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Aleigha Brown

Ms. Wilson


Sleep deprived teens

Remember those times when school was not an issue and sleeping was so easy? And

there was no such thing as getting up way too early? Those were the good times if only it was

possible to go back to that time. Maybe it is since teenagers are not getting enough sleep at night

and are getting up too early for school which affects their academic abilities. With not enough

sleep it affects their everyday activities especially school. It seems as if it is not that big of a

problem,although it is. It is important to address this problem so we can come up with a good

solution to make sure teens and other people are getting enough sleep each night. We need to

stop this habit from getting worse in the future. Like this quote says “ Your future depends on

your dreams so go to sleep”-Mesut Barazany. There is no way teens can do that if schools are

starting way too early in the morning.

Teens not getting enough sleep at night is reflected in their grades. They have done

different experiments with time changes in school. Research has shown that schools that start

later have better grades than schools that start too early. “ After one semester when school began

at 8:35am, or later. Grades in math,english,science, and social studies, typically rose a quarter

step-- for example up half way from a B to B+” ( Fischetti 27). A solution to this problem is to

start schools at least half an hour later from the original time. That would make a huge
difference, teens can sleep in a little more and be prepared for school in the morning. There are

also things the students or teens can do to help. They can go to bed earlier, get off their phones

and all their electronics and go to bed. This may take a few tries because being on any electronic

device is all teens love to do.

Students are more likely to be late or absent to school if they start too early in the

morning. Students that go to schools with early starting times tend to be tardy or not even come

to school at all. In this quote they have done some studies on the students that go to schools with

very early starting times. ”But clinging to the status quo means two out of three high school

students fail to get enough sleep. Sleepy students are more likely to be tardy,absent,inattentive in

the morning and less able to learn” (USA Today 7). There is also a very easy solution to this

problem. It is the same as the first one, teens need to go to bed earlier. Set a time to go to bed

without electronics and just relax. These problems are easily fixable with the help and motivation

of the teens.

The problem is solved!, just start school later and everyone will be happy. Except starting

schools later is not as easy as it sounds. With the time changing of the schools it would affect the

parents ability to get to work on time as well as getting their kids to school at a decent time. Not

to early and not too late. “Others were skeptical. Starting classes at 8:30 or 9am might make it

harder for parents to get to work on time, and shifting the bus schedule would cost at least $1

million, more than the district could afford”.(Sifferlin 21-22). There are still some solutions we

can use to solve this problem. Starting schools at least half an hour later will help a lot and

parents can get to work on time.Starting schools just thirty minutes later will could help in

budget cost. By starting fundraisers to raise money to be able to change the time and help the

kids get the extra sleep they need. Many people can relate to getting up early to go to school so
they could help raise more money for that particular school. With a very relatable topic it could

really make a difference.

Teens not getting enough sleep each night then starting schools too early in the morning.

It affects their everyday activities and their school performance. With schools starting too early

in the morning teens are tired and deprived of sleep. This can be fixed in just a few ways.

Schools can start just half an hour later. Which makes a world of a difference. Teens can sleep in

a little more and be prepared and ready for school. Changing schools times may cost more

money and mess up some peoples family schedule. Although with just starting thirty minutes

later it saves money and doesn't affect everyday morning schedules. With that teens can gain

their sleep back and do better in school and have a brighter future.

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Problem-Solution Essay (Honors)

Name: Aleigha Brown

Score: 8

W.9-10.2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information
clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.
Standard Exceptional (10-9) Proficient (8-7) Emerging Not Evident
(6-1) (0)
2.a. Introduction ❏ Write an introduction that is ❏ Write an introduction
- Introduce a clear, focused, and concise that is clear, focused,
topic; organize and that creatively hooks and concise
complex ideas, the reader ❏ Provide context to your
concepts, and ❏ Provide detailed context to topic
your topic that aids the
information to reader in their ❏ Present a thesis that
make important understanding presents an opinion on
connections and ❏ Present a thesis that a topic
distinctions; presents a clear opinion on ❏ Establish an
include a narrow topic. appropriate
formatting (e.g., ❏ Establish an effective and organization to
headings), sophisticated organization illustrate the problem
graphics (e.g., to illustrate the problem solution element of the
figures, tables), solution element of the essay
and multimedia essay
when useful to
2.b. Argument - ❏ Use effective, highly ❏ Use appropriate,
Develop the topic relevant, and sufficient relevant, and sufficient
with well-chosen, evidence consistently that evidence with an
relevant, and is appropriate to a understanding of the
sufficient facts, understanding of the audience’s knowledge
extended audience’s knowledge ❏ Use textual evidence;
definitions, ❏ Use textual evidence to introduce textual
concrete details, support your argument; evidence
quotations, or provide relevant and ❏ Provide explanations
other information sufficient introductions to for evidence
and your textual evidence. ❏ Use appropriate
examples ❏ Provide clear and logical formatting, graphics,
appropriate to explanations that connect and/or multimedia that
the audience’s the evidence to the main is appropriately aligned
knowledge of the idea of the essay with the text (if
topic. ❏ Use formatting, graphics, applicable)
and/or multimedia
effectively to enhance the
text (if applicable)
2.c. Organization ❏ Use effective transitions ❏ Use appropriate
- Use appropriate consistently between and transitions between
and varied within paragraphs to link and within paragraphs
transitions to link major sections of the text, to link ideas and to
the major to create unity and create unity and
sections of the cohesion, and to create the cohesion
text, create problem solution pattern of ❏ Organize sentences and
cohesion, and organization of the essay paragraphs in a logical
clarify the ❏ Organize sentences and manner
relationships paragraphs in a logical
among complex manner that promotes unity
ideas and and focus throughout the
concepts. essay.
2.d. Language - ❏ Use precise and language ❏ Use precise language
Use precise and domain specific and domain specific
language and vocabulary consistently to vocabulary to manage
domain-specific manage the complexity of the complexity of the
vocabulary to the topic topic
manage the ❏ Use effective word choice ❏ Use appropriate word
complexity of the and syntax consistently to choice and syntax to
topic. establish and maintain a ❏ establish a formal style
2.e. Language - formal style and objective and objective tone that
Establish and tone is maintained
maintain a formal ❏ Avoid repetition, throughout
style and redundancy, and wordiness ❏ Avoid repetition,
objective tone to create a concise and redundancy, and
while attending focused argument wordiness
to the norms and
conventions of
the discipline in
which they are
2.f. Conclusion - ❏ Summarize the main points ❏ Summarize the main
Provide a using original language and points
concluding clear organization ❏ Address implications or
statement or ❏ Articulate a extension that significance
section that addresses the implications
follows from and or significance in a way that
supports the relates to the audience
or explanation
presented (e.g.,
implications or
the significance of
the topic).