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Student-Teacher: Maryam Juma Date:

EPR 2603 Primary Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2 Mini-lesson

Grade Level: 5
Subject: English- explanation text (features and structure)
Learning Outcome: By the end of this lesson students will be able to…

Reorder the explanation text structure in the right order

Resources Preparation (what do you need to do/make before

Smart board

Jumbled papers

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

review the meaning and the purpose of the explanation text, each group will have the definition of different
types of writing and they must find out the explanation text meaning.
Askes students what is the importance of writing an explanation text.
Time: 10 min

Introduce the learning (the feature, language and the structure of the explanation text) as and write the

Whole and individually

group students and asked them to figure out from the given text, what specific language might include in the
explanation text (to focus on words and verbs). Student write down their answers in the worksheet.
Time: 40 min

Let students to present their answers


Ask open ended questions to know the language uses in explanation text:

What kind of words can help to explain a process, things or show steps?

How could we connect between the steps or a process? (what specific words)
To explain the reason and result of something what language might be used? Introduce some of them (if, the
reason for) (therefore, then and effect)

Explanation structure:

In slide how: what might include in the introduction, explanation sequence and the conclusion statement?


Activity: let student to reorder the text and write the reason of their choice of ordering in the back of the sheet.

Closing (review learning -LO)

5 min

Let students to explain freely about things related to them (best subject or favorite holiday…)

Assessment (to be done during activity time, who and what will be assessed?)
Assessing students' knowledge of the explanation structure and what each of the text parts include.