology Estats Units 31 gener 2018 Clotet
Scheerder Clinical Studies 15 April — Talk as part of the welcome to the first
(GREC) Cristina Gálvez Retrovirology and Imperial College Londres, Regne 1-31 maig cadre of UVic-UCC Faculty of Medicine
Clinical Studies London Unit students. 29 September 2017. Teatre
Santa Rasa Cell Virology and Rigas Stradina Riga, Latvia 24 March - (GREC) l’Atlàntida, Vic. Bonaventura Clotet.
Immunology (VIC) Universitate 31 March — Clinical trials: design, types and
Silvia Bernal Retrovirology and University of Pittsburgh, USA 30 octubre - stages (seminar). 6 November 2017.
Suzanne Esther Living Lab for Health Universiteit van Netherlands 12 July - Clinical Studies Pittsburgh 3 novembre UVic-UCC Faculty of Medicine. Beatriz
Marieke Van Der Amsterdam 14 July (GREC) Mothe.

IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 36 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 37

Clinical Trials
1. CONTROLLERS Principal investigator(s): Dr. Beatriz with viral rebound control once Start-end: 04/04/2017 - 28/02/2018 8. IciStem (amfAR) treatment based on protease inhibitors
Cohort study of HIV-positive elite Mothe treatment ends. Investigated by means Sponsor: Erasmus MC, Rotterdam Clinical observational study to evaluate are switched to dolutegravir.
controllers and non-progressors. Participating centre(s): Germans Trias of a populational pharmacokinetics/ (Netherlands) the effect of allogenic transplants in Summary and objectives: Phase IV
Prospective follow-up. i Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS pharmacodynamics analysis are the Principal investigator(s): Dr. Rob Gruters HIV-positive patients with malignant open-label randomized clinical trial
Summary and objectives: Cohort study Foundation) relationship between romidepsin levels, Participating centre(s): Erasmus MC, haematological diseases. that aims to comprehensively evaluate
with prospective follow-up of HIV- CEIC Code: PI-14-072 in-vivo effects on induced expression Rotterdam (Netherlands), Hospital Summary and objectives: A European the viral reservoir in CD4+ T-cells in
positive individuals with an undetectable of reservoir HIV and the impact on the Clínic de Barcelona, Germans Trias i consortium co-led by IrsiCaixa has been peripheral blood and lymphoid tissue
or very low viral load in the absence of immune system. Results will enable Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS created to study the effect of allogenic obtained from biopsies of the ileum
antiretroviral treatment (known as elite 3. Seronegative_genotyped optimization of the romidepsin dose and Foundation), IrsiCaixa (Badalona, Spain), transplants in HIV-infected patients and to prospectively analyse changes
or viremic controllers). The aim is to Biobank of biological samples from will identify markers to help assess the Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde with malignant haematological in immune activation and inflammation
study the virological and immunological HIV-negative individuals with known efficacy of currently studied eradication (Antwerp, Belgium), Vrije Universiteit diseases. To date 17 patients have been after switching to dolutegravir.
mechanisms involved in spontaneously HLA genotype for experimental use in strategies. Brussel/UZ Brussel (Belgium) recruited from different European Study type: Clinical trial
controlling the HIV virus in order to immunological studies related to AIDS Study type: Interventional NCT Code: NCT02888756 countries, including Spain, Holland, Design: Randomized, open-label
develop new therapeutic vaccines. There research. Design: Open-label, multicentre Germany, Belgium and Italy. The main Phase: IV
is no clinical intervention other than Summary and objectives: Prospective Recruitment: Closed (n=15) objective is to study the impact of Start-end: 01/06/2015 - /
the extraction of additional biological cohort of healthy volunteers whose HIV Phase: I 6. AELIX-002 this intervention on the viral reservoir Sponsor: IrsiCaixa
samples. seronegative status and high-resolution Start-end: 02/2015 - 10/2017 Phase I randomized, double blind, and its potential for eradicating HIV Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier
Study type: Observational HLA genotype is documented, for whom Sponsor: IrsiCaixa placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess infection. Martinez-Picado, Dr. Manel Crespo,
Design: Cohort, prospective biological samples (plasma and PBMCs) Principal investigator(s): Dr. Beatriz the safety, tolerance and immunogenicity Study type: Clinical observational Dr. Linos Vandekerckhove
Recruitment: Open — stored in the IrsiCaixa Retrovirology Mothe, Dr. José Moltó of DNA.HTI vaccines administered in Design: Multicentre
Start-end: 03/06/2009 - / Laboratory biobank — are available Participating centre(s): Germans combination with MVA.HTI to 15 HIV- Start-end: 01/07/2014 - /
Sponsor: IrsiCaixa for use in the study of immunological Trias i Pujol University Hospital (Fight positive patients diagnosed and treated Sponsor: University Medical Center 11. LoViReT
Principal investigator(s): Dr. Beatriz aspects of HIV infection and related AIDS Foundation), Hospital Clínic de from an early stage. Utrecht (Netherlands) Clinical observational study to evaluate
Mothe diseases. Barcelona, BCN Checkpoint Study type: Interventional Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier predictors of extremely low viral
Participating centre(s): Germans Trias Study type: Observational CT Code: NCT02616874 Design: Double blind, placebo- Martinez-Picado, Dr. Annemarie reservoirs.
i Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS Design: Cohort, prospective EUDRA Code: 2015-002300-84 controlled, multicentre Wensing Summary and objectives: Clinical
Foundation), Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Recruitment: Open Recruitment: Closed (n=15) observational study to screen some 400
prisons Start-end: 30/10/2009 - / Phase: I patients for cellular proviral DNA in order
CEIC Code: EO-09-042 Sponsor: IrsiCaixa 5. iHIVARNA-02 Start-end: 07/07/2017 - 31/05/2018 9. RIPIM to create a cohort of 20-30 patients
Principal investigator(s): Dr. Beatriz Phase IIa multicentre, double-blind, Sponsor: Aelix Therapeutics, SL Clinical trial to evaluate the impact with extremely low viral reservoirs.
Mothe placebo-controlled clinical trial to Principal investigator(s): Dr. Beatriz of intensification with raltegravir in The factors involved in these reservoir
2. Early_cART Participating centre(s): Germans Trias evaluate the safety and immunogenicity Mothe HIV-positive patients with full viral levels and their possible application to
Cohort study of individuals with i Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS of the new iHIVARNA-01 therapeutic Participating centre(s): Germans Trias suppression in monotherapy with treatment strategies will be exhaustively
documented acute/recent HIV-1 Foundation) vaccine in HIV-infected patients. i Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS protease inhibitors. . studied.
infection initiating antiretroviral therapy CEIC Code: EO-09-070 Summary and objectives: Phase IIa Foundation), IrsiCaixa (Badalona, Spain) Summary and objectives: Pilot phase Study type: Clinical observational
from diagnosis. multicentre, double-blind, placebo- NCT Code: NCT03204617 III, proof-of-concept, open-label Start-end: 01/01/2015 - /
Summary and objectives: Prospective   controlled clinical trial of the iHIVARNA clinical trial, with the aim of evaluating Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier
cohort study to monitor individuals with 4. BCN02-ROMI therapeutic vaccine candidate. Included the impact of intensification with Martinez-Picado
documented acute/recent HIV-1 infection Safety and efficacy of HIVconsv vaccines are 70 individuals with chronic fully 7. BCG-INMUNO-RESP raltegravir on both the persistent
initiating early-stage antiretroviral administered in combination with suppressed HIV-1 infection, randomized Prediction and improvement of clinical viral reservoir and immune activation
therapy. The objective is to have a clinical romidepsin in achieving viral control after to receive either three intranodal response to intravesical BCG treatment in patients receiving treatment with 12. Siglec-1
platform of candidates for clinical trials of interruption of antiretroviral therapy consecutive doses of the iHIVARNA of superficial bladder cancer. protease inhibitors as monotherapy. Clinical observational study to evaluate
therapeutic vaccination and eradication in HIV-positive individuals treated from vaccine containing 900 g of the HTI Summary and objectives: To evaluate Included are 41 patients who, after the effect of SIGLEC-1 mutations in cases
strategies and also to prospectively diagnosis. immunogen plus 300 g of the adjuvant correlation between recurrence/ 8 weeks of baseline monitoring, are of HIV and Micobacteri tuberculosis co-
obtain biological samples from the outset Summary and objectives: The TriMix (n=40) or three doses of placebo progression and synthetic/local immune treated and followed up for 24 weeks. infection.
of antiretroviral therapy to study initial BCN02-ROMI clinical trial evaluates (n=15). Two weeks after the last response to BCG before and after Study type: Clinical trial Summary and objectives: Clinical
transmission of HIV, immune response, the effectiveness of a kick-and-kill vaccination, the antiretroviral treatment intravesical therapy and to identify Design: Pilot, proof of concept, open- observational study involving genetic
the establishment of viral reservoirs and eradication strategy based on use of is interrupted, viral rebound is monitored biological markers that predict clinical label screening of some 4,000 individuals to
changes in the gut microbiome. There the most immunogenic therapeutic for 12 weeks; if viral rebound occurs, response to this treatment. Phase: III select patients with mutations in the
is no clinical intervention other than vaccines known to date (HIVconsv) the treatment is resumed. Objectives Study type: Observational Start-end: 28/10/2011 - gene encoding SIGLEC-1 in order to
the extraction of additional biological and the most powerful viral latency include studying vaccine administration Design: Pilot study Sponsor: IrsiCaixa evaluate clinical effect and pathogenesis
samples and the collection of faecal reactivation drug currently available safety, immune response and viral Start-end: 2015 - / Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier of HIV and Micobacteri tuberculosis co-
samples. (romidepsin). HIV-positive individuals control once treatment stops. Sponsor: IrsiCaixa Martinez-Picado infection.
Study type: Observational treated from diagnosis and previously Study type: Interventional Principal investigator(s): Dr. Cecilia Study type: Clinical observational
Design: Cohort, prospective vaccinated in the BCN01 trial represent Design: Double blind, placebo- Cabrera Start-end: 01/01/2015 - /
Recruitment: Open an ideal group in which to demonstrate controlled, multicentre Participating centre(s): Germans Trias 10. INDOOR Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier
Start-end: 24/07/2014 - / the effectiveness of this strategy that Recruitment: Closed i Pujol University Hospital (Fight AIDS Clinical trial to evaluate HIV reservoir Martinez-Picado, Dr. Nuria Izquierdo-
Sponsor: IrsiCaixa combines viral reservoir reduction Phase: IIa Foundation). dynamics after patients receiving Useros
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 38 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 39
13. Durvast 16. LT-EC The final cycle of The Barcelona Debates
Clinical trial to evaluate the effect Analysis of the presence of infectious on the Human Microbiome 2017. From
of durvalumab (MEDI4736) in HIV- viruses in the blood of elite non- Microbes to Medicines — organized
positive patients with advanced solid progressing controllers. by B·Debate (an initiative of Biocat and
tumours. Summary and objectives: A clinical trial “la Caixa” Banking Foundation), led by
Summary and objectives: Phase II clinical to study host and virus characteristics IrsiCaixa and held in CosmoCaixa —
trial to evaluate the effect of durvalumab in elite controllers of more than ten showcased works that exemplified how
(MEDI4736) in HIV-positive patients with years in order to explore and better the microbiota is becoming an essential
advanced solid tumours. understand pathogenic mechanisms part of modern medicine.
Phase: II and spontaneous control of infection.
Start-end: 01/01/2015 - / Study type: Clinical observational Microbiome and HIV
Principal investigator(s): Dr. Javier Start-end: 01/01/2017 - / Nichole Klatt from the University of
Martinez-Picado Principal investigator(s): Dr. Cecilio Washington presented data from a
López-Galíndez (CNM-ISCIII) study he had published in Science on
vaginal dysbiosis, i.e., the change from a
14. RUTIVAC-1 physiological vaginal flora predominated
Phase I randomized, double-blind, 17. VNP by Lactobacillus spp. to a flora with an
placebo-controlled clinical trial to HIV adult and pediatric viremic non- abundance of other species such as
evaluate the immunomodulating effect progression: clues from immune Gardnerella spp. or Prevotella spp. A
of RUTI® in individuals with high-grade preservation for the cure. vaginal microbicide based on tenofovir
superficial bladder cancer treated with Summary and objectives: Clinical trial was far less efficacious in Gardnerella-
intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin to study the factors associated with the dominant women with HIV-1 than in
(BCG). viremic non-progressor phenotype that Lactobacillus-dominant women with
Summary and objectives: This phase I maintains health and immunity despite HIV-1, as Gardnerella absorb tenofovir,
clinical trial is designed to evaluate and a high viral load. which is then not available to block Jordi Cabanas | BIOCAT
collect safety information on systemic Study type: Clinical observational HIV-1 entry. This is the first evidence
and mucosal immune response to RUTI® Start-end: Q4 2014 - / that the microbiota can influence HIV- work demonstrating that one effect of immunomodulatory drugs used to
administered to individuals with high- Principal investigator(s): Dr. Philip 1 transmission. The study launches an metformin — the drug most commonly treat certain types of cancer. He also
grade superficial bladder cancer. Goulder, Dr. Javier Martinez-Picado, Dr. area for research into the role played by used to treat adult diabetes — is to suggested that antibiotic treatment
Design: Double blind, placebo-controlled, Julia Garcia-Prado microbes in the drug metabolism that modify the gut microbiota so as to favour could alter the response to some of
randomized will acquire great importance in the bacteria more capable of metabolizing these new immunomodulatory drugs
Phase: I coming years. sugars in the diet. and so affect patient survival.
Start-end: 2017–2019.
Sponsor: Archivel Farma, SL Dr. Fernández-Real from the University The IrsiCaixa Microbial Genomics group
Principal investigator(s): Dr. Cecilia of Girona presented results of recent presented data demonstrating that the
Cabrera gut microbiome in people with HIV-1 is
Participating centre(s): Germans Trias modified to adapt to the oxidative stress
i Pujol University Hospital (Urology caused by the infection. This adaptation
Department), Fight AIDS Foundation leads to an increase in bacteria more
(CRO) capable of tolerating oxygen and
CEIC Code: AC-16-048-CEIM nitrogen free radicals. Adaptation to
EUDRA Code: 2016-004311-12 oxidative stress, which is much more
evident in people with a significantly
impaired immune system, favours
15. AbiVax 005 increases in certain bacterial virulence
Open-label study of the factors and brings about changes in an
safety, pharmacokinetics and individual’s antibiotic resistance profile. Jordi Cabanas | BIOCAT
pharmacodynamics of ABX464 in HIV-1 An interesting observation is that the
seronegative and seropositive adults. patterns of change observed in HIV These and other issues related to the
Summary and objectives: Clinical trial infection are similar to those of other role played by the microbiota in healthy
to evaluate distribution of ABX464 and diseases where there is inflammation of ageing, neurodegenerative diseases
its main metabolite (N-Glu) in various the gut. (such as Parkinson), inflammatory
compartments in HIV-1 seronegative and bowel disease and other human health
seropositive adult subjects. Microbiota and cancer areas were the focal points of an event
Phase: Ib Laurence Zitvogel from INSERM that annually brings together some 200
Start-end: Q4 2016 - / presented data showing that people interested in the science of the
Principal investigator(s): Dr. Ross certain gut microbiota bacteria can microbiome and its translation to the
Cranston stimulate the response to the new medicine of the 21st century.
IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 40 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 41
Publications and Presentations

Memòria IrsiCaixa 2015 | 43

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IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 44 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 45

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1 gp41-based miniprotein elicit a lipid-dependent Gallego C, Perez N, Aiestaran A, Garcia F, Paredes Rivas G, Martínez-Cuevas O, Alcántara-Román
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binding motif. Sci Rep. 2017 Jan 13;7:40800. doi: K, Garolera M, Guaraldi G, Mallon P, Moltó JM, Serra E, Fuente-Soro L, Jairoce C, Mandomando I, Blanco guide maraviroc initiation in aviraemic subjects: B. Epidemiological, clinical, diagnostic and Marrero J, Steiner S, Murovska M, Scheibenbogen
10.1038/srep40800. IF: 4.259 JA and Clotet B. Aging in HIV-infected subjects: J, Naniche D. IP-10 Levels as an Accurate Screening 48-week analysis of results from the PROTEST economic features of an immigrant population C on behalf of European Network on ME/CFS
A new scenario, a new view. BioMed Research Tool to Detect Acute HIV Infection in Resource- study. HIV Medicine. Volumen: 18 Número: 7 of chronic schistosomiasis sufferers with long- (EUROMENE). Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic
43. Moltó J, Rajoli R, Back D, Valle M, Miranda C, International. (2017, in press). IF: 2.476 Limited Settings. Scientific Reports. Volumen: 7 Páginas: 482-489 DOI: 10.1111/hiv.12479 Fecha term residence in a non-endemic country (North Fatigue Syndrome – evidence for an autoimmune
Owen A, Clotet B, Siccardi M. Use of a physiologically Número de artículo: 8104 DOI: 10.1038/s41598- de publicación: Aug 2017. IF: 3.257 Metropolitan area of Barcelona, 2002-2016). PLOS disease. Autommunity Reviews (In press). IF: 8.961
based pharmacokinetic model to simulate drug- 50. Noguera-Julian M, Edgil D, Harrigan P 017-08218-0 Fecha de publicación: Aug 14 2017. ONE. 2017 Set 27; 12(9): e0185245. doi: 10.1371/
drug interactions between antineoplastic and R, Sandstrom P, Godfrey C, Paredes R. Next- IF: 4.259 63. Pujantell M, Riveira-Muñoz E, Badia R, Castellví journal.pone.0185245. IF: 2.806 75. Tumiotto C, Riviere L, Bellecave P, Pinson P,
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5.071 Resistance Surveillance. The Journal of infectious Soro L, Respeito D, Jairoce C, Mandomando I, Blanco regulates innate and antiviral immune functions C, Pérez-Álvarez S, Oriol-Tordera B, Olvera A, Silva- Didier Neau, Mark Wainberg, Jean-Pierre Routy,
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discontinuation in real life. International of 51. Noguera-Julian M, Guillen Y, Peterson J, Reznik of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. journal.pone.0185245. eCollection 2017. IF: 4.259 (IL-27)/IL-27 Receptor Subunit Alpha as a Critical PLOS ONE, in press. IF: 2.806
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IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 46 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 47

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K. A21 HIV-1 sub-subtype F1 outbreak among 11. IF: 9.842 Epub 2016 Sep 13. IF: 5.071 epitopes reduces cytotoxic T cell recognition. in Monotherapy is linked to the presence of Bonaventura Clotet, Javier Martinez-Picado,
MSM in Belgium. Virus Evol. 2017 Mar 5;3(Suppl Gemma Arsequell, Gregorio Valencia, Christian signature mutations in Gag without changes in Rika Draenert and Julia G. Prado. 15th European
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2017 Update of the Drug Resistance Mutations overall risk of mortality in individuals treated study group. Week 96 results of the randomized, Riveira-Muñoz, Roger Badia, Bonaventura Clotet, 10. Identificación de las claves en la vacuna Hernández-Gallego A, Pérez-Roca L, Lorencés I,
in HIV-1. Top Antivir Med. 2017 Dec/Jan;24(4):132- with raltegravir-based and non-raltegravir-based multicentre Maraviroc Switch (MARCH) study. HIV Cristina Tural, Miguel Angel Martinez, José A. Esté. terapéutica frente al VIH: ¿tan cerca/lejos como Garrido J, Tarrats A, Martinez-Picado J, Izquierdo-
133. PubMed PMID: 28208121. IF: 1.492 combination antiretroviral therapy regimens. HIV Med. 2017 Jul 13. doi: 10.1111/hiv.12532. IF: 3.257 23rd Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic parece? Christian Brander. IX Congreso Nacional de Useros N, Genescà M. 18th International Congress
Med. 2017 Oct 6. doi: 10.1111/hiv.12557. [Epub Infections. Seattle, USA. GESIDA. Vigo (Spain). 29-11-2017. Invited speaker. of Mucosal Immunology (ICMI 2017). Washington
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F, Carrington-Lawrence S, Collman RG, Dandekar S, 3. Epstein-Barr virus load in plasma is an early 11. Predictors of HIV control and their use for
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P, Klatt NR, Lagenaur L, Landay AL. A Summary of Laura Watersd Margaret Johnson, Pere Domingo, MJ, Muncunill J, Hernandez-Rodriguez A, Dalmau J, (EuropeaN Academy for BiomedicaL SciencE 1-infected individuals - the role of lymphocyte
the Second Annual HIV Microbiome Workshop. Ju-lie Fox, Esteban Martinez, Hans–Ju¨rgen Garcia O, Tapia G, Moreno M, Sancho JM, Martinez- 2017. 1st European PhD and Postdoc symposium. populations (Abstract TULBPEB23). Eberhard JM,
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2017 Oct 26. doi: Stellbrink, Giovanni Guaraldi, Mar Masia, Mark Picado J, Ribera JM, Feliu E, Mate J, Navarro JT. Barcelona (Spain). 15-11 to 18-11-2017. Keynote Körner C, Salgado M, Jensen B, Kwon M, Díez JL, Hütter
10.1089/aid.2017.0137. [Epub ahead of print] Gompels, Stephane De Wit, Eric Florence, Stefan International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma. Address. G, Rocha V, Sáez-Cirión A, Nijhuis M, Schulze zur
PubMed PMID: 28899105. IF: 2.095 Esser, François Raffi, Anton L. Pozniak. NEAT022 Lugano (Switzerland). June 14-17, 2017. Poster Wiesch J, Wensing A, Martinez-Picado J, for the IciStem
Study Group. Switching from a ritonavir-boosted presentation. 12. Immune correlates and biomarkers of Consortium. 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science. Paris
protease inhibitor to a dolutegravir-based HIV control after therapeutic vaccination and (France). July 23-26, 2017. Oral presentation.
regimen for mainte-nance of HIV viral suppression 4. Activation of mature dendritic cells via PKC treatment interruption. Christian Brander. World
in patients with high cardiovascular risk. AIDS. agonist induces HIV-1 reactivation of latently Immune Profiling Congress 2017. Barcelona (Spain). 20. Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in HIV-
2017 Nov 28;31(18):2503-2514. doi: 10.1097/ infected cells. Benet S, Erkizia I, Martinez-Picado 12-10-2017. Invited speaker. 1 infected individuals: The role of lymphocyte
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Dorrucci M, Torti C, Thiébaut R. Standard Reference G27, Stephan C28, Meyer L29,30, Campbell Society–USA (IAS USA). Seattle, USA. February 13- tissue are highly permissive to HIV infection. predict the response to new DAAs in HCV/HIV-1
Distribution of CD4 Response to HAART Project MA31, Chene G15,16,32, Phillips A2; Pursuing 16, 2017. Poster presentation. Jon Cantero-Pérez, Alba Ruiz, Antoni Tarrats, Julio coinfected patients with advanced liver fibrosis.
Team for the Collabo-ration of Observational HIV Later Treatment Options II (PLATO II) Project Garrido, Alba Hernández-Gallego, Laia Pérez- S Franco, L Díez, J López, B Clotet, C Tural, MA
Epidemiological Research Europe (COHERE) in Team for the Collaboration of Observational HIV 6. HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins isolated from Roca, Irian Lorencés, Julia G Prado, María J. Buzón, Martinez. XIV Congreso Nacional de Virología. Cádiz
EuroCoord. Reference curves for CD4 T-cell count Epidemiolog-ical Research Europe (COHERE) in Viremic non-progressors HIV-infected individuals Meritxell Genescà. IX Congreso GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). June 11-14. Poster presentation.
response to combination antiretroviral therapy EuroCoord. Higher rates of triple-class virological are fully functional and cytophatic. Blanco J. III (Spain). 28 November - 1 December. Poster oral
in HIV-1-infected treat-ment-naïve patients. failure in perina-tally HIV-infected teenagers CONGRESO - GEHEP 2017. Sevilla (Spain). 28 -30 (PO-23). 22. Towards a Natural HIV Sterilizing Cure: Super
HIV Med. 2017 Jan;18(1):33-44. doi: 10.1111/ compared with heterosexually infected young September 2017. Invited speaker. Elite Controllers. Gálvez C, Salgado M, Rodriguez C,
hiv.12389. Epub 2016 Sep 14. ]. IF: 3.257 adults in Europe. HIV Med. 2017 Mar;18(3):171- 15. Primary Resistance to Integrase Strand- del Romero J, Casado C, Pernas M, López-Galindez
180. doi: 10.1111/hiv.12411. Epub 2016 Sep 14. IF: 7. Accelerated immunosenescence and Transfer Inhibitors in Spain. Maria Casadellà. 2nd C, Martinez-Picado J. IX Congreso Nacional GeSIDA.
2. Cahn P, Kaplan R, Sax PE, Squires K, Molina 3.257 inflammaging. Blanco J. Comprehensive Spanish HIV Clinical Forum. Málaga (Spain). 10-11 Vigo (Spain). November 28-December 1, 2017. Oral
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Rassool M9, Bloch M, Vandekerckhove L, Ruane P, 6. Perez-Molina JA, Rubio R, Rivero A, Pasquau J, edition of the International Workshop. Buenos Aires
Yazdanpanah Y, Katlama C, Xu X, Rodgers A, East L, Suárez-Lozano I, Riera M, Estébanez M, Palacios (Argentina). 2-3 November 2017. Invited speaker. 16. Deep sequencing for HIV-1 clinical 23. Chronically Treated HIV+ Subjects Can
Wenning L, Rawlins S, Homony B, Sklar P, Nguyen R, Sanz-Moreno J, Troya J, Mariño A, Antela A, management. Maria Casadellà. Association for Naturally Harbor Extremely Low Viral Reservoir.
BY, Leavitt R, Teppler H; ONCEMRK Study Group. Navarro J, Esteban H, Moreno S; GeSIDA 7011 Study 8. HIV-1 Gag reduce PI-susceptibility in the Molecular Pathology Meeting 2017. Salt Lake City Gálvez C, Dalmau J, Urrea V, Clotet B, Leal M, García
Raltegravir 1200 mg once daily versus raltegravir Group. Simplification to dual therapy (atazanavir/ absence of protease resistance mutations. Óscar (USA). November 18 2017. Oral presentation. F, Martinez-Picado J, Salgado M. 8th HIV Persistence
400 mg twice daily, with tenofovir disoproxil ritonavir + lamivudine) versus standard triple ther- Blanch-Lombarte, José Ramón Santos, Ruth Peña, during Therapy Workshop. Miami (USA). December
fumarate and emtricitabine, for previously apy [atazanavir/ritonavir + two nucleos(t)ides] Esther Jiménez-Moyano, Alba Ruiz, Roger Paredes, 17. Gag-protease coevolution analyses define 12-15, 2017. Oral presentation and poster.
untreated HIV-1 infection: a randomised, double- in virologically stable patients on antiretroviral Bonaventura Clotet, Julia G Prado. IX Congreso structural surfaces in the HIV-1 matrix and capsid
blind, parallel-group, phase 3, non-inferiority thera-py: 96 week results from an open-label, non- GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). November 28 - December 1. involved in resistance to Protease Inhibitors. 24. Host factors associated to control of HIV-
trial. Lancet HIV. 2017 Nov;4(11):e486-e494. doi: inferiority, randomized clinical trial (SALT study). J Poster presentation. Francisco M Codoñer, Ruth Peña, Esther Jimenez- reservoir in elite-controller patients (Abstract

IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 48 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 49

MOPEA0043). García M, López-Fernández L, 31. Synonymous changes in the codon usage of 40. Avances en curación/remisión. Martinez- Joradan-Paiz, S Franco, MA Martinez. IX Congreso Histocompatibility Conference 2017. Mannheim Paris (France). 22-23 July. Poster presentation
Mínguez P, Morón-López S, López-Bernaldo JC, HIV-1 gp160 strongly reduce the virus replication Picado J. IX Congreso Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain) Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). 28 November - 1 (Germany). 30-5 to 2-6-2017. Poster presentation. (PB20#128).
Benguría A, Górgolas M, Cabello A, Fernández M, capacity. A Jordan-Paiz, M Nevot, S Franco, MA November 28 - December 1, 2017. Chair. December 2017. Oral presentation.
De la Hera FJ, Estrada V, Barros C, Restrepo C, García Martinez. XIV Congreso Nacional de Virología. Cádiz 56. Impacto de los polimorfismos rs1799864 y 64. Rapid CTL recognition of HIV-1 latently
MI, Martínez-Picado J, Benito JM, Rallón N. 9th IAS (Spain). June 11-14. Oral presentation. 41. Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation in HIV- 49. Modulation of HIV-1 replication capacity by rs1801157 en los genes CCR2 y CXCL12 en la baja infected cells depends on the levels of inducible
Conference on HIV Science. Paris (France). July 23- 1 infected individuals; the IciStem Consortium. synonymous mutations introduced in the gag recuperación inmunológica de pacientes VIH+ viral reactivation and CTL activation status. A.
26, 2017. Poster presentation. 32. Synonymous recoded env gene induce Martinez-Picado J. 4th Utrecht HIV Cure Symposium region. M Nevot, A Joradan-Paiz, S Franco, MA con tratamiento antirretroviral exitoso. Rallón N, Ruiz, O. Blanch-Lombarte, E. Jimenez-Moyano, R.
lethality and loss of protein expression in HIV-1. Utrecht (The Netherlands). November 20, 2017. Martinez. XIV Congreso Nacional de Virología. Cádiz Resino S, Blanco J, Pacheco Y, Benito JL. IX Congreso Peña, M. Genescà, P. Goulder, B. Clotet, J. G. Prado.
25. A phase II exploratory study of durvalumab A Jordan-Paiz, M Nevot, S Franco, MA Martinez. XVI Oral speaker. (Spain). June 11-14. Poster presentation. Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). 28 November- 1 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science. Paris (France).
(MEDI4736) in HIV-1 patients with advanced solid Jornada de Virología. Barcelona (Spain). December December 2017. Poster presentation. 22-23 July. Poster presentation (MOLBPEA15).
tumors. M. Gonzalez-Cao, J. Martinez- Picado, M. 4. Oral presentation. 42. HIV Cure Strategies. Martinez-Picado J. 8th 50. One-click, Cloud-based Web
Provencio, B. Clotet, O. Juan, J. Dalmau, T. Moran, HIV Persistence during Therapy Workshop. Miami Service for NGS-based HIV genotyping Data 57. Polimorfismos en los genes IFNγ e IL19 65. HIV-seroreversion dynamics after allogeneic
A. Meyerhans, J. de Castro7, J. Blanco, R. Bernabe, 33. Expression of the marker CD32a within the (USA). December 12-15, 2017. Chair and invited Analysis. Noguera M. International HIV Drug incrementan la probabilidad de respuesta stem cell transplantation. Salgado M, González V,
N. Karachaliou1, J. Garcia-Corbacho10, R. Blanco, B cell follicle of lymph nodes is restrained to speaker. Resistance and Treatment Strategies Workshop. inmunodiscordante en pacientes VIH+ que inician Rivaya B, Kwon M, Gálvez C, Nijhuis M, Bandera A,
C. Brander, J. Carrillo, MA. Molina, R. Rosell on productively HIV-infected cells. Luque-Ballesteros Johannesburg (South Africa). 8-10/11/2017. Oral cART con bajos recuentos de CD4. Rallón N, Resino Badiola J, Jurado M, Jensen B, Kaiser R, Wensing
behalf of the Spanish Lung Cancer Group. ESMO L, Serra-Peinado C, Grau-Expósito J, Genescà M, 43. Genome-wide methylation is associated with presentation. S, Blanco J, Pacheco Y, Benito JL. IX Congreso A, Diez JL, Martinez-Picado J, for the IciStem
2017. Madrid (Spain) 8-9 to 12-9-2017. Poster Astorga A, Morales R, Navarro J, Curran A, Burgos HIV-1 infection and disease progression (Abstract Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). Consortium. 8th HIV Persistence during Therapy
Presentation J, Ocaña I, Torrella A, Planas B, Badía R, Ribera E, 228). Moron-Lopez S, Dalmau J, Urrea V, Lopez 51. DNA methylation profiles identify Workshop. Miami (USA). December 12-15, 2017.
Castellví J, Martinez-Picado J, Falcò V, Buzón MJ. IX M, Puertas MC, Mothe B, Brander C, Esteller M, epigenetically regulated host factors associated 58. Balance selection in microbiome studies. Oral presentation.
26. The human gut microbiome in HIV infection. Congreso Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). November Berdasco M, Martinez-Picado J. 23rd Conference on with immune control of HIV infection. Oriol- Javier Rivera. 38th Annual Conference of the
Yolanda Guillén. 7º Congresso Pandemias na era da 28-December 1, 2017. Oral presentation. Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Seattle Tordera B, Berdasco M, Llano A, Mothe B, Carrillo International Society for Clinical Biostatistics. Vigo 66. Achievement of full donor chimerism with
globalizaçao. Coimbra (Portugal). 8-9/06/2017. Oral (USA). February 13-16, 2017. Poster presentation. J, Galvez C, Blanco J, Martinez-Picado J, Ganoza C, (Spain). 8-13/07/2017. Oral presentation. episodes of alloreactivity contributes to reduce
presentation. 34. Risk factors of acute rejection after liver Clotet B, Calle ML, Sanchez-Pla A, Sanchez J, Ruiz- the HIV reservoir after allogeneic stem cell
transplantation in HIV+/HCV+ patients. C 44. Viral control induced by HIVCONSV vaccine & Riol M, Esteller M, Brander C. EMBO Conference on 59. Kernel regression for CoDa analysis in transplantation (Abstract OA5-1). Salgado M,
27. Nadir CD4+ T-cell count strongly predicts gut Manzardo, S Arrieta, A Rafecas, S Franco, S del romidepsin in early treated individuals (Abstract Epigenetics and Infection 2017. Paris (France). 13-6 microbiome studies. Javier Rivera. XVI Conferencia Kwon M, Gálvez C, Nijhuis M, Schulze zur Wiesch J,
disbyosis in HIV infection. Y. Guillén, M. Noguera- Campo, E Cordero, J Peñafiel, A Rimola, C Brander, 119LB). Mothe B, Moltó J, Manzardo C, Coll J, to 16-6-2017. Poster presentation. Española de Biometría 2017. Sevilla (Spain). 13- Bandera A, Knops E, Badiola J, Jensen J, Saez-Cirión
Julian, J. Rivera, M. Casadellà, M. Rocafort, M. JM. Miro. 23rd Conference on Retroviruses and Puertas MC, Martinez-Picado J, Hanke T, Clotet B, 15/09/2017. Oralpresentation. A, Jurado M, Kaiser R, Hutter G, Rocha V, Kobbe
Parera, C. Rodríguez, J. Carrillo, B. Mothe, J. Coll, Opportunistic Infections. Seattle (USA). February Brander C). 23rd Conference on Retroviruses and 52. Plasma IP-10 levels as a surrogate of G, Wensing A, Diez JL, Martinez-Picado J, for the
J. Navarro, M. Crespo, C. Brander, E. Negredo, J. 13-16, 2017. Poster presentation. Opportunistic Infections. Seattle (USA). February virological failure in treated HIV-patients. L. 60. Early cART of HIV-1 infected subjects preserves IciStem Consortium rivera. 9th IAS Conference on
Blanco, M.L. Calle, B. Clotet, R. Paredes, The Meta- 13-16, 2017. Oral presentation late breaker. Pastor, A. Casellas, M. Rupérez, J. Carrillo, L. Luis, E. an=viral func=on of CD8+ T cells. Miriam Rosás, HIV Science. Paris (France). July 23-26, 2017. Oral
HIV Study Group. International AIDS Society 2017. 35. A phase II exploratory study of durvalumab Macete, R. Paredes, J. Blanco, D. Naniche. IAS 2017 Beatriz Mothe, Gemma Hancock, Hongbing Yang, presentation.
Paris (France). 12-10-2017. Poster presentation. (MEDI4736) in HIV-1 patients with advanced solid 45. Effect of switching to integrase inhibitor on - 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science. International Christian Manzardo, Pep Coll, Christian Brander
tumors. Marfil S, Hebman V, Marrero-Hernandez S, the HIV reservoir in ileum biopsies. Moron-Lopez AIDS Society. Paris (France). 23- 26 July 2017. Poster and Lucy Dorrell. Conference on Retroviruses and 67. Murine model to predict viral rebound in
28. 1208TiP - A phase II exploratory study of Márquez-Arce D, Cabrera-Rodríguez R, Varela MS, S, Urrea V, Navarro J, Puertas MC, Torrella A, Salgado presentation. Opportunistic Infections 2017. Seattle (USA). 13-2- HIV+ allotransplanted subjects (Abstract 11).
durvalumab (MEDI4736) in HIV-1 patients with Casado C, Cabrera C, Urrea V, Pernas M, Clotet B, M, Gálvez C, Planas B, Vandekerckhove L, Blanco J, 2017 to 16-2-2017. Poster Presentation. Salgado M, Kwon M, Galvez C, Nijhuis M, Vilaplana
advanced solid tumors. M. Gonzalez-Cao J. López-Galíndez C, Biard-Piechazyck M, Valenzuela Crespo M, Martinez-Picado J. 8th HIV Persistence 53. APC from human cervical mucosa C, Bandera A, Badiola J, Jurado M, Wensing A, Diez
Martinez-Picado M. Provencio Pulla B. Clotet O. A, Blanco J. IX Congreso GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). 28 during Therapy Workshop. Miami (USA). December express Siglec-1 and mediate viral capture via 61. Human Gut Microbial Gene Richness JL, Martinez-Picado J, for the IciStem Consortium.
Juan J. Dalmau T. Moran A. Mayerhans J. De Castro November- 1 December 2017. Oral presentation. 12-15, 2017. Poster presentation. recognition of viral membrane gangliosides. Correlates with HIV infection. Muntsa Rocafort, 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science. Paris (France).
J. Blanco R. Blanco R. Bernabe Caro N. Karachaliou J. Perez-Zsolt D, Cantero-Pérez J, Erkizia I, Pino M, Marc Noguera-Julian, Yolanda Guillén, Mariona July 23-26, 2017. Poster presentation.
Garcia-Corbacho M.A. Molina C. Brander R. Rosell. 36. Nuevas herramientas de Ingeniería Genómica 46. Epstein-Barr virus load in plasma is an Hernández-Gallego A, Pérez-Roca L, Lorencés I, Parera, Maria Casadellà, Isabel Bravo, Josep Coll,
ESMO 2017. Madrid (Spain). 8-12 September 2017 para el tratamiento del SIDA. Martín JM, Vallejo early biomarker of HIV-related lymphomas. Garrido J, Tarrats A, Martinez-Picado J, Genescà Julià Blanco, Bonaventura Clotet, Roger Paredes. 68. Is it possible an HIV cure with stem cells
Poster presentation. S, Salgado M, Gálvez C, Martín V, Fleischer A, Muncunill J, Baptista MJ, Hernandez-Rodriguez A, M, Izquierdo-Useros N. CSH Retroviruses. Cold Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic allotransplants? Salgado M. IX Congreso Nacional
Palomino E, Martínez Picado J, Bachiller D. IX Dalmau J, Garcia O, Tapia G, Moreno M, Sancho Spring Harbour (USA). May 22-27, 2017. Oral Infections 2017. Seattle (USA). 13-2-2017 to 16-2- GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). November 28 - December 1,
29. Preserved immune functionality and high Congreso Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). November JM, Martinez-Picado J, Ribera JM, Feliu E, Mate J, presentation. 2017. Poster presentation. 2017. Invited speaker.
CMV-specific T-cell responses in HIV-infected 28 - December 1, 2017. Oral presentation. Navarro JT. 22nd European Hematology Association
individuals with poor CD4+ T-cell immune Conference.Madrid (Spain). June 22-25, 2017. 54. Activity of SAMHD1 in cycling cells permissive 62. Kinetics of CTL recognition of latently infected 69. Productive HIV-1 infection upregulates CD32
recovery. Elisabet Gómez-Mora, Elisabet García, 37. Stem cell transplantation in HIV-1-infected Poster presentation. to HIV-1 infection. Maria Pujantell1, Roger cells after HIV-1 inducible reactivation. A. Ruiz, O. in vitro and in vivo. Serra-Peinado C, Grau-Expósito
Victor Urrea, Marta Massanella, Jordi Puig, Eugenia patients. Martinez-Picado J. HIV and Hepatitis Badia, Javier Torres-Torronteras, Luis Menéndez- Blanch-Lombarte, E. Jimenez-Moyano, R. Peña, J, Genescà M, Luque-Ballesteros L, Astorga A,
Negredo, Bonaventura Clotet, Julià Blanco & Cecilia Nordic Conference. Stockholm (Sweden). 47. Evolvability of HIV-1 is influenced by the Arias, Ramón Martí, Albert Ruzo, Eduardo Pauls, M. Genescà, P. Goulder, B. Clotet, J. G. Prado. Gálvez C, Castellví J, Willekens R, Ocaña I, Burgos J,
Cabrera. IX Congreso GeSIDA. VIgo (Spain). 28 Nov- September 28, 2017. Invited speaker. codon pair usage. M Nevot, M Parera, G Martrus, Bonaventura Clotet, Ester Ballana, and José A. Esté, IX Congreso Nacional GeSIDA. Vigo (Spain). 28 Navarro J, Curran A, Ribera E, Montaner L, Falcó V,
1 Dec. Poster presentation. MA Martinez. 22nd International Bioinformatics Eva Riveira-Muñoz. ICAR 2017. Atlanta (USA). November - 1 December. Poster-Oral (PO-16). Martinez-Picado J, Buzon MJ. 8th HIV Persistence
38. IciStem: HIV cure by Stem Cell Transplantation. Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular during Therapy Workshop. Miami (USA). December
30. What natural human Siglec-1 knockouts tell Martinez-Picado J. 16th European AIDS Conference. Epidemiology (VEME). Lisboa (Portugal). August 55. Inflammatory and Regulatory Cytokine 63. Rapid CTL recognition of HIV-1 latently 12-15, 2017. Oral presentation.
us about HIV-1 pathogenesis. Izquierdo-Useros Milano (Italy). October 25-27, 2017. Invited speaker. 27-September 1, 2017. Poster presentation. Profiles in HIV+-to-HIV+ Renal Transplant infected cells depends on the levels of inducible
N. AC31 International meeting: “Innate Immunity Recipients. Stefan Rautenbach, Marta Marszalek, viral reactivation and CTL activation status. A. 70. Toxicity study in C57/BL6 mice after repeated
and Inflammation during HIV and Viral Hepatitis 39. Immune response and HIV cure. Martinez- 48. La recodificación sinónima del gen gag Christian Brander, Sandra Silvia-Arrieta, Guadalupe Ruiz, O. Blanch-Lombarte, E. Jimenez-Moyano, R. intramuscular administration of the HIV-1
Infections”. Paris (France). December 15, 2017. Picado J. 16th European AIDS Conference. Milano modifica su expresión proteica en el virus de la Gómez, Marta Bofill, Alex Sanchez, Elmi Muller, Peña, M. Genescà, P. Goulder, B. Clotet, J. G. Prado. therapeutic prime-boost vaccine combination
Invited speaker. (Italy). October 25-27, 2017. Chair. inmunodeficiencia humana tipo 1. M Nevot, A Clive M. Gray. European Immunogenetics and Nom congrés: HIV Cure & Cancer Forum. DNA.HTI and MVA.HTI. Araceli Tortajada, Caroline

IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 50 IrsiCaixa 2017 Annual Report | 51

Brennan, Christian Brander, Antonio Guzmán. 53th 10. Allogeneic transplantation of hematopoietic
Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology. progenitors and the cure of HIV infection.
Eurtox 2017. Bratislava (Slovak Republic).10-9 to Martinez-Picado J. Madrid (Spain). October 17,
13-9-2017. Poster Presentation. 2017. Invited speaker.

11. Review of Previous Intensification Studies.

Martinez-Picado J. HIV Intensification workshop.
Philadelphia (USA). December 5, 2017. Invited

Invited lectures 12. Population pharmacokinetics of romidepsin

1. Bryostatin-1 action on mature dendritic cells as a latency reactivating agent in HIV-infected
promotes HIV-1 reactivation of latently infected adults. Cristina Pérez, Marta Valle, Beatriz Mothe,
cells. Benet S, Nieto-Garai JA, Erkizia I, Bilbao E, Cristina Miranda, Magí Farré, Anabel Barriocanal,
Prado JG, Martinez-Picado J, Lorizate M, Izquierdo- Christian Manzardo, Christian Brander, Bonaventura
Useros N. 4th Madrid Meeting on Dendritic Cells Clotet, José Moltó for the BCN02¬Romi study group.
and Macrophages. Madrid (Spain). March 27-28, Poster presentation.
2017. Oral presentation.
13. Identification of relevant microbial balances
2. Definition of biomarkers and immune correlates using compositional data analysis. Javier Rivera
of HIV control: implications for therapeutic HIV The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome
vaccine development. Christian Brander. Seminar 2017. From Microbes to Medicines. Barcelona
Series. Barcelona (Spain). 7-2-2017. Invited speaker. (Spain). 29-30/06/2017. Poster presentation.

3. Challenges and opportunities conducting 14. Hepatitis C Virus-related Orthotopic Liver

research with US NIH grant funding outside the Transplantation in HIV- and HIV+ organ Recipients.
US. Christian Brander. NIAID, NIH Post Award Grants Sandra Silva - Arrieta. Ciclo de Reuniones Cientificas
Policy and Management Training. Barcelona (Spain). 2017. Lima (Perú). 6-9-2017. Invited speaker.
Barcelona (Spain). 6-6-2017. Invited speaker.

4. Viruses as DC Riders: What natural

human Siglec-1 knockouts tell us about HIV-
1 pathogenesis. Izquierdo-Useros N. DC Day.
Barcelona (Spain). June 6, 2017. Invited speaker.

5. Definition of biomarkers and immune

correlates of HIV control: implications for
therapeutic HIV vaccine development. Christian
Brander. Ciclo de Reuniones Cientificas 2017. Lima
(Perú). 6-9-2017. Invited speaker.

6. Viruses as DC Riders: What natural

human Siglec-1 knockouts tell us about HIV-1
pathogenesis. Izquierdo-Useros N. Madrid (Spain).
November 15, 2017. Invited speaker.

7. Stem cell therapy to cure HIV infection: so

close, so far. Martinez-Picado J. Aarhus (Denmark).
January 31, 2017. Invited speaker.

8. HIV-1 or the art of teasing the immune system.

Martinez-Picado J. Hamburg (Germany). June 8,
2017. Invited speaker.

9. HIV Immunopathogenesis. Martinez-Picado J.

Hot topics in HIV: Vaccines, Immune recovery and
Eradication. Barcelona (Spain). October 5, 2017.
Invited speaker.

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